According to Catherine Herridge of Fox News, who has been on the front lines of this story from day one, there was an element of inside help planning and executing the attacks on the Consulate in Benghazi, likely al Qaeda. An 'emergency meeting' of the U.S. Mission in Benghazi showed that everyone in Benghazi and the State Department knew the security risks were very high.  A review of a secret cable obtained by Herridge indicates the Consulate and/or the Libyan national security detail was infiltrated by Islamists and that Amb. Stephens and aid Sean Smith knew it.  The State Department, that received the cable dated Aug 16, had not shared that info with the American people just days before the Presidential election. Stephens and Smith knew the day before the attacks that they were under surveillance.  Sean Smith sent a cable the day before the attacks to State Department that the "police" were taking photos of the Consulate Building.  So the State Department knew since mid August that these people were in dire straits and grave danger. But they continued to withhold security so as not "to have it appear there was a security problem in Libya."  And probably to uphold the myth that "al Qaeda was on its heels" as the Obama campaign kept claiming.

Some security equipment had been sent to the Consulate including secure phones and indirect security cameras which were packed in boxes at the consulate!   But the State Department and the Administration did nothing. (be sure to check out the Justice with Jeanine video on the home page.)

One official, Tom Donilon, Obama Administration National Security Advisor, reported problems that needed immediate attention, but he was ignored because that was not his job description. The Administration has withdrawn their claims that Petraes did not know what was happening so he failed these people in Benghazi. Hillary said Stephens "could not be effective if they hide behind walls" as an excuse for denying him security.

Now here's the most disturbing part:  the nearby Counter terror agency was not consulted during the attacks and a top anti-terrorist rapid response team was nearby and was not called in.  They were on the ground!  Documents indicate that their back in the consulate was against the wall in terms of security in Benghazi and that info was known to the State Department.  Remember, these attacks began around 9:00 pm Benghazi time and lasted at least until 4:30 am.

Some notable military commanders recently said that "courage in the Administration was lacking and it was clear the consulate was in danger."

[This info was taken from a News Alert on Fox News.  You can read a more detailed account at Fox News.  And then you suddenly realize that the Consulate in Bermuda has a full contingent of Marines to guard it!  In the opinion of this editor, this goes beyond treason to criminal.  Obama has the blood of these four patriots and heros on his hands.]

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