I chose to write this report for maximum distribution, rather than restricting the content for very selective delivery to elected and public safety officials only.  There are some specifics not included to maintain operational integrity, but the findings, content and opinions contained in this report should be considered as intelligence analysis and solid work product.  I am most fortunate to have a gentleman with both military and law enforcement intelligence experience come forward and offer his services to me a short-time ago.  He is the Chief Pilot for a multi-craft air asset wing that provides contract services for federal agencies and law enforcement, and has sufficient resources to make available a Beechcraft King Air 250 with twin turboprop engines.  Arranging multiple logistical, communication, and interagency strategies, the past few days have provided valuable real-time surveillance and data on the caravans moving toward the southern Border of the United States.  This Chief Pilot also has been able to converse freely with fellow pilots working this invasion, and pilots at this level truly are a small fraternity.  I also have been blessed having two on-ground assets imbedded in the main caravan.  These three unsung heroes came forward with the full intent to help keep America from being invaded by 14,000 plus humans, the preponderant majority male between 16-40 years of age and very, very many of them military trained, gang trained, or extremely hostile to anything American.  Official Department of Homeland Security reports also add that 270 known criminals were identified in the main caravan wanted for: Serious assaults, armed robbery, sexual assaults including on children, human trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon, and one individual convicted of manslaughter but escaped and headed back into the United States!


Continuing the DHS Report over twenty (20) countries are represented in this invasion; most noted: Somalia, India, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuban Nationalists, and less vetted but preliminary data showing other African countries, and Middle East.  Mexican officials, including Mexican National Police and Military report multiple incidents of extremely hostile acts by the males in this invasion including the throwing of Molotov cocktails and skillfully launched rocks, with multiple reports of side arms having been seen.  Interviews with the marchers depict young males with no interest in being Americanized but rather gain whatever economic benefits available, and to meet up with gang members and related networks already in our country having streamed in over the past ten years.  Mexican Federal Police report these caravan males are extremely hostile, not hesitant to engage and assault, verbally very crude and abusive.  These invaders are well fed, well clothed, well rested, and determined to test America’s resolve at the border.  This is not a drill, and even though the caravan has stalled in Oaxaca, Mexico about 600 miles south of the Texas Border, these marauders need to be taken most seriously.  They intend to illegally cross into the United States for nefarious purposes, and not contribute to the well-being of our Nation.  This redistribution of populations is deliberate, and part of the over-all orchestration to usher in the New-World Order, abolishing national boundaries and sovereignty in exchange for the global community. ~LJR

The Report Attached below:


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I’ll be headed to the border, for a little vacation, dirt bike / ATV riding and target shooting

Be safe!  We can't #MAGA without you!

I have to wonder whether those behind this highly orchestrated maneuver expect the externally supplied money to dry up after the election results tomorrow.  The Honduran leftist activists will still be motivated for their own domestic objectives, but I don't see wealthy American Progressives being all that motivated to support the disintegrating caravan fragments once any perceived political gains vanish in the grimy dusts of Mexico.

No question the progressive/communists are behind this.  I agree with you Mike that they will fade away on Tuesday afternoon, leaving all these people to fend for themselves.  They won't get into our country, won't have the buses and trucks to take them back to where they came from. They will end up being Mexico's problem but they refused asylum there.  I do fear some of the worst will be able to breach the razor wire.  Shoot to kill is not on the agenda.

In the big picture,  a day after the election, it will be known that the new Demoncrat leadership in the house will do anything to stop border enforcement. That means a haven of lawsuits in the U.S. courts to remove our national, and nationalist, fervor.  National sovereignty is at stake, and it is only in the Senate where "a compromise" will be ironed out by moderates, for conservatives know what principles mean. The next 2 years will set the stage with props that will continue to raise the banner of a "new" Democrat Socialist party that has always been out to destroy the GOP's conservatism.

Be aware that the caravan's are coming after YOUR wallet, freely given to them by the leftist and elite establishment on both sides of the aisle.  


Is it possible America doesn't want to secure its borders or isn't in a position to do so? I suggest it would be easy to do if the PTB truly wanted to but in view of the present reality and our UN membership I seriously doubt the PTB has a true desire or intent to honor our Constitution. Some facts follow.

Art IV,  Sec 4 of the Constitution states:“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.” Invasion is defined as: 1. an act of invading; especially: incursion of an army for conquest or plunder and 2. the incoming or spread of something usually hurtful.That the united States are being invaded is unquestionable! We are being invaded for plunder by millions of illegal women and men who are not only taking American jobs and expanding our welfare rolls but sending money back to their home country; thereby adding to the de-capitalization of America and a lowering of our standard of living. That the Muslims invading us have conquest on their mind is attested to by the Quran’s position that: "'Apostate' regimes must go. Muslim governments that cooperate with the West and that have not imposed Sharia (Islamic) law are religiously unacceptable and must be violently overthrown."

 Under the Constitution, the Federal government has the authority and duty to stop this invasion. Why hasn’t it done so? Is it a lack of willpower or is there another reason? For the answer let’s turn to United Nations policies as cited in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

 Article 12 - Everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own.

Article 13 - Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Article 14 - Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

 Article 15 - No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

 Though the Federal government has given lip service to securing our borders it’s never taken meaningful action to do so nor to inform Americans it can’t as we are now stuck with supporting U.N. policies. This is but one example of why the U.S. must disengage from the U.N. if it’s to control its own destiny. And America must control its own destiny if America is to be made great again!

 IF the U.S. wished to stop illegal immigration and was in a position to do so rather than having to support U.N. policy it would be easy. Just accept that we are at war, that war is hell and that casualties during wartime are inevitable. Then, notify everyone possible who is contemplating illegally entering the U.S that doing so would be at the risk of their life. In the interim, install a virtual fence (an Infra-red/laser/motion detection system),deploy some helicopter gunships equipped with grenade launchers and quad 7.62 machine guns at strategic locations along the border and instruct the helicopter crews and border patrol personnel to do whatever it takes to stop illegal entry.

 Is this a politically correct solution to illegal immigration? No way! But again, we are at war! We are spending billions of dollars and a lot of American lives in foreign nations to supposedly protect our security (not the real reason) but can’t use force to stop the ongoing invasion of America. How idiotic can America be?

 Adopting and implementing such a get tough policy would be an expedient, efficient, and cost effective way to stop illegal immigration in a few short weeks; a much more cost effective way than the building of a wall that can be scaled, tunneled under, or torn down. The challenge: CONVINCE CONGRESS TO USE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE AND TO HONOR THE CONSTITUTION!!! Get us out of the U.N.!  Bring our monetary policy out from under the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and into conformance with the Constitution! Hold anyone guilty of supporting the invasion in any way accountable under Title 18 laws. Expunge the ungodly and fraudulently created debt that has placed us in economic bondage to the international bankers.Stop enticing illegal immigration by eliminating all government handouts to illegals.It all comes down to politicians having the courage and the integrity to honor their oath and enforce the Constitution or Americans uniting to insure they do.





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