This is an excerpt of what was posted in the MCRC Briefs today.  We had to shake our heads in wonder.

Sen John McCain: I know a thing or two about tough fights. But the important thing to remember is that it takes spirit, grit, and drive, to overcome any challenge. While some are forged by the fire of combat, few can withstand the enduring heat. Let me assure you that my friend, Senator Debbie Lesko,Debbie Leskois someone who has had her mettle tested and proven herself a true champion for hard-working Arizonans. The nation is watching Debbie's race. All over the country, political pundits and liberal activists are hoping Debbie fails. We won't let that happen. Rest assured, Debbie is outworking her opponent in CD8. But she can't do it without your help. I'm writing today to urge your support for Debbie Lesko. I've committed to help Debbie any way I can, which is why your immediate support is so important. Join me in supporting Debbie!

Does McCain not know that lending his name to any candidate, maybe anywhere in the country, is the kiss of death for that candidate?  We were not supporters of Lesko in the Primary.  Indeed, there were more establishment candidates running to fill the seat vacated by Trent Franks than most of us can say grace over.  But we do not want to give up another Congressional seat to the democrats who are so well funded to take every Republican out of office in Arizona.  That is just a fact: Arizona is in the crosshairs of the Soros groups.

If McCain wanted to help Lesko, he should have stayed out of that race or maybe, criticizing her would have been more effective.

On a side note, rumor has it that McCain will resign on May 31, just too late for Ducey to appoint a candidate who would have to stand for election in November.  Clever, that devil.  We are taking bets on which establishment candidate Ducey will appoint.  The McCain machine is in charge of everything Ducey does.

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If Ducey appoints an establishment hack, he will lose support of most AZ Republicans who will not turn out to vote for his reelection.  Surely he has learned that McCain would not have won his last two elections without his massive war chest and name recognition, and that McCain and Flake are hated by Constitutionalists.  If the establishment, centrist McSally is elected, then McCain's appointed replacement had better be Conservative, or we'll back to having two weak centrists hated by AZ Republicans, in the same situation we are now faced with. 

On a side note, this sneaky move by the self-serving, ego-centric McCain is par for the course, placing globalism and statism over nationalism and individualism.  Another fake Republican.

Meghan McCain.

And I'm sorry to have to say this but I will vote for whoever has the R after their name. No way will I hand our President Trump a blue Congress. 

It was for that reason I voted McCain in 2016. Boy did I ever hold my nose on that one.  

I have to admit that since she is running from a district other than my own I have not spent much time researching about her.

From votesmart a summary:

No an endorsement by McCain does not help her.

I think Ducey will appoint McSally. She was brought here to replace McCain from the start so making the appointment will eliminate the chance she loses in the primary.   

JoAnne then we should be contacting the governor and make an effort to change the spell he is under.

Ducey is a McCain shill.

The worst part of that endorsement is that McCain sent that out in an email along with a fund raising request to "support Debbie"---like he would give any money to her in the first place.  

I'm wondering if these statements are coming from McCain whose brain is clearly scrambled, his wife/daughter or his machine.

Since we think that a McCain endorsement for Lesko not exactly positive then leaving out the McCain political machine how then is an endorsement by McCain a positive? I think not.

Who is Lesko's opponent?

Hiral Tipirneni    Website:

She is running as a conservative but is a democrat.  All democrat candidates are running as conservatives this election season as we have seen in other states elect democrats where Trump carried the state by 20+ points.  AZ is in trouble.  AZGOP ineffective.  

People may want to rethink this endorsement by McCain.  I seriously doubt he is concerned about getting Lesko elected. 

Just reported on the news about the other candidate.  

ABC15 looks into malpractice lawsuit surrounding CD8 candidate Hiral Tipirneni



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