Editor's note:  We don't think this is the last of this issue.  Chairman Eddie Farnsworth is not one to take this lightly but will take it as a personal snub.  This is a sure message that the BOS is worried as to what will be found on those machines that THEY approved with little to no research! Republicans fighting republicans, as usual.  Fireworks coming.


The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are refusing to comply with subpoenas issued to them earlier this week to turn over Dominion Voting Systems machines. The vote was 4-1 in favor of fighting the subpoenas in court rather than permitting a transparent, forensic audit.



The Chairman of the Board, Clint Hickman, called the subpoenas “a slap in the face.” Hickman is a Republican.

Rather than comply, the Board filed its own lawsuit in state court to block the subpoenas from being enforced.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Eddie Farnsworth issued the subpoenas earlier this week after a six-hour hearing regarding election security in Arizona.

“As long as the constraints exist because of ongoing or additional litigation, they don’t feel like they can perform an audit, which continues to leave our constituents feeling like, maybe this election was compromised,” Farnsworth said. “So with that said, it is therefore in my intent to exercise my authority as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and, with the full support of the Senate president, to issue subpoenas in an effort to audit the equipment software and ballots.”


Note: Subpoenas would not have been necessary if the BOS did their job.  They didn't and they won't tell us why.  But it seems clear to us that they are hiding something.  Otherwise, they would welcome the transparency!

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This board is corrupt.  The fact that they call themselves "Republican" we know by now, is meaningless.  A "slap in the face"??  That's what they have given Maricopa County residents -- additionally.  That was after they aided in the voter fraud by abetting the Covid hysteria with their "social distancing" and "mask" edict.

These people are every bit as Left as the others posing as "Republican" who have aided the fraud.  I think that it's past time for us to define what "Republican" means.

Ditto Jeff.

What is happening in Arizona I have proven to be happening in NH. In NH I have members of organized crime, on audiotape and on videotape bragging about there being a "Secret Society", a "Shadow Government" that both parties submit to.  This election is proving this to be true nationwide.

I am a free man today because of a DEMOCRAT County Attorney and a DEMOCRAT US Attorney who refused to enforce the illegal court orders against me issued by a REPUBLICAN County Attorney and two corrupt judges appointed by Democrat Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan.

There is hope.  Read my book. The final chapter carries a message of hope for this union of freedom. You can get it from my campaign website.

I'm tired of complaining. I am doing something about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCZo5WQqwm8

Remember the good old days when we went and voted, and knew the winner by 2 or 3 a.m., if not sooner?  The "good old days."

Our two-party political system is totally corrupt.  And the GOP seems perfectly content playing second fiddle to the corrupt Democrats (Pelosi, Swalwell, Schumer, Schiff, et al).  They are good at two things: asking us for our money and our votes--and doing nothing in between.

Couldn't agree more, Jeff.

What's the narley crude language (starts with cluster) we VETS used while in the Military?  Well, that's what we are watching right now between the State Republicans and the RINO Maricopa BOS.  Not a pretty sight when siblings beat the hell out of each other.

And, while we Audit the Dominion cheat Machines, let's Audit the Finances of  the BOS Members.  That Chairman looked scared to death, as did the rest of them.  Put a hold on their Passports.

I like it!  And yes, my submarine had a few cluster episodes.

Thank you for serving, sir.  The nation owes a huge debt to guys like you and Jeff.  Merry Christmas!

I would not worry to much about this, say bye bye to the US Border Wall for Arizona, hope ya all can speak Spanish, seeing how the UN Global Migration Compact is in Mexico and Canada..
God Bless The United Nations, one people, one color and one Religion....So said George W. Bush.

 Personally I think they are on dope...:)

Both Bushes were horrible disappointments.  Bush 43 was literally a Democrat his last two or three years in office.

 Like I stated many times, the system has been rigged from the date of 1913 with the Federal Reserve, so my opinion is...:)

 Burn The Banks To The Ground and start over...:)

Hope you all get food stamps... this may very well happen...:)

 The Rothschild's Federal Reserve...fancy that...:)


I enjoy your posts on this website--keep up the good work!  I wish I could have taken more than one year of Spanish in high school . . . !

As I said in another reply to you, I wish I could have taken more than one year Spanish in high school.  My parents had me taking Latin for my first three years.



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