Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on Tuesday defeated incumbent Luther Strange to claim the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Associated Press projected Moore's victory shortly after the Senate Leadership Fund, which strongly supported Strange, conceded ...

"Senator Strange can hold his head high knowing that he played a critical role in cleaning up the corruption in Montgomery, confirming President Trump's choice for the Supreme Court, and strongly supporting the President's priorities on border security and repealing Obamacare. While we were honored to have fought hard for Big Luther, Judge Roy Moore won this nomination fair and square and he has our support, as it is vital that we keep this seat in Republican hands" the SLF statement read.

Moore, twice removed from office as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for defying court orders, will face Democrat Doug Jones, a former U.S. Attorney, in the Dec. 12 general election.

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92% reporting: Moore 55%. Strange 45%

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Drain the swamp

Sweet!  Still can't figure out why Trump supported Strange, though.

The beauty of this is that an establishment Senate incumbent can be beaten, even when being supported by the President himself, and being outspent by the SLF by a ratio 10 to 1.

Senator Flake, you're next!

This is great news and truly shows that the Conservative Revolution is still alive, strong and viable.

I too find it interesting that Trump supported Strange while one of his main supporters worked for Moore. 

To me the biggest indicator that Trump was "playing" to McConnell and the other establishment RINOs was the lack of any Tweets blasting Bannon for opposing Trump's choice. 

Remember how President Trump slapped down Mitt Romney publicly by acting as though he was seriously considering him for Secretary of State?

Judge Moore was clearly a better fit and choice for him to support and yet President Trump came out so early for Strange.  He must have received feedback from the Conservatives who supported him in Alabama and couldn't have been truly deceived by Strange.

I truly hope I am not giving President Trump too much credit in this matter but so far he has kept his campaign promises and accomplished more than any other Republican President in his first 9 months in office.

Hey, Silence. I think everyone underestimates Trump. When he screws up, he fixes his own mess. His stump speech for Luther was lukewarm at best and he said, I don't know, I might have made a mistake. Both are good men and if Moore wins, I will work well with him. That's not the exact quote but darn close.  I am active on twitter and I can tell you, ppl there were sending messages directly to Trump to dump Luther.  I think he made a deal with McConnell and then MM double crossed Trump a bit too soon.  It's fun to speculate.  The great news: we don't have Luther to kick around any more.  I see McConnell now putting money in the campaign for the democrat. That's the kind of skunk he is.

Good points, and your speculation makes good sense.

I heard that the SFL (i.e. McConnell) spent $30 million on Luther. 

Can't wait to see how much (if any) it spends on Moore in the general election.

Arthur, I got an email from SFL yesterday about the money they were spending to elect Luther. What happened to "staying neutral in a primary" ?  they are all skunks.  I sent Moore some money. Not much but some so he knows he has support out here around the country.

Alabama vs. Arizona. Can political parallels be drawn?
Last night in Alabama, Judge Roy Moore was elected to replace the now US Attorney General Jeff Sessions vacated spot. Moore won by almost 10 percentage points, after having 30 MILLION dollars throw in to defeat him. Judge Moore was only able to spend 2-1/2 million. That alone meant the odds of winning were slim to none, but add to that, President Trump visited the State to campaign for Moore's opponent. This was an Astounding win for the Judge.
Here's the part you should know. Unaware of the secret plan by Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell, President Trump promoted Luther Strange. The Establishment wanted Strange to win against Judge Moore and they were willing to spend $30 million to defeat him. But, the 'unknowns' to Trump were clearly spelled out to his base. Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka, Phil Robertson, Laura Ingraham and many others became involved in the Alabama race. Draining the Swamp meant Moore needed to win! And he did, by a huge margin.

Our lesson in Arizona?
Kelli Ward will be running for Jeff Flakes seat. Flake will likely drop out just like Bob Corker did yesterday. But, the Establishment will put big muscle to promote Robert Graham to beat Kelli in the Primary. They'll say Kelli can't beat the Democrat in the General, the same argument they used against Moore in Alabama, but Alabama rejected that nonsense. We'll need to as well!
Robert Graham is the Swamp, and we'll need to prepare now to make sure Graham does not get Arizona support.

Exactly.  I've noticed that Graham is positioning himself for this.  He has a "paid commercial program" on Sunday mornings on a local radio station.  It's two hours of pablum and inane observations, but it gets his name out there. (Well, at least to the 7 or 8 listeners in that time slot.)

What I find fascinating is that Graham has voiced mild criticism of Flake.  Nothing serious, but enough for him to justify a primary run "against" Flake to divide the Kelli Ward vote and hand the nomination TO Flake.

Graham will most likely take McCain's seat and not waste his time nor the party's money with the Ward situation. Focus on that which Ducey will appoint. That way if a Demoncrat wins the Flake seat they get 2 wins in Arizona with RINO Graham. 

We cannot allow Robert Graham to take McCain's seat, when and if this happen.  Graham will definitely

be another RINO.  Just a refresher about graham:



For those who want a primer on Robert Graham, we have covered him since he first showed up in 2012 when we posted his charges for money laundering through dark money PACs in California.  He was very guilty - anyone with the facts could see that - and he and Sean Noble were fined $1,000,000 to stay out of jail. And we have kept track of him throughout his chairmanship and evil misdeeds.  Just search Graham in our search box and set aside plenty of time to read through them.  To get you started:






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