[Editor: Four years ago, when Douglas was the darling of everyone, including the site this was posted on, AFA took the contrarian position that 1)Douglas was not well qualified to be Superintendent of Public Instruction, and 2) She would not have the authority to end Common Core.  Unfortunately, there was no competition in that election because John Huppenthal, incumbent, was sold out for Common Core. This was truly an election where voters had to decide which "evil" to vote for.]

by Jennifer Reynolds, Creator of Arizonans Against Common Core and member of Mommy Lobby AZ

The second rebrand of Common Core is no more than Lipstick on a Pig.  Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas continues to travel around the state in 2018 on the campaign trail telling crowds that she “Stopped Common Core” as part of her 2014 campaign promise. This is far from the truth! Common Core was Rebranded a second time on December 19, 2016 when the 2016 Arizona English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Standards were adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE) with an 8-1 vote.  See Arizona State Board Of Education Approves Rebrand Of Common Core St... and State Board Of Education Ignores Governor, Parents And Own Policy

SBE member Jared Taylor was the only vote opposing the adoption of these standards and he stated, “The bottom line is that I am very disappointed that we kicked the parents to the curb and ignored the will of the voters when they elected Diane Douglas. Yet she led the way today; we just renewed Common Core.”

Comments from Mommy Lobby,  Arizonans Against Common Core, Opt Out AZ
IGNORED by Supt Douglas, ADE, SBE Exec Director, Gov. Ducey’s Educ. Policy Director

Mommy Lobby AZ (ML), Arizonans Against Common Core (AACC), and Opt Out AZ reviewed the 1st and 2nd drafts of the 2016 Arizona ELA and Mathematics standards and submitted our comments directly to Superintendent Diane Douglas, as well as to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE)

Standards Staff, Carol Lippert and Suzi Mast; the former State Board of Education (SBE) Executive Director,  Karol Schmidt; and Governor Ducey’s Education Policy Director,  Dawn Wallace numerous times in 2016.

Comments Compiled by Parents and Teachers
IGNORED by Arizona Legislators, SLAPPED DOWN by Supt. Douglas

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Circular Firing Squad assembling again - as usual. When will we ever learn? 

You call it circling the firing squad. I call it revealing the facts. As AFA said and I well remember, they warned everyone about Douglas in the beginning.   She wasn't qualified when she ran and she's not qualified now. Yes, the Gov helped strip her of some power but she handled that badly and kept on Huppenthal's mouthpiece. Why didn't she get her own person in there? She caved to keep her job.  Why do you abhor facts if they are pertinent?

These same people who supported Douglas with such zeal are now supporting Riggs similarly.  He's the wrong person too in my estimation.  In four years, we will be back her complaining about him. ;-(

Jasper - "Circular Firing Squad" - can't say it enough - and you know why?  Because I experienced it myself and therefore feel qualified to comment on that tendency that prevails in certain parts of our party.  I wonder how long it will take before it starts against President Trump?  Just a matter of time.

They stripped her of her power she has nothing.



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