Former Bush AG On Comey’s 2007 Brush With Scandal: ‘Jim’s Loyalty Was More To Chuck Schumer’

The revelation by fired former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) di... that he has kept meticulous records detailing President Donald Trump’s alleged attempts to improperly influence an ongoing FBI investigation has sent Washington into a tailspin. Did Trump really threaten a sitting FBI director in a private meeting? Did the former FBI director accurately record what happened? Could this be the beginning of the end of Trump?

At the moment, untangling fact from fiction is difficult, given that the event Comey allegedly describes took place only between Comey and the president. With no ability at this time to independently verify either man’s account, we are instead left with a he-said/he-said explanation of events, which means the credibility of the two men involved becomes the prime determinant of one’s view of the situation.

The narrative from the Acela corridor media establishment is that Trump is a known liar and Comey is a honest public servant above reproach, so clearly Comey’s word must be believed, the total absence of any other corroborating evidence notwithstanding. An examination of Comey’s history as the consummate Beltway operator, however, raises questions about whether the towering former U.S. attorney, deputy attorney general, and FBI director is as open and forthright as his allies would have you believe.

In fact, the current episode is not the first time Comey and his associates plotted to oust a sitting Republican official through highly orchestrated political theater and carefully crafted narratives in which Comey is the courageous hero bravely fighting to preserve the rule of law. To understand how Comey came to be FBI director in the first place, and how he operates in the political arena, it is important to review the last scandal in which Comey had a front-row seat: the 2007 U.S. attorney firings and the fight over the 2004 reauthorization of Stellar Wind, a mass National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program designed to mitigate terrorist threats in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

The pivotal scene in the Comey-crafted narrative, a drama that made Comey famous and likely paved the road to his 2013 appointment by President Barack Obama to run the FBI, occurred in a Beltway hospital room in early 2004. In Comey’s view, Comey was the last honest man in Washington, the only person standing between a White House that rejected any restraints on its power, and the rule of law protecting Americans from illegal mass surveillance.

A former White House counsel and attorney general with extensive first-hand experience dealing with Comey, however, paints a very different picture of what happened in that hospital room, and disputes numerous key details. In this account, Comey’s actions showcase a duplicitous, secretive schemer whose true loyalties were not to the officials to whom he reported, but to partisan Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). To fully understand and appreciate Jim Comey’s approach to politics, the writings and testimony of Alberto Gonzales, who served as both White House counsel and attorney general during the events in question and is intimately aware of Comey’s history of political maneuvering, is absolutely essential.


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The idea that the GOPe has that it can get along with Democrats by way of a “special counsel” to search for a Russian-Trump electoral ties is to prove innocence which will never happen from those who hate him with all their moral fiber … for they have none themselves! The media will not allow privacy concerns for the NY Times violates it all the time through leaks. Trump will not be allowed to “clear his name” as so many GOP political hacks say for they don’t understand what EVIL is, and it’s game plan, for destruction of a Godly good for America. If you compromise your walk with God for the sake of pleasing the people around you, you will lose. God is not trying to take life away from you in America (as abortion does); He is trying to give you a better one through the one He chose for us.

   Like most issues no one asks the real questions. The swamp creatures have intimidated everyone it seems. Who knows what will be dredged up out of the muck if one should ask the questions that expose the truth?  Why isn't the focus on who is doing all the leaking and what are their real motives?

     Personally, I am standing behind Trump until there is absolute proof that he did anything wrong!  How sad that people are willing to jump ship the moment know liars and deceivers make accusations. Democrats stand behind their immoral and crooked leaders even when they are flat out guilty. What does this say about conservatives who are ready to bail before the facts are presented?

Ditto for me, Jerry. I told my buds don't complain to me that Trump didn't put your agenda first or because you believe the media on anything. 100% behind Trump until he's proven to have knowingly broken the law.

It is time that the AG investigate McCain, Graham and all the others who continually help the Democrats. There are plenty of instances where McCain has been at the epicenter of their scandals, Bengazi, Syria, Libya. The photos we have seen of him with ISIS leaders and soon after they have American equipment they are using. The fact that much of his campaign money comes from people with Arabic Names in New York and California Michigan etc. Let some one delve into the history of his friendships in Mexico and the other Cartel controlled Governments to our south. It is time to attack the "Deep State" operatives for their treason and put them where they belong. This special investigator was working within the Obama Administration after working for GW Bush. He sends mixed messages and is very likely one of the Globalist opposed to Trump. He liked the Patriot Act but supposedly refused to continue warrantless surveillance. Check this link to read Robt.Mueller's talk at the CFR which it appears he may be or have been a member of. 

This one they appear to have deleted, wonder why they would do that????? 

Prepared Remarks by the FBI's Robert Mueller -

It is time to delete all of Obama's and the "New World Order" operatives within our government lets start with McCain and Flake. I would bet they are as dirty as any ever elected to office. What is on the internet is plenty and I know there are more damning things in the possession of people in Arizona. Lets put out the call and get these guys exposed for their crimes.



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