Now we need the Supreme Court to decide how many genders there are?  What a waste of taxpayer money and energy to deal with such drival.  Call us crazy, but this is crazy!!  We can settle that in about 2 seconds: 2 = man, woman.  Case closed.  But not for the irrational dems.  They have come up with 48 - yep, 48 genders!

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WASHINGTON – Alliance Defending Freedom Vice President of Appellate Advocacy John Bursch will deliver oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday in R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Bursch will argue on behalf of Harris Funeral Homes in the case and will be joined at the news conference by owner Thomas Rost and his wife, Nancy.

Last month, a diverse array of groups, officials, and experts filed friend-of-the-court briefs with the high court arguing that unelected government officials can’t usurp the role of Congress by redefining the word “sex” in federal law to mean “gender identity.” In Harris Funeral Homes’ own brief filed with the court, ADF attorneys explained that allowing that to happen “will cause problems in employment law, reduce bodily-privacy protections for everyone, and erode equal opportunities for women and girls, among many other consequences.”

“Americans should be able to rely on what the law says. Redefining ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ creates chaos, is unfair to women and girls, and puts employers in difficult situations,” said Bursch, who served as Michigan’s solicitor general from 2011-13. “Title VII and other civil rights laws, like Title IX, are in place to protect equal opportunities for women; changing ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ undermines that.”

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Good grief, people, everyone knows there are three genders.  Male, Female, and Confused.  If there is any problem defining who is who, then do a DNA test, and go with that.  Problem solved!  If someone does not like that, then go talk to God.  He made us what we are, like it or not.

There are a few things in life we don't get to choose, and this is one of those.  Just saying....

Democrats don't believe in God ... they took his name out of the party platform in 2012. According to them ... you are whatever you want to be today and enter the female bathroom and come out a male ... with the utopian dreams in a world of make believe. And they wonder why there are so many perverts taking pictures up girls skirts?

Saul Alinsky, who thought the Fabians were too slow and the Communists not shrewd and vicious enough to sow the seeds of chaos in America so that they may reinvent our governmental and societal systems in their vision in a timely fashion, would be so very proud of all the accomplishments of the American Progressives as spelled out in his Rules for Radicals.  

A very enlightening, if not outright eye-opening and scary, read.  It is a fairly short instructive handbook to which Hillary and Obama, et al, subscribe for their war plan.  Read it if you want to understand the game plan of our domestic enemies.  This article's description of their latest breakdown of yet another cultural institution is right in line with Alinsky's plan, and for that matter, the Communist Manifesto.  It is that serious, fellow patriots.  Time to start calling them out for what they are.  The Cold Civil War is underway, like it or not, and has been since 1913.  But it is ramping up in the last 3 years since our President has been taking them and their entrenched deep state supporters  head on.  He must not be the only warrior in this fight for our country.

Damn Russians

Maybe we should just go directly to the Supreme Court and have them write a new English Dictionary.

With the exception of Floppy Roberts, anyone want to take a wild guess on how the vote will come down?



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