There are two kinds of people in Arizona: those who tolerate Sen. McCain for what they can get from him and those who abhor him at a visceral level.  We once thought Barack Obama was the worst thing to happen to American politics but then, we remembered McCain.  On his worst day, even Obama can't be as disgustingly detestable as McCain is without even thinking about it.  If you doubt that, please read to the end of this article.  You will disagree vehemently with some of what is written but stay focused on the tales of John McCain.


Remember John Mccain as a Warmonger and Cunning Opportunist and leave the Hero Worship to his lackeys. 

If the Emmys had a category for mawkishness, Lesley Stahl’s 60 Minutes segment on Arizona senator John McCain this past fall would be a formidable contender.

Chatting with McCain and his wife Cindy at their ranch outside Sedona, Stahl noted that the Republican legislator had been undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer. She then proceeded to fawn over McCain, 81, gushing that he looked “terrific” and twice referring to him as “the indestructible man.”

Earlier, introducing the segment, Stahl quoted a recent press release from McCain, stating that if another effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) came to the Senate floor as anticipated, he intended to oppose it, just as he had in his dramatic, nationally televised thumbs-down on a similar measure back in July.

“And so, the senator from Arizona has lived up to his reputation as a maverick and a fighter,” the veteran TV journalist proclaimed.

The numbers would appear to back Stahl’s encomium. A CNN poll in mid-December 2017 found that 54 percent of adults expressed a “favorable” opinion of McCain. Notably, only 46 percent of Republicans agreed with the majority, while 68 percent of Democrats gave McCain a thumbs-up.

The reverse split owes much to the senator’s frequent criticism of President Donald Trump, and, specifically, his midsummer vote to derail the Trump-led effort to kill the ACA.

Don’t mess with a military man: John and Cindy McCain attend the annual Coronado Salute to the Military Ball in Coronado, California, in 2006 (Daniel R. Mennuto, USN, via Wikimedia Commons [cropped])

Never mind that four months later, in December, McCain voted in favor of the president’s massive tax cut for the wealthy – a bill that effectively eliminated the so-called personal mandate, the defining pillar of the ACA that required every American to purchase health insurance.

It was a shameless about-face that will personally benefit John and Cindy McCain.

Admirers tie McCain’s maverick-osity to his capacity for “straight talk” and his support for campaign-finance reform and immigration reform. They laud him as an outlier in the universe of mealy-mouthed politicians who keep a finger to the wind and a sharp eye on the polls. Invariably, they cite his half-decade as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese.

Conveniently, their sanctimonious tributes leave out McCain’s racism and misogynistic moments such as the joke he told at a 1998 GOP fundraiser:

Continue reading to find the REAL John McCain.  You thought you knew just how despicable he can be?  HA!!

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I am no fan of McCain. As was said in the article "Jukebox John" describes him well. McCain from this conservative's view is a fraud to conservatism.

Ask yourself what kind of man on his deathbed would spit out vengeful actions? McCain is such a man. 

Maverick or Jackass? I am NOT a fan! The nickname "Songbird" fits him well.

Jackass and that is being kind.

McCain is the worst kind of charlatan.  He blocked an effort to close our primary to restrict it only to Republicans.  He knew he had to have the independent vote to reign supreme in the primary elections so he could continue his wrath in the Senate.  The only good thing I can say is that he apparently he loves his family. But then, he taught them to be like him.  Another generation of evil from them.  Pray this does not become a dynasty.

Support according to polls for the McNasty is significant from the democrats now. They seem to have a misguided view of him. No McCain family candidate in the future. Let McCain's legacy be buried with him. Past time to close the McCain chapter and his machine in AZ.

The Republican party will tell you because this man is on his deathbed, or he has been nice to so and so,  now is not the time to speak negatively about him. Unfortunately McCain continues to be vindictive from his death bed so he deserves bad press. 

Evil is as evil does.  No one gets a pass at the end of their lives unless they repent.  McCain has seemingly doubled down, not repented, for his many crimes here on earth.  Oh, my, I do fear his soul is in vert big trouble.

when will the War Crimes start for Obama, Clinton, Kerry, McCain? There should be accountability for arms sent to Turkey from Libya, and to Syria, for the eventual rape, torture, and killing of Christians in Syria and Iraq. the soldiers in the CIA annex in Benghazi and the Ambassador there also have blood on their hands. We have pictures of McCain with moderate Muslims in Syria, Ha!

Mark, I have always thought that McCain and Graham had their dirty little paws all over gun running and if true in cahoots for what became the Benghazi slaughter and now the Benghazi scandal and cover-up.

The GOP can say what they want. I am a 'free range chicken' and will say how I feel about McCain.



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