Editor's note: This message is not just for parents.  It's for grandparents, aunts, uncles and the community in which we all live.  Common core educated kids cannot grow up to be productive adults in the sense we  have  come to know that term without a broad education including Constitutional studies as well as civics, real American history and other subjects designed to appeal to critical thinking skills.  Common core is robotic learning.

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As many of you know I started Arizonans Against Common Core in 2013, after a curriculum night for my then 4th grade son when we were told that "these standards would prepare our students for the global economy so they could be good global citizens." I instantly knew what that meant since I was anxiously fighting Agenda 21 programs at our state capitol. I found out pretty quickly there was no organization in our state fighting this egregious program in our state, which all of the states were bribed to adopt for pennies from Race-to-the-top (RTTT) grants from the federal government!

Here we are today 6 years later and we still have Common Core with a few additions which were added by our former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas, along with her staff, and our State Board of Education (SBE). So what is a parent to do now?? Please read this report from my good friend Lyle Rapacki who I had the pleasure to work with through the years. No surprise that Common Core continues to fail students and likewise parents all over the country. It goes to show you that government involvement in education does not make the grade! What DOES improve student performance in schools is parental involvement in your child's education and 51 researchers around the country have shown this to be true!

More money doesn't help as shown from the CATO institute report of exponential funding increases for students and flat test results on the National Assessment for Education Progress (NAEP). This is the only assessment we can use to compare the states, BTW, with funding because the assessments given in each state are different even though they are Common Core assessments. A recent Goldwater Institute report also shows that students can perform with recession funding. So don't believe the lies from your local school that the reason students aren't performing on AzMERIT is because they do not have enough funding. There is simply no correlation between student performance and school funding levels!

My suggestion to all parents, is to escape the Common Core madness the best you can by going to a school that doesn't emphasis Common Core so much, opt out of the AzMERIT assessment by keeping your kids home during testing, and/or home school your children if you are able which is what I am proud to say my youngest sister is doing right now!

There is a push in our state as we speak to sexualize our children, as early as kindergarten, by exposing them to Comprehensive Sexuality Education; normalizing transgenders through Drag Queen shows; and introducing perverse curriculum in all subjects. As Lyle states, we need to be anxiously engaged and aware of what are children are being taught. We can never assume that what they are being exposed to we agree with. You are a taxpayer in your local school and community so rise up and be aware of what they are teaching children in your neighborhood!

For our precious children's futures!

-Jennifer Reynolds
Mommy Lobby AZ
Protect Arizona Children Coalition
https://ProtectArizonaChildren.org [Sign our Petition today!]

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The only real way for the majority of parents to improve Education in AZ and the U.S. is to remove those in office who've supported it over the yrs. rather than remove it and also to remember that a Republican Gov. Jan Brewer brought it to us just as she did Obamacare, so the Ballot Box is the best answer for the Majority of Parents who'll never remove their kids from Public or any Federally funded schools systems and believe it's way past time to continue supporting those in office who helped bring us the new system to sexualize our children, as early as kindergarten, by exposing them to Comprehensive Sexuality Education; normalizing transgenders through Drag Queen shows; and introducing perverse curriculum in all subjects, because AZ AG said he couldn't win or in court so they voted out a law to protect them and now pushing this Abomination on them which is what our Society has shrunk to. Our founders said it would take a Moral & Religious People to maintain Our Republic, so no wonder we're sinking into Socialism and other Abominations most haven't accepted yet the Reality of GOOD vs. Evil and that's the War we're all in and need to Battle it with that in mind or we'll lose in the long run even though we've have a few victories in the last couple of yrs. we can't Win the War of Morality without recognizing that's really what it's all about, and any who vote against are Rights are Evil and must be put out of Office in 2020.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

You are so right, Clair. We must take this battle to the ballot box and elect people who care about the state of affairs our state is in. What I’m seeing, again, in this new election season are candidates who have been in office far too long and promise this time they’ll get it right, if you’ll just send them back to finish the job they started. Well, that’s a bunch of bull and we all know it. What’s worse is that their cronies in the legislature go out of their way to support them with fundraisers and great endorsements. If these betrayers or liars, who've been there since Methuselah was a babe, haven’t delivered in the time they’ve been there, we must send them packing. We might consider doing the same to their cronies. 

Hi Rose; Yes we can fix all of the problems in Education not only in AZ but Nationally if the People / Parents will go to the Polls and Vote Out any Incumbent who supports Our Children's Education being turned over to the Federal Gov. and Socialists at State Level, far to few can do home schooling or put them in pvt. schools due to costs, so We the People must make this the Main Issue for anyone we support for without Educating Our Children about the Nation we all live in it's Doomed to Failure in the Long Run, so to all who read this Please let anyone running that's this is the Standard by which they'll get your support and by the way Look for New People to run as most in Office have already Failed to Serve US or Our Children.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Nice to hear from you Jennifer

I am not convinced that who you elect will in the long run change the problem significantly in time to save your children.

Home schooling, options out of public school systems, lot of parental involvement is key.

Never turnover your kids education to gov't.

Home Schooling is an option, however how many families today can afford or are even able to take this on, however I do believe All Parents want their kids prepared for the future and the one way to turn this around is at the Polls, just consider is it easier to turn a car around or build a new one?  We have a school system which if we Take Control of can Turn It around as those employed must follow the Direction given and we can Dictate that direction quickly by changing the Management. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Free education for all children in public schools is the tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto. My guess is that common core is a UN sponsored effort and that it or a similar program is being pushed in every nation.



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