Our opinion...

  1. He had the best lawyers money could buy

  2. He had the goods on most of the potential prosecutors

  3. He had the goods on most of the judges

  4. He had a huge ego. He would not have wanted anyone to see him dead.

  5. Suicide by sheet would be embarrassing.

  6. He beat the rap once, he would expect to beat it again.

  7. He had a huge ego. He could worm his way out of anything.

  8. He was optismistic by all accounts.

  9. He told his lawyers the day before he would see them the next day.

  10. He had a huge ego. He would not have wanted to be criticized for tomfoolery.

Everyone from his lawyers to the DOJ and beyond are questioning the coroners findings. As predicted would be done by conspiracy theorists, i.e. the public. Just because it's called a conspiracy doesn't mean it's not true!  No one predicted his lawyers and other authorities would question the outcome of the autopsy.  But as one reader asked, was the coroner threatened?  Is that why it took a while to release even this little information?

It seems odd that the coroner would rule suicide unless there was unadulterated evidence, because the family or estate can successfully sue the jail system.  And perhaps the coroner.

The fat lady is not singing on this one yet. Prediction: more to come.  It's just not rational that the cameras would be broken, his roommate would be moved out, the guards were asleep for three hours, he was taken off suicide watch and all the rest was just a strange coincidence.

Question: who is next to get dead?

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I was not able to get it to play. :(

HA!  Yes, the kill switch.  Especially after his conviction in FL.  Here's my curiosity: the camera's were in the hall.  The guards said they fell asleep and falsified records saying they checked every 30 minutes.  Cameras showed no one down the hall.  MSM saying he had to have offed himself since no one went in there during that unchecked 3 hrs.  1.  I think he was removed from the cell very early, the guards were in on it (one was a fill in, not the usual guard) and made up the story as cover.  2.  They are saying the only way to break a hyoid bone would be from brute force.  they are suggesting he "hurled himself off the top bunk."  They are also reporting he was found on his knees.  You tell me how a dead man could get back on his knees after throwing himself attached to a short sheet from 6' up?  His body would have been all tangled.  Bad cover story.  Leaving two things: he's not dead as Hodges suggests or he was murdered.  Wondering what they promised the medical department for that story.  Yeah, I think a threat would be in order against her.  Last thing, I buy into all the reasons mentioned why he did not kill himself, cowards don't do that.  I base it on ego.

Since he was a Millionaire ... always follow the money. Somebody is getting paid off so keep an eye on his financial accounts, didn't we learn that about Hillary and the Uranium One deal?

Also I heard originally that his bed "sheets" were made of PAPER. Now they say "linen bed sheets" ... How does that happen when he already tried to X himself before and new you'd let him have "linen bed sheets" ??? I smell a dead fish of conspiracy .... if they can't provide the actual video's with all views. Most investigative journalism is dead and gossip prevails.  The current FBI under Christopher Wray is also suspect in all this ... for I don't trust the leaders of the FBI any longer for they can't find Hillary's computer and the person who did the actual "bleach bit cleaning" now says he transferred all but 4 of her emails to a Gmail account ... and nobody's even mentioning that piece of evidence either.

You ask  'who is next to get dead.'  the Coroner!!

The medical examiner for NYC is a female ... so look at her bank accounts for a big payday from the money laundering cabal.

If she got a big payoff or if the guards did, they would be instructed to open a different account and maybe in someone else's name.  They wouldn't be stupid enough to put big money into their regular checking account.  Until someone cares enough to track down who the hit men are we won't know squat.  The hit men would be ex- or current mafia or CIA who are the best at covering their tracks.

One more reason he wouldn't have committed suicide.   He's chicken, he didn't have the chutzpah to commit suicide.

 So if he is dead, show me his body, and if he is dead, who killed him out of the elite in congress that keeps getting them self trapped up in sex scandals with children.

How come they all look related to the British family...:) you know like next of kin...:)

I truly believe he was Arkancided!!! He certainly would not be the first!! The Clintons have a lot of money and Slick Willy was on that travel log about 26 or 27 times!!! He said only 4 but we all know who and what he is!!! I lived in Memphis, Tn. during his time in office!! We all heard about all the "suicides that took place!!! You can bet your bottom dollar on that one!! Do any of you remember how many deaths occurred during the campaign???? MANY!!! Use Duck,Duck, go to see all the 'subsides that are connected to the Clintons!! It will take your breath away!!!! I am no teenager, I am 70 years old and I remember ALL of them!!!

Decide for yourselves for we know that ... Information is dangerous to those who want to enslave you ... Just the facts here: https://www.conservapedia.com/Clinton_body_count

OK, now I see why the dems want gun control.  They are concerned about all the gunshot suicides connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton.  I will say they were not very creative about killing these people: gunshot in the head but no gunpowder on the hands of the dead.  (Eye roll)



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