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As we have seen in the recent blow up at Perry High School in Gilbert (Chandler Unified School District; confused?), over kids wearing MAGA gear, the system sides with the bullies. Wait, didn't we have an anti-bullying crusade recently in schools?

Anyway, by contrast, no Resource Officers (RO's) were called into action when Red For Ed was flaunting their swag. So, is there a double standard here? Actually, yes and no. The job of the RO is to keep the peace; and they will use the least labor intensive method available to accomplish that task.

Hypothetically speaking:

If people wearing MAGA gear “trigger” other people with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) (not speaking of students here specifically) and a riot ensues, the police will detain whatever group is in the minority because that is the easiest way for the officer/officers to quell unrest. But the net result of this is the minority is bullied by the majority.

This is why Red For Ed can wear their swag and there is no riot because conservatives are already a minority in the school system. Conservative, or quasi-conservative, school teachers won't fuss about it because they fear for their job security, benefits and pension (and some have told me so). The students don't fuss because they are not in any position to do so as they have no authority and they are in the minority. And, they are kids; they do not understand these political issues.

So, what do we do about this conundrum?

My extensive experience in dealing with school boards (no brag, just want you to know this is not a shot in the dark) leads me to understand that our education system is 100% corrupt and is irredeemable. Just try to make the slightest positive change to the school system and expect to be met with a vast, vicious and mind-boggling-ly well funded resistance. And, much of that money comes from taxes. Most of your property taxes go to fund government schools. And, that money spawns legions of government contractors, unions and special interests who are their to protect their piece of the pie; and grow that pie exponentially. This is why our education system is the most expensive in the world yet yields embarrassingly poor results by comparison.

The Regressive Socialists who represent the vast majority of teachers (I know, “not in my school!”) are also interested in growing that pie exponentially; even though they know their piece of said pie is always less than what they are promised. They know their money is being skimmed by corruption; but that is OK because they know they will get more; even if it is just a little more.

So, when Red For Ed shows up with their sob stories about the nonsense that they are practically starving and they don't even have enough money for paper, they can get away with it because everyone knows they will be bullied into silence if they oppose that opinion.

So where do we go from here?

I can only see one solution:

School Vouchers For All

Some will opt to keep their kids in these horribly abusive schools because they have bought into the Regressive lies. But, I bet half of parents and kids will bolt out of that hellish existence known as government education when given the option. I have never seen anyone come up with another solution that has a ghost of a chance of succeeding. It is time to try school vouchers for all Arizona school children.

We can shop for cars and many other things; but as it is, our



flood insurance,

mortgages (98% owned by government; surprised? That's a topic for another day )


has us standing in a bread line when it comes to real choice.

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would not school vouchers for only some of the students be unconstitutional? You know that unequal treatment provision of the U.S. Constitution. Also not sure how that is going to relieve us of the responsibility to pay for the education of people in this country illegally..

It is the government control over "education" that has allowed itself to the dictator over what is taught in schools, what is allowed to be learned or even talked about in academia. Misleading information has allowed the citizenry to be enslaved, individual sovereignty be damned, and to be overcome by the collectivist statist group thought. Education is not "a right" ... it is a responsibility ... as an informed electorate. Vouchers allow equality, and the choice against tyranny within the classrooms of a progressively socialist centralized  state.

Ever wonder why they called it "Red for Ed" in the first place? It isn't about a conservative "red", it's more about the theft by a communist "red" tyrannical centralized state.

To Archie: What we have now is vouchers for some. What I say is voucher for all. We would still pay for the education but we would get better education because there will be competition; and perhaps it will be cheaper. This is the nature of the free market. Parents should be able to shop for their child's education like anything else; except those things already taken over by the government.



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