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Scottsdale Bond Election - Message from Councilman Phillips

A Call to Arms! Fellow Residents, I have re-opened my newsletter to let you know about the upcoming bond election. A brief…

Started by Arizona Freedom AllianceLatest Reply

Scottsdale School Override - Again

Have you looked at your property tax bill closely?  You should have gotten that a few weeks ago.  It lays out all the taxes you pay on your…

Started by Arizona Freedom AllianceLatest Reply

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Oppose the Scottsdale Ordinance - Speak Up for Women's and Girls' Privacy

Next Tuesday, April 20, your Scottsdale City Council will consider a new ordinance to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

8 Apr 17
Reply by Frank Chance Chenoweth

A word to the wise for Scottsdale voters

From a reliable source.  We agree with this statement totally.  Take heed, voters: I met Tom Durham who is running for City Council last Sa…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

1 Oct 14, 2020
Reply by John Matthews

Scottsdale on the brink...

An important message from Scottsdale City Councilman regarding the democrats.  You may not live in Scottsdale but you may spend time and mo…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

1 Jul 12, 2020
Reply by Michael Auerbach

Media drops the ball

This is the entire video of the Press Conference held by Guy and Cora Phillips on the fake outrage over a simple comment.  So far as we hav…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

2 Jul 3, 2020
Reply by John Matthews

Progressives on the warpath in Scottsdale - all gloves off!

Way back in 2010, rational people were telling us that the media, who were sold out for Obama and his Marxist agenda, were not able to sway…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

3 Jun 30, 2020
Reply by Cyn

No one can breathe

Well, it's official. No one can ever say “I can't breathe” without being called a racist. Callous. A disappointment. Those are the words wr…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

12 Jun 27, 2020
Reply by Sue Ann Thomas

Here we go again in Scottsdale

You may have read that Mayor Lane, who is termed out and is not worried about a re-election, has mandated masks for all who go into "public…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

6 Jun 22, 2020
Reply by John Matthews

The wages of sin of Representative Government

Take a look at this letter.  You won't often see Representative Government among our elected officials.  This is a letter we received from…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

3 May 18, 2020
Reply by Jaspersgoat

Scottsdale Councilman Guy Philips wants to treat you to lunch! .

Help small businesses get back in the game Attention Scottsdale voters: here is a great idea from an incumbent Scottsdale Councilman that…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 May 15, 2020

Scottsdale citizens take a beating by City Council again

Those in Scottsdale are accustomed to being ignored by their City Council  You may remember, and those in Scottsdale surely do, that the pe…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

6 Apr 20, 2020
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance



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