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If you are not aware of the new effort to control our schools and take decisions about k-12 curriculum out of the hands of local parents and educators, you need to learn about the new Common Core Curriculum.  There are plenty of websites online and here is one of them:

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Get Children Out of Public Schools, Warns AZ Education Chief

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Comment by john hedgpeth on October 10, 2016 at 12:54pm

its that time of year now that the school systems will lie about there need for more money, pass more overides prey on more mindless sheep who refuse to see the truth, it is becomming a telathon type each year, new lies as they steal your money in taxes etc.... they already have more than enough funds to fix the issues but why stop now they know the doom and gloom tactics have worked so well in the past, we need to stop this process show them enough is enough, lets stop all funds to the school districs untill they learn how to get it right.

Comment by LeRoy Cumberledge on December 5, 2015 at 7:20am

Patrick Smith's comment re: student data mining where he cites Pro-Common Core sites and advocates has as much validity as Al Capone trying to prove that he has paid his taxes by quoting his bookkeeper.  RIDICULOUS!

Comment by marc on November 23, 2015 at 3:00pm
This is what you know, with the documentation. Or I should just say here is more homework.
Here is an example, well the summary; there are 150 in all.
This is perhaps the most shocking, unbelievable piece of paper emanating from one of the federal government's America 2000 (President George Bush, Sr.)program that this writer has ever seen! This letter to "Dear Taxpayer" offers $1,120 a week to the recipient if he/she will propagandize America 2000 in their community. It goes on to say "Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Center for Economic Development is committed to implementing America 2000. America 2000 is a U.S. Department of Labor program sponsored under the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills." After several education researchers inquired about this job, the office, we believe, seems to have disappeared.   
thanks for caring and sharing.
Comment by marc on June 24, 2015 at 8:26am

Just in case you missed it. Here is a link to 25 pages of why central education is unconstitutional.

Comment by Harry Mathews on May 24, 2015 at 4:59pm

SPEAK OUT! 5-26-15  GPS School Board Meeting

Gilbert School Board To Vote On MASSIVELY Raising Taxes


Don't be intimidated

SPEAK OUT! It doesn't matter how many times an override is voted down, these edu-gangsters will always demand another. Speak out against these white collar criminals. Rest assured, they do not care what you think but at least they will know what you think.

Meeting highlights:

4. Superintendent's Report

4.01 Strategic Operating Plan Year End Report


6.01 Approval of the Performance Based Compensation set forth in the Employment Contract between Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto and the Governing Board

6.02 Approval for Advertisement of the 2015-2016 Proposed Budget and Public Hearning Notice

6.03 Adopt a Resolution Calling for a November 3, 2015 M&O Override Election

6.04 Adopt a Resolution Calling for November 3, 2015 Bond Election

6.05 Approval of the Appointment of Principal of Houston Elementary for the 2015-2015 School Year

6.06 Policy Development, Second Read/Adoption; Policy JFABC - Admission of Transfer Students

7.11 Approve Renewal of Microsoft Education License Agreement with EnPointe Technologies

7.12 Approve the 2015-2016 Proposed Dates for Governing Board Meetings, Work Study Sessions and Policy Committee Meetings

7.13 Approval of Overnight and/or Out-of-State Travel

7.14 Acceptance of Donations

7.15 Approval of Financial Vouchers
Comment by Shirly Waller on January 28, 2015 at 4:33pm

The discussions re Common Core have been interesting.  However, "elections have consequences" and AZ voters for Diane Douglas and against Common Core won.  I have read that schools may "add 15% to the Common Core curriculum but not delete nor change anything."  This is not what AZ voters want in our schools.  So let's get with what's really happening now.  Do our students have well-written text books?  Do teachers have what they need to educate our students?  Are AZ students being prepared for a 2020 or 2030 world?

On the national level we are being asked to support "free" community college for:  high school grads, everyone, older students even though our K-12 schools are not doing a good job of educating at that level.  Like, maybe, the DC "educators" know what is best for the whole country and don't want to bother with improving our local K-12 but are asking us to trust them with another two years of "free" education. 

My youngest child turned 50 last summer.  When she was in grade school her teachers were telling me that text books were ineffective.  When she was a junior in HS she came home in tears because her required American History class was not teaching her anything.  For the first six weeks of class they read "April Morning" which is a good novel for outside reading.  At that time a group in Texas (Gabler or something like that) was reviewing textbooks and were featured on Sixty Minutes -- Chris Wallace almost laughed as he interview the staff.  So I sent this textbook to the group and asked for a review.  We also invited a history professor from Bradley University to visit with us and review this book.  Everyone told me this is the current thinking re American History.  Next stop was the school board.  They told me in no uncertain terms that I did not have a degree to teach high school history so my opinion was immaterial.  The local mayor happened to have a son who would be taking this course the next school year.  Guess what???  We got new textbooks the next year. 

From the late sixties parents have been told to let the school teach the child -- they know how to educate.  At that time the most serious problem was usually the length of boys' hair or girls' skirt.  Today physical violence toward teachers and students, obscene language, class disruption and no respect for the school is common, everyday occurrences. 

Diane Douglas is a shining example of a caring parent.  She should be the model for leaders in education.  Diane understands that Common Core is not just a set of standards but complete control over the classrooms.  She has fought the good fight and AZ voters agreed with her.  Now we must continue to support the fight to improve education for AZ students -- they will control the future.  Please support Diane Douglas as she continues to improve our local schools. 


Comment by Patrick Smith on January 27, 2015 at 8:51pm

(From Florence)(providing entertainment to Marc and all)

Ever since the first articles against Common Core came out, I have felt the anti-Common Core people have presented myriad amounts of misinformation and distortions.  I have up to now steered clear of the data mining topic, but I think I now have enough information to expose the falsehoods in that. 

Please let me know how I am going wrong on this.

In checking this topic stated, "Our research found that Common Core does not include a data collection component."  ( has stated, "Implementing the Common Core State Standards does not require data collection."  (

Parenting New Hampshire stated, "In New Hampshire, there is no additional data collected as part of Smarter Balance or Common Core..." (

In "S.C. teachers, administrators defend Common Core standards" Harriet Jaworowski, an associate superintendent in the Rock Hill school district said, "No one can get data with names ever.  If (the government) got student-level information, they would get groups of students," and no names would be attached, because that would be a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

I have talked to the Arizona Education Department.  They say they are not collecting personal data on students - only educational information which will be used without being connected to student names. 

Last time I heard Jane Robbins speak she was saying things like states would "collect as much information on each child as possible" "collecting over 400 data points on each child" "identical statewide systems can be shared" "identical student longitudinal data systems" in each state.  She said the statewide systems would be identical.  Does anyone besides me think she is peddling more misinformation. 

The U.S. Department of Education has stated, "The data is being used to assess the effectiveness of educational programs, not to track individual students...Parents can rest assured that their children's personal information is protected better now than it ever has been."  

Comment by marc on January 27, 2015 at 10:45am

Florence thank you for the entertainment.  It was been fun! I hope you like it too. :-)

Comment by marc on January 27, 2015 at 9:25am
Harry Mathews
Will someone please get rid of these trolls?
No Harry, There has been a lot of good conservative points brought out here. Let the trolls in so we can examine them. :-)
Comment by Patrick Smith on January 27, 2015 at 5:14am

(From Florence to Rebecca)

You'll have to let Senator McCain's PAC know how "leftist" you think I am.  His PAC has targeted my husband and myself the past two elections as conservative P. C.s.


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