This is an excerpt of what was posted in the MCRC Briefs today.  We had to shake our heads in wonder.

Sen John McCain: I know a thing or two about tough fights. But the important thing to remember is that it takes spirit, grit, and drive, to overcome any challenge. While some are forged by the fire of combat, few can withstand the enduring heat. Let me assure you that my friend, Senator Debbie Lesko,Debbie Leskois someone who has had her mettle tested and proven herself a true champion for hard-working Arizonans. The nation is watching Debbie's race. All over the country, political pundits and liberal activists are hoping Debbie fails. We won't let that happen. Rest assured, Debbie is outworking her opponent in CD8. But she can't do it without your help. I'm writing today to urge your support for Debbie Lesko. I've committed to help Debbie any way I can, which is why your immediate support is so important. Join me in supporting Debbie!

Does McCain not know that lending his name to any candidate, maybe anywhere in the country, is the kiss of death for that candidate?  We were not supporters of Lesko in the Primary.  Indeed, there were more establishment candidates running to fill the seat vacated by Trent Franks than most of us can say grace over.  But we do not want to give up another Congressional seat to the democrats who are so well funded to take every Republican out of office in Arizona.  That is just a fact: Arizona is in the crosshairs of the Soros groups.

If McCain wanted to help Lesko, he should have stayed out of that race or maybe, criticizing her would have been more effective.

On a side note, rumor has it that McCain will resign on May 31, just too late for Ducey to appoint a candidate who would have to stand for election in November.  Clever, that devil.  We are taking bets on which establishment candidate Ducey will appoint.  The McCain machine is in charge of everything Ducey does.

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Please read our policy on attacking other conservatives who have different opinions.  It's  in the left column on the Home Page. We don't censor opinions here and if we disagree, we do it with civility.  Everyone, please keep that in mind.  There are plenty of sites that encourage such attacks.  Our view is our members are intelligent and can counter any argument by using a winning counter argument.


What you say deters me NOT for being an unabashed Dr Kelli Ward supporter. I heed not your assertion warnings. 

The fact the Dems will bring it all out as you said the Dems are busy all over the U.S. bringing all they can out.

As far as I am concerned when the Dems are behind a 'thing' be assured that I will be against their the Dem dirty 'thing'. 

So are you a supporter of the RINO Martha McSally?  Or if not, then it must be Sheriff Joe who has no chance of winning, given his age and terrible coverage by a vindictive press.  Sadly, at least half of Arizonans will believe the media rants against him for the sin of enforcing federal laws when the feds would not.  McSally received an F by a conservative group for her voting record, which was right down the line with McCain and Ryan.

As I said in my original post, I would take incoming on my post. I'm a pragmatist. I don't vote on emotion.  If I did, I would vote for Joe bc he's a good guy who has been treated badly.  Joe cannot win.  I survey people when I go to meetings or rallies. Ppl aren't going to support him.  The plain truth is that what they will bring out on Ward is easily proven true. I know that.   Supporters don't want to know that. Patricia's response is proof of that.  She will not be our next senator.  In fact, I loathe McSally.  But I'd rather have a R butt in that seat than a D  and that is the only thing I care about bc of the Supreme Court nominations.  As corrupt as they are, we ain't seen nothing yet if we can't get better Justices there.  That is my sole objective.  Trump's presidency depends on it.

I have respect for folks willing to express their views and take the "incoming" flack. 

I like Sheriff Joe and supported much of what he tried to do. Just being realistic that he carries with him much baggage. Not I think deserving he went up against a lot of open border types many of them wanting a cheap labor force.

I have done a lot of research on McSally,Ward and Sinema and out of all Ward falls into my "real deal" strongly category. Just my conclusion. 

Given the brutal political climate and the DNC all in to turn AZ blue and try to win a majority in the Senate no surprise that some negatives about Ward would be introduced.

I'm supporting Ward period. Think or write what you wish of course but that is the way my support and vote is directed.

Yes, Dr. Ward is our pick. She has our complete support and confidence.

Good to hear Angie!



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