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If she started a "GO Fund Me" for legal costs, I would contribute.

She won't need a GO Fund Me fund. Lawyers in TX are no doubt stumbling all over each other to get to her on contingency.  Those cops are obviously going by the Nazi youth playbook.  The fact no charges were filed says a lot.

I hope she nails those cops but good, Connie.  If the Floyd video bothered you, this one is far worse.

Curious, & ridiculous. There were a number of avenues this cop could have tried, but chose the most oppressive one. Wonder if the arrest was for not wearing a mask or trespassing or contempt of cop or creating a disturbance......Infractions or misdemeanors. No matter, these "behavior crimes" are things police should be mediating, counseling, advising, etc., then referring it to the D.A. if necessary. Without an arrest. If the issues had turned into a trespass crime, then the property owner/supervisor should be involved. Whatever, there was a lot of missing communication skills that should have been used before an arrest is considered. I saw she walked away from the cop, which seemed to induce a "need to restrain" process. It's a disease with some cops. I wonder if there is a specific code violation for not wearing a mask? Or was the arrest done under a "disturbance" law. Unlikely a D.A. will file on this. Also wonder if her arrest will show in the database for life? If that cop told me there were no alternatives to an arrest, I would refer him for some re-training. As far as she is concerned, don't participate in creating a negative situation, & then blame everyone else, cop included. She could have complied, and THEN follow up with a city/county Police Chief/ Sheriff or the local politicians; & talk to a lawyer. As a cop, that is one thing I would have suggested. Anything to de-escalate. Neither one of them worked hard enough at it.

Mask-wearing mandates are not Constitutionally legal, I would offer.  The cops were totally in the wrong.  She was an old woman, not a dangerous criminal.

Wonder if the referred to cop(s) were hired by B of A. Were they true cops or just security?

I think they were actual police.

Cops don't consult the Constitution before they arrest someone.  They just take orders from whatever Fuhrer is in power.  And if they're wrong and you sue them and win .... who do you think pays the for the lost case and court case?    YOU DO.  Where do you think a city gets ifs money to pay for lost court cases?

 So the cops and cities have nothing to lose, do they?

Then we need more effective means of stopping abuses.  This cop should be terminated for his misuse of power in addition to any monetary rewards this woman receives.  If enough cops get fired, maybe we'll see a sharp decline in abuszes like this.

Worst case I think she may be "trespassing" without permission to be there, ie wearing a mask. Mostly a civil charge for a customer that has been asked to leave but refused to go. The Bank is at risk as well as the City and the officer for harm caused by her injuries at the hands of the officer at request of the Bank. The officer should have asked the "Banker" to verbally arrest the woman and he could have provided transportation for the bank and they would have been the ones responsible for the arrest and any injuries suffered during that arrest and probably the transportation of the woman. It is so sad to see this in our country. I think the masking has made many involuntary coconspirators with the authors of the scamdemic promoting the fear and false narratives they are teaching.

Watching the video, I got the impression that she was at the bank to close an account she had there.  So she was on official business, I thought.

Sue the bank for $ Millions.



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