Christian School Raided By Government; Christian Teaching To Be Eliminated

Pay close attention to this! Our Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, is in the process of implementing this kind of Stalinist oppression here in Arizona in the name of "tolerance" and "diversity". We had better get it together quick or we are going to lose it. And by "it" i mean all of our rights; and what's worse, our children will be weaponized against us. 

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Is there a plan within the AZ GOP to get rid of this radical?

Not hardly. Everything that has been done so far has only helped this agenda progress

I was curious how long the school has been bullied. Here is an article link,

... and another link,

Folks no doubt the "state" is out for total control.

The raid occured on January 18 ( ). I didn't hear a peep about it until recently. It just makes me wonder how much is going on that we are unaware of. It appears things might be far worse than even I imagined!

You won't hear a thing about this in the MSM (main stream media) until or unless it is settled favorably to the PRC (Peoples Republic of California)

So, what shall we do?

Attila, The left have been up to their final solutions for decades. I see that many good folks are fighting different battles and there are a ton. With the chaos from the left there are wins from conservatives to only have to turn around and fight another fight. 

Our Republic is at war with the left. 

These totalitarians are dedicated to our destruction. We have to be even more dedicated to stop them. Once a person decides that they really want something, they will do everything they can to get it. The question is how much does one want freedom?The Christian baker, Jack Phillips, is being sued again.  I recently donated some money to his defense. That is one thing we can do (Donate here:  ). Another thing we can do is impeach Kathy Hoffman or at least replace her in the next election with somwone that isn't as dangerous

The Leftist Communist Demoncrat California needs to be obliterated. 

YOU people in California or have relatives in California ..... why aren't you protesting in the streets?  Why aren't you taking your children out of public schools and home-schooling them?  California has gone over to the Dark Side, IT'S GOING TO GET JUDGED.  It's BEEN getting judged.  If I lived in California, I WOULD LEAVE.  There are much nicer placer to live in the U.S.  

It is happening here in Arizona and people aren't doing squat here either. There is no place we can go to avoid this. It is happening everywhere. Never mind California, WE ARE GOING TO GET JUDGED!

There are many "issues of our time" with the progressive globalists spending so much money to push issues like this.  Destruction of the right is not going to be enough for these traitors to freedom. They won't quit until they are done with us.  That is not what troubles me the most. I wonder why so few even read these very important articles.  AFA is great at getting out info other sites  ignore. Then many of the readers also ignore the info or read and leave.  Where are those really in the trenches like Mathews and the folks at AFA and some other good sites and activists?  If info is power, we are screwed because only the political junkies even care about such issues. I had a chat with a guy from another state over the weekend.  Wasn't interested in politics, only sports.  I estimate he was in late 50's. He/we will suffer for his ignorance.  He is the majority.

This is but one of many reasons behind the need for those who believe in lawful government to unite in an effort to gain control of government in order to restore it. It joins the list of America having relinquished its sovereignty to the UN, a monetary policy that guarantees the central bankers will one day hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production, the use of America's military to effect regime changes in nation's refusing to accept a central bank through which to assure their people are paced in economic bondage such as we in America are. a system of confiscatory taxation, etc.  Unfortunately, I see no signs of Americans having the common sense needed to unite.



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