In the first high-profile defeat of her short tenure as Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman declined to move forward her own amendment to open rule changes for sex ed in Arizona.

Since assuming office in January, Ms. Hoffman has spent much time in the media pushing social justice programs in her department and in schools. Rarely does she mention graduation, critical thinking skills, student success, or parents. In her mind, success in Arizona schools means an abundance of fringe programs to appeal to everyone except White, Judeo-Christian Americans.

Those ignored parents and taxpayers packed the Arizona State Board Meeting room on June 24th, and the overflow crowd was dispersed to several additional rooms. Tradition and science outnumbered the radical sex ed agenda by about 10:1. It has been observed that Ms. Hoffman has lectured the Arizona Legislature as to what they need to be doing. This time Ms. Hoffman was lectured, and by those who pay her.

After about four hours of public comment, Arizona School Board President Lucas Narducci suggested sex ed curriculum be addressed by the Legislature and he would not support an amendment opening up the rules at that time. The remaining members followed suit. How was Ms. Hoffman going to explain this defeat to her right-hand man Senator Martin Quezada, who had already written the new sex ed language? Senator Quezada was leading the victory party at the press conference after the repeal of the law requiring Arizona students learn marriage is between a man and a woman. Here is the Senator at the 3:25 mark. He will have a busy summer crafting 2020 Arizona Legislative sex ed bills, along with continuing his sexual grooming of the children in Pendergast School District, of which he is on the governing board. Parents need to start asking Senator Quezada why he’s really on the Pendergast Governing Board.

So how did we get here? We have had slow drip, drip of what is known as Comprehensive Sex Ed in Arizona for a number of years. But since President Trump’s victory, those who live and die for the opportunity to sexualize children and make money off it have gone a few steps too far for most folks. It’s ironic so many criticize the President’s affairs, yet many of those same individuals vote for politicians who don’t value decency and want free sex for all the kids all the time. In addition, the mainstream media has been covering for the sex ed perversion through shallow reporting. It is easy to copy and paste curriculum guidelines and assume all are being followed, call it a story, and get a blue check mark on your twitter profile. Has any local reporter looked into the history of Comprehensive Sex Ed? How about the Kinsey Institute? What about reporting on the tricks Tucson Unified School District has been playing to get their sex ed passed? Is there any interest in the cost to each district for manpower spent to get these sex ed programs into place? (Here’s a tip, we have evidence of plenty of employee hours wasted in several school districts, money that could have been spent on teacher raises or teaching academics.) Because the local and national media is complicit (including most of Fox News), the sexualization of children continues as parents blindly enroll their children in the nearest overpriced local school district.

We know GLSEN and Planned Parenthood stand to profit by sexually grooming children. According to the Arizona Capitol Times, Arizona could have lost some federal funds in 1991 if it was found HIV and AIDs education was not in compliance with FEDERAL GOVERNMENT standards.

There are reasons national K-12 education is not part of our Constitution.

What started out as a benign campaign asking us to just all get along has morphed into a political agenda that we must accept all sexual behavior and language, and while we are at it, show it to the kids! Ironically, Board President Narducci twice warned those waiting to comment to the board to watch their language, there are children in the room. Evidently the Arizona State School Board has better standards than the curriculum the kids will be reading.

Arizona Department of Education has a new communications director, Richie Taylor. He was not supportive of the school board nixing his boss’s and Senator Quezada’s plans to revamp Arizona sex ed. And in the process he called many parents bigots.

It’s an old tactic, call names when when you are losing an argument. But Mr. Taylor has a horse in the race. Here is how he spent today in New York City:

The “medically and scientifically accurate” sex ed description is a cover. Here is what will be appearing in public libraries so as to force young children to accept non-scientific relationships. Here is a retweet from Mr. Taylor–President Narducci may want to cover his eyes for the following screenshots of what our children are being groomed to accept:

Here are a few more tweets from the New York City Pride Parade today. Some of the participants hadn’t decided whether to dress or not:

And now for the Chicago Pride Parade. Warning–the photos may contain obscene material:

Don’t forget those sex ed curricula which push condom use. Who benefits? Do you think Trojan really cares about the child’s well-being or its bottom line?

What is he insinuating in the above picture?

If any readers feel dirty after looking at these pictures, good. It is you who will be the force for innocence instead of grooming your children to accept this as a normal part of daily life. If Superintendent Hoffman and her employee Richie Taylor think we are exaggerating, then maybe he can explain why as a representative of Arizona childrens’ education he spent the day associating with this pornographic behavior.

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Now the work begins and that would be to watch like a hawk the bills put forward in the next AZ Legislature session.

Trust them not.

Elect conservatives in 2020.

Amen, Patricia!!!  This is really sick stuff.

Many thought they had elected conservatives, as I'm told so often LD 22 is Conservative however those so called GOP office holders in LD 22 voted in favor of doing this although certain they would say they never expected this to happen. I would like to see a petition drive to remove Hoffman from office as it's apparent the Educational interests and futures of the children aren't her concern, she's only looking for more support for Anti Family Life Styles, we live in the Modern Day of Sodem & Gemorah.

I would like to see Hoffman removed but a petition for her removal no faith that that would happen.

Get her out at the voting booth.

Conservatives come in all stripes. 

I agree, elect conservatives, just like we did in the race for Super. of Public Instruction. Repub's got about 85,000 more votes but lost. Why?, because justice warriors Hoffman & Schapira got 52.3% & 47.7%. Repub's were divided b/t 5 candidates; with Riggs & Branch ea. getting 21.8%,D. Douglas 21.2%, & Livingston & Gelbart getting 20.2 & 14.9% respectively. We have to focus on ONE candidate, or else this usual circular firing squad will continue until we run out of ammo. The best option, since the school comrades won't be stopped, take your children out of the Orwell mind control districts. Don't feed the beast!

For those who do not know of this BS that they would be feeding our elementary school age kids, I suggest forwarding this one to those who are listed in your email contact page, even if outside Arizona. This is the agenda they have for creating a breeding ground for sexual predators granted by a government tyranny against conservatism and parental control. 

Their agenda is found in the 1936 Constitution of the Soviet Union Article 121 where it says ..."Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge .....".

One of the major reasons AZ is becoming purple is the very large influx of Latinos, legal and illegal.  Generally speaking, they would be one of the last groups to sanction this anti-family and anti-child doctrine and behavior.  So how is the Democrat Party able to get away with this nonsense and still maintain such a large proportion of the Latino voting bloc, both legal and illegal?

Porque no hablan ingles

How, you say? After 46 yrs. living on the fringes of East L.A., allow me to offer an opinion. These people are NOT your fathers illegals. They are Latino Socialistas, and they bring with them all the expectations and entitlement beliefs that already coincide with the Demacom party. Having said that, my contacts in LALA land are becoming disgusted with the tent cities, taxes going nowhere & a city some of them say aint mucho better than some Mexican towns. Ironic, aint it. 

And Mexico has come close to voting in a Communist President more than once.  Mexicans generally do not share the traditional American view of not looking to government as the primary source of benefits.  But they are Virgin Mary Catholics, who love their children, want lots of them, and find child porn a terrible sin. 

But, we have had an increase in the numbers of illegals from Central America, who are organized in groups led by open supporters of Communism.  Supporting that ideology seems to trump any notion of following one's religious tenets.  How else could you explain Christians renting or selling their kids to vicious gang members to use as tools to manipulate the outdated American immigration 'system'? 

Weak American politicians are enabling this influx of impoverished and government-dependent, unskilled people who are promised free everything upon their arrival.  At the same time, these same politicians are actively working to make our society as lawless and void of traditional values as possible.  To what political end?  It is either to create so much societal chaos that voters demand government take total control, contrary to the Constitution, in order to rescue us from the chaos, or just to continue their reign since these new residents will vote for them.  Either way, the Democrats will have a very long-term stranglehold on city, county and state leadership in places like CA. 

There aren't enough moderates left in these infested areas left to start voting for Republicans, even with all the tent cities, communicable diseases, mounds of feces and contaminated flies, armies of derelicts, high crime, and endless drains on local budgets.  A progressive political belief, more of an alternate and irrational faith than anything else, trumps its believers' ability to see and evaluate hard visible evidence of what it brings about.   All of this because the Progressive leaders want even more power in a new society of their design.

Claro que sí



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