Brainwashing isn’t a secretive event that takes place in hidden rooms. No hypnotists or vials full of chemicals are required. It takes place every day on a massive scale across the United States.

Unlike Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate, brainwashing does not turn people into hypnotized zombies who would be ready to kill a presidential candidate at a command. Instead, it transforms them into the sort of people who would be willing to kill someone for political reasons.

The distinction is why so few people understand the sources of political radicalism and violence.

Brainwashing isn’t magic, but it can look like magic. The sleight of hand that causes us to think so is our firm belief in our reason and free will. It’s easier to believe in changing minds through hypnotism and drugs, than to understand, what the successful practitioners of brainwashing do, that the human mind is more malleable than we like to think, and that the subconscious is more powerful than the conscious.

The art and science of brainwashing is well known. We don’t know it because we choose not to.

Brainwashing happens every day. It doesn’t have to mean a complete transformation of identity. On the simplest level, it means compelling someone to believe something that isn’t true.

It’s as simple as two cops browbeating an innocent suspect into believing that he’s guilty. The officers and the suspect won’t see their interaction as brainwashing. The officers can honestly believe in his guilt. And, at the end of the process, the suspect will also believe that he committed the crime. He will even be able to describe in great detail how he committed it. That’s common, everyday brainwashing.

The key elements of brainwashing are present in that cold room with the peeling paint on the walls. Those three elements are control, crisis and emotional resonance. To successfully brainwash someone, you have to control their environment, force a crisis on them, and then tap into core emotions, fear, love, guilt, hate, shame, and guide them through the crisis by accepting and internalizing a new belief.

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Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism

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The Demoncrats call us "deplorables" yet they are using fear, intimidation, and guilt to bully the sovereign individual into the collective group thinking. This in now our evil today just as was the Karl Marx ideology of Communism portrayed in the 1880's. The Demoncrat cult now lives by calling Republicans as living in the past, yet it is them who are the socialists of the old school where everything is "free", as in everybody gets a "job" with a living wage and free healthcare. When are free cars and homes available?  What a decrepit fallacy it is to see what our "land of opportunity" presents to the world ... a socialist democracy ... for we a Constitutional Republic ... not any kind of mob rule "democracy". That is the indoctrination, by collectivist thought, and IS THE brainwashing of our young, and soon to be called "hate speech" by the Demoncrats congressional Equality Act.

Yes, and Obama was an expert at hypnosis. This era, the early 21st century will be known as the time when nearly an entire nation was in a hypnotic trance, being led to believe that every evil agenda foisted upon it was actually for its good. That we had to throw off the shackles of "gender" and can define our own gender, that the ending of life through abortion actually reaffirmed our own right to freedom, that in order to increase the freedoms of speech and self protection, we had to curtail both on those who didn't agree with us.

Yes and Obama fits the exact definition of a Sociopath. The magazine Psychology Today outlines it all here:

One of the best articles that I have read in a very long time.

This article is very timely.  we saw when Cohen testified at his hearing that he is a victim of this kind of brainwashing.  I looked  critically at his eyes as he was telling lie after lie and he believed what he said was true.  This may be the scariest thing in America today.  The left are heavily into this kind of chinese water torture techniques.  The left will keep up this brainwashing on TV and Cohen is never going to come out of this new belief.  Same for our kids being brainwashed in schools today and we see it already in the young 20 yo out there.  If we ever want to look into the face of evil, just look at Jerry Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, our Superintendent Hoffman and all the rest.

Everyone on this site should read this article.  everyone.



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