No one would wish brain cancer on anyone, not even their worst enemy.  We don't either.  Conservatives in Arizona will not remember McCain for his service, although he did serve.  We appreciate anyone who serves in our military but we know too much about his background and time in the service to believe he was a hero.  Many of his fellow military have stories that tell us he was not the private man his public image was crafted to portray him.  Mostly, we know his family loved him and that is how it should be.  

Even though they have had a year to come to grips with this illness, they surely knew what many of us knew, those of us who have had experience with this particular cancer, that time was at a premium.  It is a shame that McCain and those around him did not know the pain he left behind us as constituents of his.  We will remember him for his thumbs down vote on Obamacare he professed to abhor.  We will remember him for his ugly attitude toward the first President in decades who would try to #MAGA and his always caustic tongue when he spoke of President Trump.  We will remember that he cozied up with the terrorists and there are plenty photos to prove it.  How did that make the families who lost family to terrorist attacks feel?  Did McCain even think about that?  We will remember that he refused to resign when it was apparent he would never go back to the Senate so Arizonans could elect his replacement.  Yes, that was a slap in the face to Republicans in Arizona.

One memory sticks in our mind.  It is of his aged mother, saying, when he was runnig for President of the United States, that she didn't know why anyone would vote for him.  That was truly funny.  Later, on the campaign trail, he faked a heart attack.  That was not funny.  We could write a book on the things McCain did that no conservative would appreciate, but you know it just as we do.  For most of us, we will not miss him because he was never one of us.

For today, we feel saddened for his family.  Yes, we really do.  We don't blame the family for any decisions he made in his life.  

But for us to feign sadness at his passing would be, well, hypocritical.  We won't do that.  He's gone. We aren't.  We are moving on.

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Thank God he's gone.

His legacy is that he abandoned the people of Arizona when he gave the thumbs down to the repeal of Obama care.  He was able to receive care at Mayo Clinic , something his thumbs down denied to the rest of us.  He should have stepped down when he knew he had a terminal illness, instead he chose to remain only to criticize President Trump whenever he could. He did nothing else.  He has a poisonous grip on the Republican party who takes his orders starting with Governor Doug Ducey and Chairman of the AZ GOP , Jonathan Lines.   They bark their orders to the Establishment and that includes Yavapai County McCain referred to Conservatives as the crazies and made it his business to purge the party of them.      When it was reported that a VA nursing home received very poor marks , his only response was " it is disappointing". He did nothing to serve the people , only his vindictive self.  Now I hope that Governor Ducey does not appoint his wife Cindy to take his place.  We don't need a McCain dynasty. 

I am wondering if the President will order the flags flow at half staff in "HONOR' of this "Great American Hero"?

Yes. The flag is currently at half staff

I was not a fan of the Senator. I watched him for years on C-SPAN and encountered eye to eye his condescending  answer to my questioning. I watched him leave a senate hearing when he did not get his way. He was a nasty fellow at time and seemed to grow more so as he aged.

I felt he should not have sought re-election in 2016. He should have resigned. 

The McCain political war machine is legendary and I fear the machine will not go to the grave with him.

For all who believe that on judgement day you are answerable to your maker I suspect that the questions John McCain would have to answer is more than the pages of the ACA and its regulations combined.

I wish for no one that their death would be tormentous. I wish his family peace.

I knew "of" McAmnesty as far back as 69 via a good friend - a fellow Navy Corpsman who served on the Forrestal re the antics of an arrogant pilot whose daddy was CINCPAC - a 4 star Admiral who used his connections to save McCain's ass from a Courts Martial and got him transferred within an hour of the deaths of over 130 Sailor's and Marines and the tortuous injury's and burns of many more.  I continued to hear about him as a POW - which I discovered in 1989 was a fiction that was being unraveled by those who knew of him and who were POW's before him, men like Jeremiah Denton of Alabama, - Republican, Catholic, U.S. Senator.  And, two years before I was transferred to Phoenix from Connecticut, I was "briefed" on McCain via the national Reps for the American Ex-POW's and the MIA's and the Forget-Me-Not Association - and watched the Senate Hearings as McCain and Kerry called them CLOWNS, BLUBBERING IDIOTS, PHONY'S, STUPID, LIARS, ETC. - because they believed there were living Americans left in Vietnam and they had pictures and eye witness testimony to substantiate their claim.  and yes, I saw how McCain ranted so rudely and made the National MIA President burst into tears at one of these Public Hearings.  And yes, I remember inviting McCain and other politicians to Veteran events at the VA Medical Center in Phoenix to honor our Hospitalized Veterans - over a span of 10 years - some 120 events - and he did not show up for a single one.  And yes, I remember attending Town Hall Meetings where, when confronted by anyone, myself included and when the question involved anything to do with Illegal Aliens and the Invasion of the USA by them, he threatened to have them (us/me) thrown out, or arrested (he did that at a Senate Hearing as well, several times).  I remember speaking with Members of the 9/11 Families for a Secure America - people who lost loved one's in the Twin Towers - who related how McCain pursued them out of the Senate and viciously and verbally attacked them on the steps of the Senate because they testified that we needed a secure ID and that as he raged on, the Capitol Police had to restrain him.  And yes, I remember the Public Display of Posturing that he and "the" Flake showed us all as they ranted in outrage over the treatment of Veterans at the Phoenix VA - only to accomplish nothing, except politicize the issues, grandstand and turn the tragic issues into a donation opportunity for their reelections.  I remember the pictures of him with ISIS Leaders - to be and the accounts of him, along with Hillary and Obama providing resources in support of ISIS and the way he bragged about turning the Russian Dossier filled with lies re President Trump, over to the FBI - and stating how proud he was - and the thumbs down vote in the early hours of the morning to save Obamacare - and the arrogance and the hate continued in other ways.  I could go on about this "thing" whose name I will never mention again, but it won't do away with the hurt and the harm that was inflicted by him upon the physical and mental states of many people across many decades, across the planet.  As a farm boy from Northern Michigan, it is amazing that I even got to know about these events concerning - he whose name I will not mention - at all.  The world is truly a small place.

It was pretty nauseating to listen to ABC and NBC slobber all over themselves (I watched both because I had to change the channel after 15 minutes of ABC lauding this A-hole).  

It was pretty obvious by their praise just how much of a hero to the left he really was!

As I said in a Facebook post, McShame is on the ballot this Tuesday, it's just being spelled McSally..  I hope the voters of AZ don't fall for her "I'ma conservative" BS!

We posted it on our twitter account and were surprised how few people were talking about McCain. It was though he never existed!  Just an FYI: our information says Sinema has a large advantage in that race.  Also, there is much speculation that if Cindy is not appointed - probably if she doesn't want it - Jon Kyl is also in line.  Most people don't know he voted to the left of McCain but because he was well-mannered, polished and dapper, people didn't realize that.  We predict we are going to end up with two democrat senators again, regardless of whether they sport R or D.

If McSally wins the primary she will not win the election. Sinema has debating skills, McSally does not which is why she is campaigning . She is letting the PAC money buy her the election..

It see

The GOP and their PACs will drain their coffers to elect McSally. McSally is not a people person. Appears to me uncomfortable without a script. Pure stand up and salute to orders of the GOP elite.

I would be surprised if a debate would ever take place.




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