Editor's note:  This organization is the only entity that we know of in the State of Arizona that can actully force change in the way elections are now being held in Arizona AND in how those ballots are counted.  The reason is that this organization has a legal structure within to work. This pivots on volunteers committed to the project.  It is not for those who want to go to a few meetings and take on a short term action.  Any activist who is committed to preserve and protect our elections, who is committed to the motto of this organization and is willing to step forward and help turn the course of election history here in Arizona, should fill out a volunteer form or email them to get connected.  Those unable to make such a committment can donate a few tax deductible $$ to help pay the expenses of taking on the entire election process.


The Election Integrity Project Arizona, LLC Active in Arizona

Every lawfully cast vote accurately counted

Election Integrity Project California, Inc. recently worked with Judicial Watch to successfully require the California Secretary of State and the County of Los Angeles to purge their voter rolls of ineligible voters. In the wake of this success, Election Integrity Project Arizona, LLC has now been formed to actively participate in good government in Arizona elections. The goal is to protect our Constitutional Republic and the integrity of the vote in Arizona. We will do this by taking an active role in assuring the purity and integrity of the entire voting process.

Election Integrity Project Arizona (EPIAz) is a non-partisan, non-profit group of U.S. citizens in Arizona whose goal is to enable citizens to become active participants in the entire election process. Among the objective is to oversee the totalvoting process from watching the voter rolls to ensuring that each lawfully cast vote is accurately counted.

The EIPAz Executive Council is currently developing the structure of the state organization and will soon begin to seek applications for those who would commit to the non-partisan opportunities by getting involved in this project. Opportunities will include leadership roles, involvement in the elections process, training and more.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax deductible. Your personal and financial support will enable us to assure that all elections in Arizona will be held in a fair and accountable manner in accordance with all elections laws.

To learn more about our mission, please go to our website at www.eipaz.org.

Email to mgr@eipaz.org or dir@eipaz.org for more information or to volunteer.


Editor's note:  This is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donation are tax deductible.  It's not easy to get such a designation and that this organization has it tells us that it is a legitimate effort, sanctioned by tax law, to do the work they set out to do.  There is a donation button on their website.  Volunteers can also sign up to look into being a volunteer with them.

If you doubt we have a problem in Arizona, go HERE, HERE or HERE

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This sounds like just what we need here in AZ.  I hope they have teeth or can get some.  This dem guy, Fontes, in the recorders office is insufferable and thinks no law applies to him.  thumbs up to you.





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