Editor: This speaks for itself.  Note it was sent by Cliven Bundy. Also, you might want to know that the funeral for LaVoy Finicum will be held on Friday in Utah.

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Wonder if Cliven Bundy  has yet paid the $1 million plus dollars he owes to the State of Nevada or to the federal government for the use of public lands to graze his cattle? That is money he owes to the taxpayers of Nevada or to you and I as taxpayers of the federal government.

I think the Bundys should sue the USurped Federal Government for $1 Billion.  That way they'd have $999 Million left over after they pay their fine. 

Good for Bundy.  The Constitution prohibits the federal government from owning more than 10 acres of property except that which is used for monuments, government installations and federal parks.  The government was supposed to convey all property otherwise into the hands of the several states.  The feds were illegally in control of that land IF you adhere to the Constitution.  Whether the refuge falls into that category or not I can't say.  However the sheriff in Grant County, OR told the FBI (feds) to leave the property and they refused.  Now LaVoy Finicum is dead.  The feds said they took a gun out of his coat pocket but the women in the car with him said he had no weapons with him in the car.





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