This is not the article to read before a casual weekend of fun things to do.  This, if you really think about it, should give you great pause.  

Not only did media in America largely ignore this story, so did our lawmakers and we didn't hear a word from our president on this, either.  Most likely this has been whispered in the halls of Congress and at DC cocktail parties before moving on to discuss the newest fancy restaurant or cultural event.  Well, you might think, that is Mexico's problem.  No, it's not.  For some years, border towns and cities have experienced grief - and physical intimidation - from the drug cartels.  Yes, it's here, and what is our country doing about it?  

This problem has been ignored by past presidents of Mexico until now, the entire country is lost to these cartels.  The cartels run the country.  This is a failure of governments on a grand scale.

It likely would take the advanced armies of several countries working in concert to make a dent in the drug trade there.  What countries would care about Mexico's violence?  Ours is the most affected by these cartels, but we can be certain that American armies will not be fighting this war anytime soon.  

Maybe you read about the many graves in the Rocky Point area populated by Mexican and American bodies?  This is now Mexico.  Why would anyone go there now?

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You probably caught a news blurb last week that the Mexican military was defeated in a gun battle with the Sinaloa cartel. The story quickly dropped out of the headlines, because gun battles in Mexico are too damaging to the Official Narrative about how we don’t need a wall on our southern border.

Most American news outlets have not accurately reported on what happened in Culiacan, the capital city of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The casualty counts were much higher than anyone reported here in America – and the results were far more horrifying than anything you’ve heard from the mainstream press.

If you missed the brief news blurb, here’s what it stated. Mexican authorities arrested El Chapo Guzman’s son in Culiacan. El Chapo Jr. is the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, now that El Chapo Sr. is behind bars in America. The Sinaloa cartel responded with full force. The Mexican military was outgunned, and after a battle that lasted for several hours, the military surrendered. The authorities released El Chapo Jr.

That’s the narrative-preserving version of what happened. But thanks to journalists in Mexico, who must use pseudonyms and publish their reports anonymously on American blogs, we now know what really happened.

The Mexican military was not just outgunned by the Sinaloa cartel. They were embarrassingly outgunned. It was like a kid showing up for a schoolyard fight, only to discover that his opponent has a fully functional Iron Man suit. The cartel fighters were in full tactical gear, with fully automatic military weaponry and explosives.

The cartel didn’t show up like a bunch of Islamic dorks from Mali with heavy machine guns bolted to the beds of rusted-out Toyota pickup trucks. They had custom-made, state of the art armored vehicles like no one in Mexico had seen before. The Mexican military’s “Fire Serpent” FX-05 battle rifles, which fire a 5.56x45mm NATO round, were unable to penetrate the armored vehicles.

Unlike the Mexican military, which is a pretty much a joke if you haven’t figured it out by now, the cartel’s soldiers were highly trained and highly motivated. Even though the Mexican soldiers were outgunned and demoralized from the beginning, at least they tried to put up a fight.

Continue reading... to learn what happened to the familes of the Mexican soldiers during this battle! Do not call these people animals. Animals are far better creatures than these depraved drug runners.

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Wake up America

I remember reading a few decades ago that the country with the second most $ Millionaires in the world was Mexico.   Mexico is not a failed state due to lack of resources or money.  After Vicente Fox left the Presidency several years ago, he was a $ Billionaire.  Yet, construction workers in Mexico make as much in a whole day as workers in the U.S. make in one hour.  Mexican Government is corrupt.

We, the individual American citizen, must start to prepare themselves for this new threat.  The Democrat party and the media will probably take the side of the cartel since they represent the "people of Mexico".  They will find a away to blame Trump and the conservative  people for this problem,.  Like the elite did with the Soviet Union did until the government ate them.

This is a first class armed force that will be facing us and don't think a few AR-15's will stop them.  Get the right government elected and get ready for a mid-east conflict on our Southern boarder. Ignoring them will not stop them

I knew I saw this...

Don't see Mexico...  And of course these are LEGAL millionaires. :D

There are 2,540 multi-millionaires in Mexico with individual net assets of US$30 million or more. Of this total 252 are centimillionaires and 2,272 affluent millionaires. Multi-millionaires account for 1.75% of the total millionaire population of Mexico, which is well above the global average of 0.7%.

How many millionaires in Israel: 131 million:

That's 131 thousand in Israel, not millions.  Brazil has 259 thousand and is last on the list... :D

What is D, are ya name calling??? Hmmm? I am all for a pie fight...:)

Back in the twenties, alcohol prohibition produced the exact same results.  When it was realized that not only did it fail to stop alcohol use, but actually increased alcohol use by approximately 8 times. From Miron 1991 'Alcohol Consumption During Prohibition', National Bureau of Economic Research.  Coupled with the growth of organized crime,  more alcohol use and the added burden of dealing with criminal organizations is why prohibition was called a failure and repealed by the 21st Amendment. 

We see the same thing where guns are illegal or legislation has made it difficult to obtain. Growth of organized crime, with associated gang violence and death.  What does California, Chicago and Detroit have in common?  First is they are the top homicide cities in America.  The other is the most stringent (prohibitive) laws on firearm possession.

Analysts estimate about 70 murders in Mexico a day are from our drug policy here in the USA.   These cartels have wiped villages off the map.  If you had kids, maybe shipping them to America where they might stand a chance of survival would not be too out of line.  These are businesses just like Al Capones, there to make money given the business opportunity created by prohibition.  Is there a thought that there is an end to these cartels?  Not  a chance.

We have made central America into the highest drug trafficking corridor on the planet.  Once the logistics are there for smuggling, it's easy to add more/different types contraband. Don't expect it to change as long as we support the cartel business model by continued attempts of prohibition.

An interesting note on Drug Deaths from Statista

It notes Estonia as having 138/Million as the highest in Europe.  Portugal, the lowest, has 4.  To put this into perspective, the USA has 185/Million. Portugal decriminalized all of their drugs in 2001.  


 Prohibition is nothing more then Drug Prohibition so the you know who can make money, so seeing how the US Government is not making the money, who are they, and the cost of drug Alcohol addiction and recovery, prisons,jail, crime and so on, that cost is dumped on the America Tax system.

I have been a strict opponent to illicit drugs and marijuana.  That genie is out of the bottle and can't be returned.  I took a look at Jack's link.  Stats usually don't lie if accurately researched and reported without the usual slant to get a specific outcome. I don't know if these are straight forward stats but let's assume they are.  They tell us volumes about what does not work. The alcohol question is valid.  Restricted pleasures become addictive in themselves.  I would think we should consider making all of these drugs legal.  Take the luster away. We will go through a period of excess use that will be difficult and will cause a lot of hurt for innocent people but after that period has lost its appeal, it will be like alcohol.  Everything is capable of being over used and abused but drugs are already being abused.  I don't see this lesson being learned by our politicians.  This spiral will continue until even more innocents are caught in that trap.  And the cartels are coming for us.

I congratulate you on your epiphany.  It happened to me as a police officer in the 80's.  There is no one 'cure' for many of these issues, but legalization will alleviate most of what is damaging to our police-community relations, citizens and the general society.  This is also a big step in making our cities and streets safer. Our problem is less with drug usage (or abusage?) than it is with the violence and murder that come into play via the gangs controlling these drugs.

In the early 1940's the LaGuardia Committee report contradicted many of todays cannabis myths, still in circulation.  A similar but much more intensive report by the Shafer Commission in the early 1970's.  Both reported it's not an issue and to leave it alone.  Raymond 'P' Shafer was a republican drug warrior as the AG of Pennsylvania, subsequently it's governor.   A similar report from the Dutch government, the Baan Commission, recommended similar actions as both the US reports.  The Dutch listened to the Baan report but met resistance from the UN and the USA.  It pretty much decriminalized the use of cannabis in the mid 1990's.  Today the Dutch have half the adult and teen users and no problems with minor use.  When they are asked how they did it? They replied "we made marijuana boring"  The failure of this is the 'decriminalization' of these drugs not legalization.  With legalization comes control, the opposite of prohibition.  Cannabis it still technically illegal there  due to external pressures, UN and the USA to impose criminal sanctions on drug users.  The issue here is that since it is illegal, where do the "Coffee Shops" get the drug?  It's simple, it's literally organized crime, by definition.  They are moving to totally remove cannabis criminal activities by total legalization.

The final point, here, is that when you prohibit something, you lose control over that item.  It's clear in the alcohol story. It's pretty clear in the cannabis story.   We controlled NONE of the cannabis in Arizona before the Arizona Medial Marijuana Act (AMMA.)  Meaning where it came from, how much is here, where it's going and who gets is uncontroled.   After the AMMA, we control about 28% of the cannabis in our state.  I come from these numbers from a basis of an estimated 700,000 cannabis users, of which only 200,000 are card holders that access legal cannabis.  Meaning only 2 / 7th (28.5%) is controlled by the government.  The other, over 70% is controlled by the organized criminals of our state and Mexico who pay no taxes.  Whom do you wish control these drugs?

I speak about these issues a lot and the safety aspect of these drugs come up ALWAYS.  As I'm sure you too have reservations.  This link from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) explains who they are, with their document on Marijuana use and Highway Safety should get your gray cells working.  I can give you some numbers that may stun you about other accepted drugs.

You also bring out an interesting point about how prohibition of alcohol has influenced your overall view of alcohol, in your comment 'after that period has lost its appeal, it will be like alcohol' but that's should be a different discussion.  It's also another point. I'm open to these discussions.

It is time for America to take the strategies that our Military used in Iraq and Afghanistan by kicking in doors in the middle of the night, and arresting and killing the enemy of our Civilization. We know how to do this. If we can send soldiers to the Middle East, we can clean up Mexico in 30 days. Trump needs to start the ball rolling, and if Congress wont give him permission to clean up Mexico, then he can Declare a National Emergency. We know brave soldiers, like Navy Seal Mike Day who was involved in exactly what I am talking about. In Iraq he was shot 27 times and survived, and killed his enemy. We can and we must clean up Mexico. Keep building the wall, but bring the troops home and clean up Mexico. Shoot to Kill!



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