I've had conversations with many conservatives for several years about the chemtrails.  Some of you just scratch your head in wonder, some take it seriously and at least one totally denied that there is any such thing saying, "do your really think our government would be doing this and if so, why would they do that?"  The answer is "yes" and "I have not idea."  But chemtrails are very real.

Take a look at the sky a bit more often.  Sometimes they are there in the morning, but they can be there at any time of day but rarely at night.  They are NOT clouds, either. This video is long but it explains what is being spewed into our air consistently - and it's not just in the USA, either.  I've seen news reporters in Europe and the sky behind them is covered with chemtrails.

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What's not to believe? Even the U.S. Senate called them chemtrails in the bill that legalized them! About 6 months ago, an Air Force General admitted that nano particles were now being added so we are now breathing those into our lungs and they reproduce! Between ignorance and cognitive dissonance, we are DOOMED!

You are precisely correct.  But it's been incredibly difficult for many in the conservative movement to believe this.  Pretty much makes the entire Gore scam on air pollution an even bigger joke that most people think it is!

They have been spraying Az. just about every day, I feel that this is more sinister, Bill Gates and the "New World Order" are  obsessed with "Population Control."  Bill Gates even wrote a book regarding "Population Control."  Hospital emergency centers have increased respiratory problems when Chem-Trails are being sprayed.  These chemicals do affect the weather patterns, and in doing so the "POWERS" can use this AS A WEAPON.   In our own state, pilots are offered good money to go up and spray.  Since this has been occurring over years, how long will the effects last even if it is stopped.  Ask any Viet-Nam Vet. can you say, " Agent Orange."

If you have visited my website, you know I qualified to say this. This is the best/most comprehensive ChemTrail video.


It's just a more sly genocide, one that can be "plausibly denied" by those involved.  Like all those DOJ and IRS people who were never aware of squat, even though they were the head of their agencies.


GMO foods & GE seeds

Flouridated city water systems

A Drugged and Dieing ignorant American public

Support of Terrorist Organizations around the world and the support of immigration of muslims into the U.S.

Control of people's health and school children's education

Disease & Autism causing Vaccinations

U.S. gov. heart set to destroy American sovereignty with concentration camps & plastic corpse containers on the ready

Larry you are so right.. can i add to this list?? this gov is also  operating as a corporation.. we operate under bankruptcy law..it renews every seventy years.. last one was 9-10-01 ring a bell?? see any representative, they are listed as a 'corporation sole' see dunn and bradstreet,  thats why all presidents, reps and even military  are acting on behalf of the constitution but the hijacked one, placing alegiance to the constitution (the corporation one).. against all enemies foreign and domestic .. we are the domestic ones under the secretly  enacted corporation, .. its legal?? once you know this you see why they do anything they want and get away with it..see reality blogger clint richardson.. theres a ton of reading there..  it takes a long time to understand and see the separation and the slight language change.. anyone wanting to understand it to read and re read.. he is correct..and it is verifiable.. the language has been changed so slightlyly that we dont even know it.. once you start reading you wont believe it..he discusses cafr's also... shocking beyond .. Im just so sorry we didnt wake up sooner it may be too late..

You bring up a good topic - the Constitution.  Which one.  And who are we...Really?

Please see:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c40ZONuM5Z8&feature=player_embedded

Then:  http://one-heaven.org/home.php

I have seen this position before. I have asked lawyer friends about it, only to get a blank stare or "I have never thought of it that way."

After thinking about it for awhile, I can only wonder if saying you don't stand under is denouncing your citizenship.

I'd sure love to see these question resolved.

Thanks for replying, Marc.  I've seen it before also but I think we need to take a closer look at things done against us in the past in secret.  Such as that amendment in 1871 that created the United States as a corporation essentially to rule over the proletariat.  It's not that we (the proletariat) agreed to this, but since it was done without our knowledge or consent, I believe it makes all those who participated into criminals.

It's like saying, "I just gave myself authority over every aspect of your life, oh and here, I've written it down and signed it, therefore it's legally binding on You."  See that just doesn't really cut the mustard, does it?

Larry, have you seen this information?

 They - Queen of England - Empire of the City - very detail information of this topic.

The Bloodline Of The Illuminati Who's Who And How

There are 16 videos in this playlist. There are some pretty far out ..... discussed in these videos; like a different 13th amendment. You decide for yourself. If nothing else this proves we don't know much at all.

Went to the site.  Know about the so-called "City".  That appears to be valid and actually goes along with the 1871 amendment making the United States into a corporation.  I think we need to starve that corporation of its food ($).

After all, the income tax IS illegal.  I don't pay income taxes.  How about you.

How bout we all just starve the beast to death!

Is it Wilful Blindness that causes people not to be in this discussion?

Abby Martin speaks with Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book 'A Bigger Prize' about how the notion of willful blindness inhibits humanity's ability to grow, and how the concept of competition is more damaging than we've been indoctrinated to believe.






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