[Editor:  Activists? Are you going to insist our legislature do the same thing?  We have already lost three generations to the progressive socialists and we don't need to look more.  You need only watch the opening ceremonies of an NFL game to know that.  On the other hand, don't bother.  You already know what these people have been taught: propaganda!]

Arkansas school districts are beginning to roll out “In God We Trust” posters in their classrooms this week after a state law passed in August allowed the national motto to be displayed in classrooms.

The Piggott School District announced that it would add the posters to school classrooms this week, according to KAIT.

The Arkansas state legislature passed a law in August that allowed K-12 schools to display a picture or poster of the national motto “In God We Trust” above an American flag in classrooms and libraries. It also requires the motto to be displayed in some form in public buildings maintained with state funding.

The law states that posters allowed in the classroom can also feature the U.S. and Arkansas flags, adding that the funding for these posters must come from private organizations or charitable contributions to local school boards.

Superintendent Barry DeHart said that churches in the area backed the effort to place these posters inside classrooms.

“Certainly our town and community are really behind this,” he said. “City and county police, they have the motto ‘In God We Trust,’ and this community is a community that believes that, so we certainly want to put it in every classroom.”

Dehart said that eight local churches donated $300 towards the purchase of the posters. The district expects to have framed poster with the motto on the wall in all 90 of its classrooms.

Source:  En-volve and Breitbart

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In AZ, is there a law(s) that keeps us from doing these same things in our schools?  If so, what is it (are they) specifically so we can go after it?

I don't think there are any such laws. I think there is bad policy. When bad policy takes center stage as this type of religious attacks have done over recent years (I can point to Roy Moore's fight over keeping the ten commandments on government property) then laws must be made that bring constitutional principles back to the public square and prevent judges from legislating from the bench. I'd like to see a law that strips judges of their positions and law credentials for legislating from the bench.

So it seems we suffer from laws that are lacking, letting liberal judges decide policy on behalf of the Legislature (and hence the people), which is unconstitutional to the core.

You are absolutely right Pat. We allow a Federal Government Body, The Supreme Court of the United States, to disallow a state government Supreme Court from having on display the ultimate Supreme Law which they have on display in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Obviously we need a better way of replacing Judges and Justices who believe they know more about the Constitution than the founders who wrote the document and argued and voted about it's content for months.

             As you walk up the steps to the US Supreme Court, you can see near the top of the building a row of famous lawgivers, and each one is facing Moses, who is standing in the middle holding the Ten Commandments. As you enter the Supreme Court courtroom, the two huge oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower part of the door. As you sit inside the courtroom, you can see a display of the Ten Commandments right above where the Supreme Court justices sit.

AMEN and AMEN!!! I would say that this is an idea whose time has come BUT It's actually an idea whose time is 'long overdue. I admit that a number of years ago I joined Chuck Norris' group, Bibles in Schools.net  http://www.wnd.com/2007/04/41002/ to assist in this effort but could not get any traction with it. But we KNOW that God's Word says that in these last days His Word will be poured out on ALL flesh and we know that His timing is ALWAYS right on time and perfect so "carpe diem" my friends!!!

This will more than likely be challenged by some Socialist Group and who knows how the so called supreme court will rule on it as they're still not the most friendly place in the country for freedom. I'd still like to see the pledge of Allegiance changed to Add in the words; (Pledge allegiance to the US Constitution & Flag for which they stand), I do believe if we add in the US Constitution it might make some of the students curious and they just might then read it and begin a long March Back to Our Founding Principles, just a thought. God Bless You All & Have a Great Thanksgiving. Clair & Jean VAN Steenwyk

The Pledge of Allegiance in not required to be recited in Arizona classrooms. :(

Who's Fault is that?

The parents first because they would be the ones to know when they go to their kids schools. They have an obligation to alert the public and make a big stink about it and then it becomes the problem of we the people to fix. IMO

AZ Legislature can correct this as they're the ones who fund the system and with Legislation they can mandate it. We all know they had no problem taking Common Core Funds and shoving that down our throats, so why not fix this? God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

I praise God for these kids.

Judges opinions are just that, not "rulings" which should give everyone pause, they are not "rulers".   Their opinions are only enforced by the executive branch through law enforcement.   Law enforcement officers should do just that, enforce duly enacted laws not opinions and they should uphold their oath - to defend the Constitution not judge's opinions.    When law enforcers "just follow orders" where are we headed?    Remember all totalitarian societies are called "police states' for a reason.   

Executive branches have to step in and do their job and not enforce unconstitutional judge's opinions.     Check out Jefferson on the courts and when all power resides in one branch.   Also, unconstitutional opinions are grounds for impeachment of judges and that is the Legislature's responsibility.   If they won't do their job, then they are part of the problem.

The reason we trust in God is that God is the higher power that is above all governments and it is their moral obligation to obey God.    As MLK Stated, if a law is contrary to the moral law of God it is unjust and ought not to be obeyed  and to remember that everything the Nazi's did was legal and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did was illegal.



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