Richard Mack, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Chairman: There is no question that Brian Reilly has been mercurial regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio. One day he asks Joe to investigate Obama and then when Joe actually does it, Reilly turns on Arpaio big time. Who can figure that out?  However, the real issue here is not Arpaio or Reilly.  The issue here is: Does a federal judge have any authority or jurisdiction to control an elected official in our state or any other state? The answer is an unambiguous NO! In my landmark case SCOTUS said that the states are not subject to "federal direction." Thus, federal judges being federal cannot direct state officials The complaint filed against Joe had no business being in federal court.

     If Joe had done this very minor offense he was accused of, it did not qualify as a federal case. The Judges did not understand who elected officials answer to and believed far too much in their own importance and power. The judges in Arpaio's case should have declined to hear it. Furthermore, his attorneys never challenged jurisdiction until it was way too late. Again, federal judges cannot tell sheriffs how to do their jobs. 

      Coincidentally, I have been through a federal checkpoint on I-10 outside El Paso, where all motorists are stopped, detained, and asked if they are citizens of the USA. Did Joe really do anything differently? I would submit that the border checkpoints (not at the border) are more intrusive than anything Arpaio ever dreamed of doing. Could you imagine what would have happened to him if he had set up checkpoints asking all citizens to prove their citizenship!?!? 

     Most importantly, federal judges across this country are committing the most egregious crimes imaginable. They sentence innocent people to prison, they deny bail to numerous arrestees and then deny speedy trials. Juries are manipulated and exculpatory evidence for defendants is thrown out. Witnesses for the defense are threatened and intimidated, and the trials are extremely one sided. In Arpaio's case, the judge denied him a jury trial.

Read the Sixth Amendment, it says in all criminal prosecutions, did you catch that word? ALL criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy a speedy and public trial with an impartial jury! So I ask; who broke the law here, Arpaio or the judges? These judges are the worst criminals; they destroy families, imprison innocents, and trample America's Foundation. They put federal bureaucracies ahead of the Constitution, the Pursuit of Happiness, and personal liberty.  I blame them, not Arpaio! America is in peril and it is precisely the result of federal bureaucracies and federal judges! Perhaps we all need to focus on the real problem? MCRC Editor’s Note: Mack is the well-known former Graham County (AZ...

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I agree 100% we the people are tired of the fed over stepping the boundaries put in place by the constitution, MAGA !

It appears that Ward sides with the swamp creatures to deceive us once again by saying she would be different than Flake. Thank you GOP establishment for giving us what WE DON'T WANT with a candidate creature from the "black lagoon" swamp waters. Snakes from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil have no principles for others, only themselves.

"When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use." - Joseph Stalin

I agree with you John. I've always seen through her but no one is running. Puts me in the position of not voting or voting for the democrat which I did in 2016.  It seems to be that good people won't run because DC is such a swamp. I don't blame them.

WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK CONTROL. The Federal JUdges are in violation of their oath of office and should be removed immediately. Tell Session to get off his butt and do his job. 

Thank You President Trump for knowing the law and fixing the problem.


Could we have  someone publish this in HUGE PRINT so all the so called journalists, know it all people who really hate America & our laws (maybe not realizing that) FINALLY admit defeat & go with the flow!!!!?  I know I am not alone in my disgust of all the hate being spewed.  If anyone doesn't know Sheriff Mack & how he won against Bill Clinton, find out! 

I have met Sheriff Mack on several occasions and his story is remarkable.  We need more lawmen and citizens like him who have true grit and figure out a way for truth to prevail.  Because of this incident I became a life long NRA member.  They stepped up with a really good attorney to beat out the completely overreaching "Feds". #MAGA

Sheriff Mac why don't you get on CNN, Fox, MSNBC or One America. 

Richard Mack should be on FOX news they will report the real story. Any of the others will try to distort what he says.

Kay you have more faith in Fox than I do. OAN is building a very nice audience. There is also Newsmax and another one I just found on DirecTv that might be conservative but I can't remember the name






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