FORBES: Dominion Voting Systems Received $120 Million From 19 States And 133 Local Governments To Provide Election Services (2017-2019)

Dominion is the second largest vendor in the non-transparent and entrenched election system industry where three vendors control 88-percent of the market.

Today, our investigation published at Forbes.

OpenTheBooks followed Dominion’s business in 2017, 2018 and 2019 to find out how your tax dollars were spent on election services across the US.

Key Takeaways:

  1. GEORGIA: a $107 million ten-year contract with Dominion procured by the 30,0000 touch screen voting machines purchased by the Secretary of State and the installation of a "verified paper ballot" voting system. $89 million in payments were front-loaded over the first two-years.
  2. MICHIGAN: $32 million in payments flowed to Dominion from the state government and at least 22 Michigan counties over the last three-years.
  3. ARIZONA: $6.1 million contract signed with Maricopa County — the fourth largest county in the country — in 2019. Payments to Dominion also flowed from the city of Phoenix. 


Our auditors dug deep into Dominion's contracts and public payments.

The investigation also includes New Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, New York, and Nevada.

Source: Open the Books

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Texas Asks Supreme Court to Rule Election in Four Battleground States Unconstitutional

It's time to move to Texas and reestablish - THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS.  I think I'll start packing.


   with asshats like leftist Kyrsten Sinema  and now Marxist Kelly,, Arizona is going like california..

 I fear for our once great state... If the Arizona Left succeeds the state is truly doomed 

Arrest Katie Hobbs Now....  And Kill your Facebook Account

Arrest Katie Hobbs for what??   

Katie Hobbs  has Trump derangement syndrome  and is supporting  the Election fraud coverup and lying on vote certification. She is a Blue dog democrat and supported Arizona voter fraud.. She's a democrat what else would you expect from the  Dem criminals. 42k ballots in Arizona with only Joe Biden selected on ballots” go figure.

 She even stated  the following:

“.@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”…Katie Hobbs Arizona Secretary of State


She ignored the   Arizona election hearing with AZ state legislators and numerous credible witnesses...Being approx. half way through, it is abundantly clear that the vote totals certified by Katie Hobbs AZ Secretary of State  are not accurate and that Hobbs is guilty of fraud and a coverup.

Why? She obviously has Trump derangement syndrome and as is typical of irrational people of her agenda, the end justifies the means.

 Need any more evidence..

 Arrest Katie Hobbs Now!!!!

Katie Hobbs, The most Dangerous Woman in Arizona and needs to be in Prison 

Anyone, especially an Elected Official who would certify and obviously Flawed and Fraudulent election is guilty of furthering a criminal act - one that is intended to defraud the constitutional franchise of the citizens.  This is a high crime and deserves the label of Treason and the punishment required to remove them and their evil influence from our society.

A couple of things we must remember:

1.  Mark Kelly is in for only two years.  Then another election.  Two years later, Synema will be up for re-election.  

2.  Redistricting will be coming early 2021.  We have a source within that selection committee telling us that the candidates for the Commission  are all Constitutional... at least the independents and republicans.  We don't vouch for the democrats but there is a whisper of a chance to get at least one Constitutional one there.  Either way, the dems are suing over the selection of the Independent because he has always been an independent and believes the Constitution rules.  We should see one new congressional seat in AZ bringing that number to 10.  If the Republicans/Independent on the Commission adhere to the rules for the redistricting, we should see a major shift to 6-4 Republican districts.  No gerrymandering as was done so blatantly in 2010.  We can hope.  

We expect you - yes, YOU - to attend the hearings and testify.  All Arizonans should care about this Commission!  It changed the makeup of our legislature which is why Republicans are underrepresented based on population, communities of interest, contiguous districts, etc.

Mark Kelly can be defeated in 2022 if the right candidate is put forward.  Be thinking about who that is now.

Just in case all goes well - cross your fingers.  It couldn't hurt.  #TRUMPPENCE2020

After we take back what's been stolen, we'll have to have a hangin party and then a celebration party.  Could combine them at the same time of course.

AZ's Maricopa County including Phoenix Dominion contract should be severed. $6.1 million up to AG to decide to try and recover the contract $$'s or chalk it up as a loss on balance sheet. For Gods sake Dominion has been reported to have a 75% stake owned by the PRC and others have reported close involvement by Soros' as well. Swiss bank involvement as well.



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