We are now facing the prospect that our country COULD devolve into socialism.  It's an impossible thought and highly troublesome.  Two years ago, would you imagine that the people who were recently elected to go to Congress could have even succeeded in that attempt? Nancy Pelose seems to waver between admiration and fear at what she has wrought.  These "white-garbed socialists" have zero respect for the government of America. They lack any kind of discernment or ability to think through the dots, instead, screaming and name-calling through their time in the hearing rooms.  How can a country govern in such a situation?  Their love is for socialism and never for America.  We wonder what we are facing in the next ten years.

This article gives us a glimpse of our future if these people are taken seriously over time.  This is a story of the awakening of one hard-core lefty journalist as he treads the churning waters of revolution vs socialism vs dictorship.  His life suffered a polar shift from one ideology to another. It is a cautionary tale for America.  Read and learn.


The day after Venezuela’s National Assembly voted to declare its president, Juan Guaidó, interim President of the Republic, I received a text from a former friend. “If the U.S. topples Vz [Venezuela],” he wrote, “I will hold you responsible.” I would have been happy to accept this responsibility had I done anything important enough to deserve it. But the idea was absurd and he knew it. If the Venezuelan regime falls—and I hope that it does—it won’t even be possible to credit (or blame) the United States. It is the Venezuelan people who finally are taking their destiny in hand and rejecting an intolerable status quo.

The message was not a serious attempt to apportion responsibility for Venezuela’s current upheaval; it was an attempt to shame me for my treacherous betrayal of the Bolivarian cause. An early supporter of the Revolution, I had traveled to Venezuela in 2013 to cover the April presidential elections. By the time I returned to the US, I was disillusioned and depressed. I decided I needed to start writing and speaking about what I had seen there. In an article I wrote for the radical magazine Counterpunch around that time, I argued that “the so-called ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ is bankrupt: morally, ideologically, and economically,” and I asked what we, as leftist solidarity activists, should do in response. “Should we continue to make excuses for incompetence, corruption, and irresponsibility and thereby make ourselves accomplices?” I asked. “Or should we tell the truth?”

I had resolved to tell the truth. Having been so wrong about something so consequential, I felt it was the least I could do. By then, Venezuela was already in a terrible mess. Many of those I had helped to convince of the possibilities offered by Bolivarian socialism were deeply suspicious of the mainstream media and deserved to hear what was going on from a writer they trusted. But, as it turned out, the people I wanted to reach didn’t want to hear such things. And the people I asked to publish my articles didn’t much want me to write about them either. As a result of my voltafaccia, former comrades and friends contacted my editors and publishers in (occasionally successful) attempts to have my articles spiked. I was denounced and slandered online and in print. Phone calls and emails to people I had thought of as friends now went unanswered. On those occasions when I encountered one of them in public, they looked the other way. Abruptly, I found myself excommunicated, and people I’d known for 30 or 40 years made it clear that they no longer wanted to be part of my life.

Continue reading... long, thoughful, freightening

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We the people

Well, that was a long read.  But, it is interesting that some folks can finally come to the conclusion that their world view can change when the evidence is presented.  The evil one, has certainly blinded some to the real truth of Gods principles that work.  If nothing else, we can pray that that blindness will be removed and some will come to their senses.

A good writer describing his transition from an evil economic system to a more practical, good, but some what flawed system.  The only thing missing was any reference to the lack of elements left out of socialism and included in capitalism:  liberty, property rights, and natural law including Judaeo/Christian values and the rule of law.


It has taken this guy most of his life to learn what the Bible taught him in the first place if he had not set that knowledge aside in favor of socialism dogma. Capitalism is not what many of us think it is and ask almost anyone and you are likely to get at least two definitions of what they think it is. Same goes for Socialism and Communism. The take away from this story is that unlike the later two Capitalism, whatever you think it is, works for the most part and seems to be somewhat self correcting in our Republic. That said if we allow this Republic to devolve into Democracy with the socialist agenda that is being pushed we will go the way of Venezuela in very short order.






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