NOTE: Cut to the chase: The board is telling everyone that 99% of parents want this for their children and you are perverse if you do not. Yet, the curriculum is being hidden from parents. This will be imposed on the children and most parents will have no idea what is being done to them once they are dropped off at the school door. As long as the teachers keep smiling and acting like they love your little precious ones, noone will be the wiser; unless you read on...

Cave Creek School Board Appears to Have Made Up Its Mind

Before Sex Ed Vote

It is nothing new in politics.  City councils and school boards ask for public comment before a vote, but the decision is already made during the work study or committee process.  Usually those committees are stacked so the political body obtains the answer they are seeking.  Then they put on the charade that they are reaching out to their wonderful constituents and are begging to hear public input.  It’s a joke.

Cave Creek Unified School District is no different.  After designing a custom sex ed program “for the children”, it’s got to be implemented.  It is not acceptable for governing boards to not at least appear to act in unison nor throw the hard work of a special committee under the bus.  School boards don’t seem to “just say no” and thus we are suffering as a country and a culture.  The non-medically accurate sex ed vote is set to take place on Monday, April 8th.

There are a few problems surfacing this week.  First of all, at the March 11, 2019 Governing Board meeting, Cara Herkamp, director of all obscene curriculum for Cave Creek, told the Board that parents who want to review the sex ed curriculum would need to come to the district office.  The obvious problem is the office is open during business hours only, the same hours the parents are working–those parents who are paying Ms. Herkamp’s salary.  Parents who are first hearing about the curriculum this week are trying to find it and can’t.

The curriculum could be accessed on-line, but unfortunately it’s not available.  And it wasn’t available at the March 11th board meeting because Ms. Herkamp didn’t want the curriculum shared with non-parents or minors.  What?  Aren’t the 4th-8th graders who will be learning about oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation minors?  Why does she protect random children in the community from this disturbing material but not the district’s students?  Watch the video from March 11, 2019 starting at the 1:13 mark.  Then at 1:16 Ms. Herkamp explains she why she doesn’t want the curriculum in the wrong hands.

Ms. Herkamp doesn’t want non-parents to view the material.  All residents of Cave Creek pay property tax, therefore they have a vested interest in the success of the district and should have access to all curriculum.  Also, other non-parents who do not live in Cave Creek pay federal taxes, of which some of that money is returned to the district.  The real reason Ms. Herkamp is keeping the curriculum hidden is so it is swiftly passed.  Who is she working for?  Is she afraid the practicing Christians in the community will be offended they are being labeled as homophobic by school administration?

Another concern about the pending vote is the Superintendent herself, Dr. Debbi Burdick.  Some taxpayers have emailed the Governing Board asking them to Vote No on the new sex ed curriculum.  Dr. Burdick responded by email for one of the board members.  Why is she speaking for a board member?  Why is Dr. Burdick controlling the narrative?  She works for the Governing Board but she is speaking for them?  What other employee prevents their boss from responding to a concern?

For those who are planning to attend the board meeting at Cave Creek’s District Office on April 8, 2019 (33016 N. 60th St. Cave Creek) be prepared.  You will be referred to as closed-minded, anti-science, homophobic, bigoted, pushing your agenda on others (there’s the pot calling the kettle) Bible-toting (badge of honor, bring it on), etc.  These names aren’t new to you, they use them over and over because they don’t have facts.  They resort to bullying the community, just as they are telling the community not to bully the LGBTQXYZ students.  Be prepared, kettles.


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A battle for parents.

Ms Herkamp should be prosecuted and put in jail for a long time.  That entire group should be exposed for the weirdos they are the dangers they place upon young children.  Obviously  far left felons!

I am in a wait mode in order to have more clarity on this story. Why in Gods name would they be teaching some of what is reported? It is a parents issue to seek understanding  after all to do that is for their kids well being,

The information is being hidden from the parents. They refer to the training as "Human Growth and Development"

Harry, I think for sure kids are treated as though they are an experiment in a petri dish. Parents must ask for full disclosure and read whatevers if given. Don't like what they see then demand change.

This is being done by a very small, self interested, group of people who are backed by much larger, and extremely well funded, organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, etc. They have done everything possible to obfuscate this illegal, and Satanic, agenda and hide it from parents; as one might expect.

Might it be fun to begin publishing the names of all those who are supporting her?  Repeatedly?  Nothing more effective than sending it to the parents from whom it's being hidden!  As well, every media outlet available!

I fear that many of those news outlets would participate in the coverup; if they aren't already



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