The Deed Is Done - But Will It Protect Arizona School Students In Their Classrooms?

By now 20 states have come to realize that allowing teachers to conceal carry is the most logical thing to do to improve school safety. Does our legislature do that? No, instead they decided to put more cops in hallways. 

"Governor Doug Ducey's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year contains $9.3 million for a grant program that funds police officers in schools, ..." ~ New Times

That means that there will be 89 more cops in classrooms to insure that conservative students don't wear MAGA gear, as we saw with Perry High School earlier this year. But, that doesn't make schools safer; it makes schools more onerous and gives administrators armed muscle to lean on students or others that may not agree with "school policy".

The new money for SROs fulfills one of Ducey's promises for school safety following the February 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead and 17 others injured.~ New Times

Yet, Resource Officers did nothing to stem the violence in that event so the state of Florida came to the same common sense conclusion that everyone else with common sense has come to; allow teachers to carry. Mind you didn't say "arm teachers" because that isn't necessary. The only thing you have to do is get rid of "Gun Free Zones" because that is where all of the violence takes place; without fail.

So, since common sense has not ruled in Arizona, this time, and politics won out over reason, children will die. It is a forgone conclusion. And then, the Ice Cream Man will ban guns. Some "Republican" he is. What a Ducey-bag.

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State wide there are many hundreds of schools and they think adding 89 at a cost of $9.3 million is a good solution. That 89 is in reality about 60 per shift because of vacation and sick time etc. which are necessary as condition of employment and human life. It is like playing Russian Roulette with the lives of the "Children" and the teacher. Their odds of being safe will depend on which schools are covered on any given day and since the system makes schedules and the kids learn the schedules it is likely anyone interested in causing havoc will know what days the "Resource Officer" is in attendance and if there even is one assigned to the school. If the kiddies and the parents and public has no idea which or how many Teachers are armed at any school on any given day there is a deterrent at all schools even if none is actually armed at many of them.                                  

I would recommend that those teacher and staff, that would like to participate, be trained and paid an additional sum per month for the extra responsibility of providing this service at their schools. The training could be provided by NRA and others qualified to teach the things necessary to do this safely and discretely. Please keep in mind that "Everyone is safer when the bad guy don't know who is armed."

Now that makes sense. I remember when high school coaches for sports were paid additional monies as well. Since today its all about the "optics" we should send Gov. Ducey a dollar store pair of glasses in the hopes that he will focus on what real protection is ... like the kind of gun toting body guards he has.   Criminals are criminals after they kill or violate a fellow human being, a being that is human ... after the heart begins beating !!

One other factor John is that teacher and school staff often recognize students, current or former, and their parents that have had problems or violent tendency in the past. A Resource officer may have been moved around to different schools to often to know who to watch out for.


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