Life in America has radically changed in the last two decades. Prior to that, we rarely heard of mass shootings, rogue gangs creating mayhem, hooded thugs chasing and beating ordinary citizens and all the rest of the violence we are seeing today. In fact, in August, 1966, at a protest of 700 led by Dr. Martin Luther King, a rock was thrown that hit him in the neck. Said King, "I have never seen anything so hostile and so hateful as I've seen here today." In 1969, the Black Panthers were discovered almost by accident when the Chicago police raided a flat to find nine people inside with 1000 rounds of ammo. It turned out it was the Chicago wing of the Black Panthers who were planning to kill cops. Unsurprisingly, the Black Panthers claimed it was a staged raid with the true intent of killing the leaders of the group. Fake news was born and so were violent black gangs. Charts show the murder rate in Chicago rose to as high as 117 in a single year, many of which were multiple killings at once. Still far short of what we are seeing now.

Fast forward to 2006 when the incidence of mass murders began to rise. For this report, mass murder means four killings or more in a single incident. In that year, 271 shootings matched this criteria, although that number is disputed as higher than facts support. It's also a fact that most of these were not stranger shootings, but gangs, family shootings and others by known assailants with 57% of them labeled domestic or family violence. We find it odd that, of the many statistics on this topic, no two agreed as to the actual number.

Of the 25 worst shootings in America since 1949, 17 have occurred since 2007. That is 68%. Of the worst 13 shootings, since 1984, nine happened after 1991, with 17 happening since the turn of this century, only 19 years old! One would have to ask, why such a huge jump in these shootings since the last days of George W. Bush and the advent of Obama? Prior to that, such things were shocking to our consciences. You probably remember the 1966 shooting from the tower at the University of Texas. The shock reverberated across the country and beyond. Today, it creates a massive sadness among moral people, but few are shocked any more.

We cannot resist questioning what happened between 1949 and 2007 that changed everything? We can only ruminate about what we see happening. You will have other points of view.

First, the most important thing in our view is we have become a nation that has turned its collective back on God. The left, and occasionally on the right, cannot help but mock God followers today. They cannot resist doing everything to remove God from the public square and even on private property.

Second, the parents of young 20-something boys (and girls) subscribed to the idea that every kid gets a trophy. They allowed these kids to watch the most vicious games and TV shows. It seems the parents of today's young men and women failed to set boundaries for these kids. Desensitized. Self-loving. Unable to function in the world as it is and always has been. Were these parents too self-involved to take interest in teaching their kids? Did they think kids were better off for not being disciplined? We sure don't know the answer, but it's clear these young men, who are nearly 100% responsible for these shootings, are angry misfits with no sense of self and no value for the lives of others.

Now, Trish Regan on Fox Business, is calling on President Trump to ban “assault weapons.” Bulletin: every gun, from a mouse-shooter to the FN Fal long barrel, are assault weapons. Let's just be clear about it, that is their purpose! Some group or another calls for a ban on one gun category or another. The fact is that all guns would have to suddenly disappear from the earth in order to prevent all incidents with guns. That is not the answer.

Increased background checks. Sure, that has worked well so far [snark]. Most of these shootings are by legally purchased guns.

Remove all “assault weapons” and there will never be a mass shooting! Maybe, but we just learned of a man who used a machete to kill four people. Now we have to get rid of knives.

Keep guns away from those with mental illness. Machetes, too, apparently. Well, that may be a good idea as far as it goes but many mental illnesses are not diagnosed before something happens. And as we also just saw, if someone warns the authorities about a dangerous person, nothing is done.

None of these are viable solutions because the cause is uniquely human.

The fact is these shootings are radically rare, given the number of people who live in America. They are high profile, with 24-hour reporting, that makes it seem they happen more often than they do. We know guns, and knives, have been in the hands of citizens in this country since 1492. There were mental cases even that far back, yet, no recorded mass shootings occurred. We can only conclude that it has to do with the current social climate and the young people who live in it.

Inanimate objects remain inanimate. If we want to stop the carnage, look at the people doing it. There will surely be a common denominator among every one of them. Determine what that is, then we are on the way to a solution. Banning guns, reducing gun ownership, background checks and all the other solutions being discussed will change nothing.

However, this must be considered: is there something more sinister in play here, something that has interfered with the human's natural inclination for chaos?

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Last night on the 'news' I saw there is a movie coming out called  Hunting at the Manor.  It's about wealthy people on vaca who hunt down and kill "deplorables".  This plays perfectly into the last sentence of this report.  If this movie actually comes out, every Trump supporter better be armed everywhere we go.  The idea that anyone would make such a movie much less release it is so irresponsible and reprehensible it defies words.  Late Sept release.

It is also just a matter of time until anti-Antifa pro-Trumpers start getting fed up and go trolling alone, wearing a red MAGA hat and shirt in public.  Their armed buddies will be following nearby and wait for the thugs to begin their attack, responding immediately with decisive force to defend the deplorable.  They would have to be prepared with good stories to explain to the police why they were in the area and ready to react, though. 

Not that I would ever advocate such a thing.  Just sayin'.

Antifa in America are fakes, they want open borders in the USA, Antifa in America are owned by the George Soros Hedge Fund.

Antifa in England are Nationalist, they believe in safe borders, they are at war against the cooperate banks for allowing open borders, that are killing out the indigenous people of England.

There have been such films made before.  They were considered "horror" films.  Many did well, but no one thought they were what the real world was.  That has now changed.

 At every turn the media and others come up concepts for gun control, by the hands of a few.

 Dr. Martin Luther King, a criminal investigation against the US Government and the FBI, for arranging the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, so that blacks could have the right to vote. The investigation  by congressional members determined that the weapon used was not the same one that killed Dr. Martin Luther King.

 (AI) Artificial Intelligence applied into the internet to scan for hate speech, was it overlooked on purpose when tweets to threaten to kill, or was it over looked to allow the kill to bring in more gun control?

 The news just hit the fan, told ya, the idiots that did the shootings tweeted about their agendas.

Video by Paul Joseph Watson

America's Mass Shooting Nightmare- YouTube

The left blame game is all according to the Cloward-Piven strategy right out of the Columbia University political science department. WE KNOW Obama went there and his college transcripts are sealed by him and not for us to see ever. These socialized Stalinists are using instrumentalism, just as Stalin and Hitler did, to create a tyranny from with we will never rid ourselves from ... unless we have modern weapons to confront a tyrannical government out to enslave US ... to them. They will come for the ammo after making changes to our existing gun laws.

Yes it is sinister, because we are a God fearing nation, instituted with those Christian values which are being demean by evil snakes from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. That is Satan's goal and it is our God given RIGHT and sovereign responsibility to fight against !! None should see it any other way as evil intent. 

Let's start with parents who let their 8-year-olds play video games where you chop people's heads off, who let their 15-year-old boys stay out late at night and get 13-year-old girls pregnant, and then the parents of the 13-year-old girls.  

Young people are the product of their upbringing and if that is non-existent or a failure, you almost can't blame the young people.  Their just acting out the failure of their parents.  And parents don't know how to raise children because America has divorced God ..... form its business and from its families.   God said, if your kid behaves, smack him ..... not to wound, but to change the direction he's going.

Larry, with that last sentence, your threw me back at least 75 years!  My father never used a belt or anything else other than his hand.  But what a hand!  And woe be to any of us if the outness included sassing our mother.  "Just wait until your father gets home!" had significant meaning. LOL



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