Whether you like O'Reilly or not is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that O'Reilly's ousting likely spells the final nail in the coffin that Fox News fabricated for itself when Murdoch gave control to his two rabidly liberal sons. Next up: Sean Hannity. Could Lou Dobbs be next?

In the meantime, O'Reilly is moving forward with a podcast on his website, billoreilly.com 

You need only become a premium member to hear O'Reilly give his side of his dismissal, what he thinks it will mean to ad revenues and the direction Fox plans to go. It will simply become another MSNBC, we expect!  Not because O'Reilly is dearly loved by conservatives but because conservatives are fed up with the heavy hand of the alt-left!

We see this as as the boost Newsmax TV needs and that this could open the door for this station to capitalize on the disaffected talking heads being kicked to the curb by Fox for the sin of supporting President Trump's agenda and his presidency.

Keep your remotes handy. Millions will not go back to Fox and will go to Newsmax for actual news. Fox may have started a movement of their own!

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Is there a connection between billoreilly.com and Newsmax TV?

Next one on the list is ANYONE who crosses the Satanic Left; perhaps you

Now would be the time to come in and set up a new conservative or at least truthful network of shows and reporting. 

Fox has the majority of all the viewers because of it's candid more truthful coverage. Not that it leans right, it does not, it is just more open to the right views than the others. Hannity, Dobbs, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and the rest would be better off with their own network. They have the talent and enough money, between them, to rival any and all networks viewership.

The integration of a new "religion" of left is the propaganda machine. It is the same as what Hitler's fascist Nazism had with his Ministry of Propaganda, the Communist Soviet Union had with Pravda and Esvestia, and what other dictators have in their media factions in the New World Order. When media accepts evil Satanic impulses we must stand strong against it ..."Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" - James 4:7.

Fox is eating from the table of evil because it accepts its own choice of consequence ... an abandoned viewership.

For your local conservative media, check out:

Gilbert Watch


East Valley News Net


Education Action Network


Not In Our Schools


Westie Connect


MRC Briefs


and of course:

Arizona Freedom Alliance

Wondering:  are AFA members turning this into a place to drive traffic to other sites?  Nice of you Harry to include the host site in your list of good sites. Just saying

Sometimes there is more to say than what can be said here!

Sorry but I can't be a fan of any of the talking heads. Americans now live under the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto; something none will talk about. They also won't acknowledge the fact that if Trump wants to "Make America Great Again" America must be in control of its own destiny. This demands exiting the U.N., bringing monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution, and repudiating the unlawfully created and unpayable debt resulting from this unconstitutional policy. These too are subjects the talking heads find taboo.


and George Soros may not be the source of it all.

could be the cabal because the folks in control of energy and military secrets took control of all

It goes back to really murdered JFK and outed Nixon etc.

Our president is only a liaison person - not even a puppet!

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of talking heads. I hope you are a fan of freedom of the press not just freedom of the press you prefer. That's the point if this message I think. Take a casual attitude about that and say goodbye to freedom everywhere

The other alternative is OAN, One America News Network. On my Directv it is at 347. Very conservative. And of course, there's the Mark Levin show on something like CRR, I think.



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