Whether you like O'Reilly or not is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that O'Reilly's ousting likely spells the final nail in the coffin that Fox News fabricated for itself when Murdoch gave control to his two rabidly liberal sons. Next up: Sean Hannity. Could Lou Dobbs be next?

In the meantime, O'Reilly is moving forward with a podcast on his website, billoreilly.com 

You need only become a premium member to hear O'Reilly give his side of his dismissal, what he thinks it will mean to ad revenues and the direction Fox plans to go. It will simply become another MSNBC, we expect!  Not because O'Reilly is dearly loved by conservatives but because conservatives are fed up with the heavy hand of the alt-left!

We see this as as the boost Newsmax TV needs and that this could open the door for this station to capitalize on the disaffected talking heads being kicked to the curb by Fox for the sin of supporting President Trump's agenda and his presidency.

Keep your remotes handy. Millions will not go back to Fox and will go to Newsmax for actual news. Fox may have started a movement of their own!

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Right on John. None of the talking heads having a high profile will talk about significant issues like our need to exit the U.N., bring monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution and repudiate the unlawfully created debt we theoretically owe due to the unlawful policy if we are to be in a position to control our destiny. Since our monetary policy is in compliance with the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and none of the talking heads nor any elected official will recognize the need to change it one can only conclude they are all closet communists if nor card carrying members.

The Soviet style Communist party is alive and well. Since the Berlin Wall was pulled apart the cancer against capitalism is prosperous in the education communities like Univ. of California at Berkley. This would apply to all grades of "education" ... I mean indoctrinationThe sicko climate change agenda is just another plank that aims to steal, and seal our fate. This "closet" has no doors .. its wide open for all to see ... but few can focus on that "means to an ends", the destruction of our Judicial System of written laws by the political activism from the bench by a black robe spreading cancer. It is the further "transformation" of America into a world socialist state spearheaded by a tyrannical ideology on the left.

The Soviet style Communist party is alive and well.


A simple answer is ... look at their own website and know what that they seek. Try this for food and thought  ...... "The struggles for the immediate demands and reforms needed by working people today are essential steps toward our ultimate goals of the revolutionary transformation of society and the economy, toward socialism and then communism. Is that not what Obama promised at his Grant Park speech in Chicago, a transformation of America??  Read it here: http://www.cpusa.org/party_info/party-program/ Information is the KEY to knowledge. Is NOT our free speech being "limited"?

"The goal of socialism is communism" .. "Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism" .. A lie told often enough becomes the truth" .. "It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed." - Vladimir Lenin

And you ask where? In the Democratic party, the environmental movement, the revolutionary boycotts, the LGBT agenda, in universities classrooms, in high school administrations, and in own Congress "of the people" !!!!! This is the shadow of evil lurking in the forests of the Republic.

so you say, right here in river city.

your link sure sounds nice.

I think the cabal running America has horded UFO tech for it's power.

Excellent response.  Asking where communism is alive is unbelievable, even if done in irony.

Are you even serious, asking where?  Try this on for size: Russia, China, Cuba, most of Africa, North Korea, Venezuela, many others, and last, but certainly not least, right here in the United States of America.

By the way, please stop confusing socialism and communism.  Communism is the POLITICAL doctrine of rule by a small group of elite at the top and all others in a poor barely working class comprised of everyone not in the elite;  Socialism is the economic/social system employed by communism, and even non-communist states, in achieving the goals of a communist government.  We are rapidly becoming a European-style socialist country here in the USA.  Once we do, our economic system will collapse and the communists will be waiting in the wings to declare they are the savior who will save us from ourselves in the chaos that follows.

Technically, you are correct. I like to lump them all together because they all do the same thing; RULE!!!

Thanks Marc.  Very interesting link you provided, with lots of good info.

Thanks Alan

Trying to tease apart Fascism, Socialism, socialism (small "s") Communism, Third Way, Monarchy, oligarchical collective, Global Governance, Global Government, New World Order, Totalitarianism, etc. is splitting hairs. These are all Collectivist approaches to government. In practice there is little difference; only degree

Thanks to all of you. especially the cpusa.org link.

My Basic Political Spectrum is proven spot on when including their arguments/comments.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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