As thinking active people, all who read this should be happy to participate in the two links to information provided.  SELF GOVERNANCE AT ITS BEST!!!


AZGOP Executive Director Greg Safsten urges Republicans to Sign The Petition Banning Critical Race Theory . Safsten says, “We’re gathering as many signatures from parents across the nation to help STOP CRITICAL RACE theory from indoctrinating our children. As you know, Critical Race Theory is a ‘curriculum’ of hate and divisiveness that has no place in society let alone our schools. Critical Race Theory indoctrinates our children and teaches them to judge each other as ‘oppressors, inherent racists, and victims.’ Do NOT allow this Cultural Marxism in our schools. Show Congress, School Boards, and Governors across the nation just how many families ARE OPPOSED to Critical Race Theory. “

Hillsdale College is conducting a National Survey On Socialism. To participate go to

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I hate to say it but this is the kind of thing that needs to be addressed on a local and State level. It is unlikely that on a Federal level this can be stopped. I don't know what it is about Washington but the majority of the people we send there seem to lose most or all of their reliability a day or two after arrival in that town. We have counted on our political leaders to heavily in the last 50 years and they have failed US over and over again and we keep electing them over and over again, what is their likely hood of ever doing even the simplest of things we ask when we continue to fail to un-elect any of these failures we have put into office to represent US.





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