Editor's note:  Dr. Lyle J. Rapacki is one of our favorite contributors.  One of our favorite contributors, his insight is the result of years in the intelliegence business, giving him a level of discernment second to none.  While this article is not authored by him in its entirety, his lead in comments are worth the read alone.  But don't stop there.  Watch the video and then watch the fireworks as Gen. Flynn's new attorney mops up a few floors with the swamp creatures.


Investigative journalist and commentator, Kelleigh Nelson, has written a superb article discussing General Flynn’s hiring of “Firebrand Attorney Sidney Powell.”  See Below.


Lt. General (Ret) Mike Flynn, former National Security Advisor to President Trump, former Director of National Intelligence, and former 32-years military service including active theatres of combat and general command has undergone a brutal character assassination over the past nearly three years.  His loss of professional positions, finances and home, standing in professional communities as well as in the eyes of many across the country has been real, brutal, and far-reaching.  The attacks on General Flynn’s character, his integrity, and his service has been calculated and nefarious at a minimum, diabolical without a stretch; BUT GOD!  Mike and Lori Flynn have lost much this world considers signs of achievement, of success, of having “made it.”  Despised by Obama and crew for not capitulating to what Obama unethically (and quite possibly unconstitutionally wanted when he was in the Oval Office, and General Flynn served as Director of National Intelligence) Mike was deliberately targeted by Obama and members of the Deep State serving Obama.  When Mr. Trump was elected and chose Mike to become his National Security Advisor, a plan was put into motion by Obama to destroy Flynn at all costs.  One could easily argue on the surface it appears to have worked; BUT GOD!  General Flynn’s initial legal representative’s turns-out to have closer allegiance with the Washington, DC swamp than to the Bill of Rights and Constitution General Flynn swore to uphold against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  Costly; BUT GOD!  Through the valley of the shadows Mike and Lori Flynn have walked, they learned in a personally intimate, all abiding and very real manner Yeshua Ha Masiach (Jesus the Messiah) was right there beside them!  Coming to know Yeshua personally and intimately, Mike and Lori began a journey they could have never imagined, and while still on this journey, they are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It has been a very long and sobering, even frightening nearly three years, filled with real threats of thorough personal ruination, and even federal prison; BUT GOD! 


Continuous prayers of intercession have pushed back the diabolical shadows of darkness.  Increased discernment and wisdom, along with Divine Appointments from Holy Spirit, also led to a much needed change of legal counsel.  Enter new attorney Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and defense counsel with years of sophisticated experience.  The article below is riveting.  The accompanying video interview of attorney Sidney Powell by another former federal prosecutor and current TV commentator and host of his own show, Mark Levin, is must see!  Additionally, attorney Sidney Powell wrote a self-published book, “Licensed to Lie.”   Miss Powell details the sordid and egregious miscarriages of justice the Department of Justice under Obama and crew became.  Most of the same players slithered over to the incoming Trump Administration; we have seen some of the results of those Deep State holdovers. 


There has been a silent Coup against the Trump Administration even prior to their taking office.  The network comprising this Coup was sophisticated and well established, and remnants exist today; BUT GOD!  A Storm of Justice is coming, and already has been unleashed over our nation by Attiq Yomin (the Ancient of Days – Daniel 7: 9, 13 – God is the ultimate authority who judges all nations).  This Storm of Justice is still building, still growing in intensity to tear down the evils which have been hidden and influencing America to turn from her foundational principles.  Attorney Sidney Powell was a Divine Appointment arranged by the Lord to assist in exposing the myriad of evil that has encompassed Washington, D.C., and therefore, influence America.  She was positioned to step forward and help another who the Lord is not at all finished employing for His purposes. 


Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mike Flynn took a huge hit, and another, and while definitely staggered, received still another massive hit by a Principality of Darkness.  To be sure those strikes were costly and devastating, and nearly fatal; BUT GOD!  ~LJR



Read entire article on News With Views



Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D.



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Fox News and Levin? Very Suspect

What do you mean?  very suspect?

I too would like to know what Marc meant.

I'm still waiting for the brewing storm of justice.

To have doubts about (something); distrust:

Not at all suspect.  Levin is a known conservative. He was a never Trumper until he, one of few, saw the light.  He is now one of Trump's biggest cheer leaders.  Listen to him go after the squad. He is the one who keeps up appearances for Fox News as a conservative station.  He's smart enough to take advantage. IMO

With "respect", I ask you what evidence do you have to enlighten us all that anything Levin has done on his shows gives you pause to say that sir? Why not RECORD his shows and see how your dead wrong with the term. The term "very suspect" is a term Marc Levin knows very well it means what  ... The Democratic party ... is the "do as I say and not as I do" of what Federalism is and means. Just connect the dots as to why Democrats today are evil in intent, and actions. Levin is just a superb messenger as is Sidney Powell.

Sidney Powell is one heckava dignified woman. 

She is a cool, calm, and collected woman who knows what "principles" mean for our American Justice legacy. 

Powell's book, License to Lie is well worth a read.  The level of corruption within the DOJ, FBI, and the judiciary is disturbing. The book is an easy read and lays out prosecutorial misconduct and malfeasance by the judiciary in an interesting and most comprehensible fashion.  Powell would make a great AG.



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