Down but not out: McCain sends out blistering statement accusing the Trump administration...

...of 'playing into the hands of Putin' on Syria hours after former POW reveals cancer diagnosis

[Editor: McCain is facing life ending cancer yet he remains the vicious lawmaker he has shown himself to be.  We would chalk it up to the scrambling of his thinking due to this terrible disease.  We would, except he has long shown himself in this same light.]

McCain's cancerous brain

Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Russia hawk and occasional [We disagree with this word. We would use the word "constant."] Donald Trump critic, blasted a report on the administration's new Syria  posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor.

McCain's statement faulted the administration for reportedly ending a covert program begun during the Obama administration to provide arms to Syrian rebels battling President Bashar al-Assad. [Remember, no one has correctly identified just where these "rebels" stand on having a democratic nation.]

'If these reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin,' the Armed Services Committee chairman said in a statement.

The statement served as a reminder that so long as he is in the Senate, McCain will continue to warn against the administration's proposed move toward Moscow. [Again, it was McCain who knowingly put out a false dossier on Trump/Putin collusion. McCain seems trapped in this mindset.]

The former Vietnam POW also thanked the collection of supporters who sent their encouragement after he revealed the life-threatening diagnosis that was discovered.

"I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support - unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I'll be back soon, so stand-by!" McCain wrote on Twitter. [Unlikely!]

Close McCain friend Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said McCain called him three times today seeking updates on his work.

'"No more woe is me." He is yelling at me to buck up. I'm going to buck up,' said Graham, who said on the initial news of his longtime pal's diagnosis that cancer was in for a real fight from McCain.

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The Syrian/Russia Problem as seen by McCain

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Hate to say it ... but Washington DC and the world will be a better place without McCain;s war mongering ways that have caused so much devestation, suffering and death!

McCain should be spending his remaining days on earth making amends for his terrible representation of we the people, for purging hard working PCs to be replaced by those who don't even speak English, for going after his own party members in support of the liberal progressive agenda designed to push the USA into one world order, destroying the American way of life in exchange for bondage.  And for taking illicit payoffs for doing all of that.  I wanted McCain to have to resign but I do not take any joy in his current illness which will turn out to be very nasty indeed.

@Alan  I thought Meghan looked all wrong in that dress.  Not a dress to wear when you are overweight if you want to look your best.  Cindy has never been around much in the political scene and has welcomed Meghan's interest in following in her father's footsteps. I stopped watching anytime she's on TV - she seems to be a "dahling" of the Fox programming. Giving her air time to increase her image to be AZ Senator? Creepy thought.

McCain is confused. Stopping aid to terrorists is not "colluding with Russia." It is just sanity and common sense, something that "Crash" McCain has NEVER had in abundance,

Please John, RETIRE and GET WELL.

Traitor since Nam. Killer of a fellow navy man. Songbird. Nasty SOB POS.



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