All of you who were on this site when the incident in Oregon, where our (Obama) government shot and killed Lavoy Finicum, took place.  We covered that story extensively and even showed you the video of this tragic story as it unfolded on a snowy road in Oregon.  The Finicum family were on their way to meet with a sheriff to work out a plan for the sit-in at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  Please search (search box in upper right corner of this page) "LaVoy" and you will get many articles showing what the FBI did to this family.  Indeed, the entire community of ranchers across the southwest states felt the impact of this action and still do today.  This is not yesterday's story.  It is a story that stains the FBI and the Obama government for eternity.

Please purchase this book that tells this story from the point of view of the daughter of Lavoy Finicum.  The proceeds from this book will help pay expenses incurred in this incident, the ongoing litigation and the reduction in income for the family after LaVoy was no longer there to run their ranch.


This message is from Thera Tenney:

This is Thara Tenney. I am the daughter of LaVoy and Jeanette Finicum. My father bleeding out in the snow, January of 2016, was a turning point for our family, as I know you are aware. I appreciate your effort to share with your circle of influence our tragic story.


My reason for contacting you is because we need your help.  


I have written a book titled Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent: The murder of LaVoy Fincum as told by his daughter. My hope is that the book will spark continued discussion about our tragic story in an effort to get people asking hard questions. This book will also be used as a tool to fund the obligatory financial burden of our wrongful death case.


The bottom line is this...we need to keep the unfolding of our story alive as our wrongful death case continues to move forward. I was wondering if you would be willing to follow up article about our discoveries, efforts for reform while inviting your followers to get their copy of my book, Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent: The murder of LaVoy Fincum as told by his daughter.  


I thank you for your consideration and I do look forward to touching base soon.  


Mutually Pledged,


Thara Tenney

*Ebook and paperback can be found on Amazon, limited edition hardback and paperback can be found on our family website.


Video of the incident in Oregon, unedited (if you watch frame by frame, you will see clearly that the government lied about this):  HERE



We will do a follow up on this in the near future.

"The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots."  Thomas Jefferson in a letter to William S. Smith

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Bought the book for Kindle.  Began reading.  fascinating and well written.  A sad reminder of those days and weeks of we the people trying to keep out of control gov at bay.

There were FBI personnel at the scene when Levoy was murdered.  The FBI seems to have had its hand in MANY questionable practices the last few years.  No-one died at the gay lounge disaster in Orlando, FL until the FBI arrived.  Hillary's Hit Squad had rogue FBI agents in it. 

I've praying that President Trump send in the Marines and shut down the FBI completely.  Then remake it or something else to take its place.

IT's always when the Democrats are in charge that the FBI is used for nefarious purposes. Remember Waco Texas? The case of Elian Gonzales under Janet Reno's justice department?

And now they want these "illegals" (yes that's the legal term for them) to get Medicare, living wages, Free education, or Free living spaces, as our the government busses thousands of them to the interior of our nation and simply "ask" them to return for a court date? Trump needs to clean out the FBI's Democratic appointee's who are fighting against him. So just where is the Hillary server that was taken?





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