As we expected - and you did, too - McCain was just waiting a bit of time after the deadline to require someone to run in the General Election to fill that seat.  So now, here it is.  Two things are now critical for all who are reading this (and please share with friends, family, anyone you know):

1.  We will not like who McDucey appoints.  Whether it is Cindy, Megan or McSally, we can be sure the appointee will serve just like McCain did and he likely sent it in writing to McDucey months ago.  The appointee, now, will serve until 2020 and then can run as an "incumbent."

2.  To assure that McDucey has a bona fide challenger in the August 28 primary, we must donate $5 to Ken Bennett's Clean Elections account so he gets sufficient funds to actually run a full bore campaign. He needs signs around the state and he needs the money to get that done.  Time is running out.  His campaign informed us that he's getting very close but even if he comes up one short, he will NOT get the funding.  Click HERE to go to his site to make a $5 donation.  It will be good money spent.


John McCain To Resign Senate Seat on the 4th of July, Says Aide. Cindy McCain Offered his Seat

Senator John McCain will resign his US Senate seat on July 4, 2018, says an aide who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

"In the end, it was about Kennedy resigning from the Supreme Court," said the aide. "Confirming a (SCOTUS) replacement before the election is considered in the interest of the national Republican party, so that it doesn't become an issue for Dems to run on in every race," said the aide, meaning every race for Senate or Congress. [Sorry, no sale on this reason. McCain has not shown a concern for America for years.]

The Aide indicated that the Senator wanted to wait until June 1 to resign, so that his seat would not be on the ballot along with retiring Jeff Flake. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey will appoint a Senator to serve until the 2020 election. [Yes and no.  He didn't resign because he did NOT want to open that seat to a conservative.]

The aide said that Ducey has quietly offered McCain's seat to Cindy, but the 64 year old wife of Senator John McCain has made no decision as of yet. "Understandably, she doesn't want to think about it," he added.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was disgnosed with a brain tumor in July, 2017. The 81-year-old symbol of "never-Trump" Republicans, has not been seen in the US Capitol since December. [But still collecting his pay check for a year.... &174,000 for sitting it out.  It was worth every penny to be rid of him.]

"If McCain leaves office before May 30, the Post indicated, his Senate seat will be on the ballot in Arizona in November 2018, as will that of his retiring junior colleague, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. After May 30, the new senator — who would be appointed by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey — would serve through 2020." Vox Policy-and-Politics"

Speculation on who would replace the Arizona Senator has become a DC parlor game, almost. The Washington Post reported that a list of possible successors is circulating in the whispering Republican class, and includes McCain's wife, Cindy McCain, and former US Sen. Jon Kyl [who decided not to run six years ago for the same reason Flake is not running this time... he didn't have support of Republicans].

In March, White House communications aide Kelly Sadler said that the party didn't need to worry about Senator John McCain's opposition to President Trump's nominee for CIA director because "it doesn't matter, he's dying anyway." A week later, deputy press secretary Raj Shah said in a statement: "Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President."

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Any and every way that Mclame could screw us he did.  Does this not speak to his hatred of this country, his state and the people in it. His stint in the service, which he despised with a vengeance and showed with his disdain showed often by voting to close bases across this country and downsize everything to suit himself.  And his destruction of an aircraft carrier decades ago.  The hate list goes on an on and on.  Personally, I'm thrilled he will be gone forever from the Republican party, state and government which he has always hated.  

The Santa Monica Observer is not a credible source for news this yuge.  There are no other sources reporting this so it's little more than wishful thinking.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Good point, Joanne.  It is a float -- like a trial balloon.  It is being picked up and we believe it will be verified... it makes sense with the SCOTUS.   He was going to step down and this is a great reason - makes him look good.  McCain thinks he can still redeem himself by trying to look good.  It also may be an effort to see how much blowback comes from voters about the possible appointment of Cindy.  They are sticking their fingers in  the political wind to see who hurts McDucey.

I believe they will keep Mcshame on 'Life-Support' just to keep him in his seat!!

They have been fact checking Ken Bennett's claim that Ducey told McCain to vote 'thumbs down'.
Ken is right and here is the Governor's response - they do not deny it one bit but notice they say 'the Senator says....' because he did and they know Ken knows.  They also say 'It is to save the Healthcare Industry  .. ' 
….. not about medical care, never was, never going to be..
We have to get those fives....

Praying this to be fact.  It's bound to happen.   I wonder about who Ducey will pick since anyone he picks would be like McCain as much as possible. Wondering if they can find that person, who, after taking the seat decides they don't want to be subjected to the same vilification as mcCain.  Most people think about what is going to be said about them.

Oh goodness the games they play with motivations always the drivers.

It seems providence willed McCains overdue departure. State department pay offs, government overreach legislation support, TRAITOROUS. What a heap of infection! People of his ilk must be run out, the establishment must be overthrown.

UPDATE:  This is an update to this prediction and it comes from an insider so we cannot tell you how to verify this info. Take it for what you think it is worth.

It appears that McCain's plans were thwarted for the 4th due to a internal struggle about who Ducey will appoint to take his place.  As we know, Bennett has consistently talked about being against the appointment of Cindy McCain and this has shown a spotlight on this issue.  We do know that polling tells us that most AZ voters do not want Cindy McCain to be appointed.  

Rumor has it - and it's only a political rumor - is that Kyl wants that seat.  That would be odd because Kyl endorsed Bennett in the 2014 race for governor over Ducey, if we remember correctly.  Either way, this seems to be a fluid situation.  If this info is correct, it may not matter whether McCain is in the seat or Cindy or Kyl.  Stay tuned.

I hoped that the powerful McCain political machine would follow McCain to his grave and be buried once and for all times. Hope is an emotion and although useful at times in one's life holding hope in this case well a naive one. The McCain political machine will live on.

Again, published by Big League Politics:

Rumor: McCain Could Resign for Kavanaugh to be Confirmed

Click here

While a resignation from McCain would be welcomed I am not going to hold my breath. 



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