The election system is rigged against us BIGLY! They came close to electing Crooked Hillary president. State and local elections are rigged in the same way. We can and will take our country back and drain the swamp, by restoring accuracy and accountability at every country recorders office in our great country.

We have developed a great plan of action. Public records show what names are registered at any given address. The suspect addresses can then be compared with what is found on the voter rolls, in order to prove the fraud. This factual evidence is then reported to the responsible law enforcement agencies, which now includes Homeland Security, thanks to President Trump. Please join us on this mission! Here is the Facebook link:



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Brad: a few years ago there was a Voter Fraud Task Force.  They did exactly what you suggest.  They had a binder of evidence about 6" thick of suspicious addresses such as schools, ware houses, empty lots, etc.  The evidence was presented to the AGs office who promised to make a review and take appropriate action. NOTHING happened and no one ever could get through to the person assigned to the case.

I fully understand that has been the case in the past and will probably still be true here in Arizona. However, president Trump turned over the results of months of work done by the Pence/Kobach Commission to DHS, which is a DOJ agency hiring ex-military as the new federal cops. We will take all results to them and a copy to the White House and General Kelly. I believe they will take action, especially in border states. We have found one willing county recorder that is giving us access to their voter rolls, but not in Arizona. Now is the time to take action. Who has the results of the previous Task Force? Can we get a copy of it?

The two people who did so much work and spearheaded the effort to gather data got disillusioned with the reception they got from the AG.  It's my understanding that all data was turned over to an attorney at the AG and that is the last anyone saw of it.  We are NOT suggesting you should not go forward.  In fact, we encourage you to do so or we would not have blasted out your information.  We were just giving you a heads up so you could be prepared with more than one plan to get information to wherever it would be taken seriously.

Please put those two disillusioned people in touch with me ASAP. We don't need to duplicate work that has already been completed. We should add to it! It would be also helpful to know the name of the attorney at the AG, now that DHS is handling the issue. Thanks a bunch for your help and input.

Looks good. You might also share ideas with Election Integrity Project:

Election Integrity Project California

That is why we need LOTS of PCs to go door to door.  Or, at least give them a precinct list of voters and have them make calls and scan the addresses as they drive by.  We have sorted our voter list in Gila County (aside from the AZGOP list) by address so we can see how many people with different last names live there, or do they? 

Thank you for the input, Shirley. Is it possible for us to get a copy of the two lists you refer to? We are trying to do a sampling from as many counties as possible.

Side note: I have a new presentation on "The Matrix of Frauds". I would love to come to Payson and present it to you group.



With the advances in computer technology it isn't necessary to walk the neighborhoods like an ADT sales person. All it seems to me  that is needed is to set up computer cross reference programs that would cross reference a property address with property taxes, cross reference the IRS 1099 forms & w-2 withholding forms, and those of voter rolls with the U.S. Mail listings.

Having worked in various business areas I do recall talking to a government contractor years ago who told me of the U.S. Postal Service expanding the Post Office Boxes in Yuma Arizona to accommodate all the P.O. Box number requests. He told me then, it was because Mexican Nationals were using those boxes for channeling U.S. mail into Mexico without a tracing mechanism for S.S. checks. I had no reason to doubt that at all because it made so much sense. ..... Just like all the drugs flowing into the USA ... MUST HAVE ... a way to get the Cash back to the drug lords hands ... for nothing is free.

I would hope the Trump Administration is already working on something like you mention John5319. They should add new Social Security numbers to the cross-referencing "Black Box" of those databases. We need some Patriots from the counties of our southern border to get engaged with our group. You are spot on! Yuma is as bad as it gets. Please pass this on to anyone you know that might want to help. Thanks!

True, combatting voter fraud has been tried in the past and did not achieve its primary goal. But this is no reason to fold the tents and leave the battlefield, mainly because we finally have a president who doesn't back down, or just gives up.  It is up to us to work with him, in an unrelenting way, to put an end to voter fraud and it can and must be done, no matter the price. The obvious and unchallenged dimensions of the fraud within our voting system is mind boggling and has been allowed because of the national obsession with political correctness. That is the biggest challenge we face and it is the tool of those who commit the voter fraud.  It has also gone beyond the bounds of reason and can no longer be tolerated if we are to survive as a nation.     

Thank you Tom and welcome aboard our group. Apathy is what allowed us to get in our current position and only vigilance and tenacity will endure the obstacles they put in front of us. As any given individual, we little power to accomplish any goal, but as a group we more power in larger numbers. We intend to take our plan to every county in the entire country to impact the Mid-term elections. The skeletons are no longer difficult to find.

Brad, thank you for taking this on.  I absolutely agree with you on the power of the many.  This proved true during my term as chairman of the AZ GOP when we came together as a group and despite all of the efforts of the Ruling Class we not only prevailed but outperformed every other state Republican committee in the country.  Unfortunately this was not a lesson learned, because the Ruling Class walked right back into control of the state party as I (we) left.  And they are still there.  That said, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to awaken the people to the fact that we have the numbers to get this done.  Thank you again for what you are doing for our country.  



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