Every election cycle, and often between election cycles, we hear about how public school teachers are practically dying in the streets and the schools are so poor they can't even afford paper. They must have a massive influx of cash immediately because we are in crisis mode already. Oh the humanity! Of course these teachers (read government apparatchiks) keep saying they don't do it for the money but for the children because they are the selfless servants of society. Such heroism! (Someone pass me a barf bag).

Yet every year, without fail the public schools are voted “First Place: Place To Work” because:

The district provides a lot more than a paycheck, too. Employees enjoy first-class health plans and wellness programs, plus many other benefits, such as flexible spending accounts”

~East Valley Tribune

And, some of those benefits include a lavish pension plan. Teachers can often be retired with a full pension more years than they actually worked! Nice work if you can get it.

Meanwhile the AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, (read AZ Superintendent of Fiscal Destruction), Kathy Hoffman, in an official news release on May 28, 2019 claims

Lawmakers Fail to Fully Fund Education Despite Massive Budget Surplus”

Mind you these supposedly stingy Republicans voted another ½ Billion $ more for the edu-cartel just this year!

One of the ways the edu-gangsters try to make their claims believable is to compare teacher pay to other states where the cost of living is drastically higher; more false advertising. And, let's not forget how incredibly wealthy the school vendors, government contractors and government employee union bosses are who have latched onto the system like a tapeworm.

I wonder if the schools will ever be “fully funded”. The answer to that is "no!" to hear the ed-parasites tell it. In reality, public school teachers are grossly pampered part time employees (working only 6 months out of a year!) who live better than a lot of us working a full time job until we die.

Get out of my face you whiny, entitled, self important vermin!

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Well said

I recommend we all start using the moniker "Reds for Ed" to help affect more public awareness of the true underlying nature of these fringe pro-Communists.  Even the average Democrat doesn't like Communism or Global Socialism, only the whacky Progressive 20% left wing of the party.

Sounds like a plan

They are silent because they do not wish to be bullied by R4E; if, in fact, there are any teachers that are in truth,  "dedicated-to-our-children" left in the The Deep State Indoctrination System (A.K.A. Public Schools)

Mike, It was the dem rats plan all along staged during a midterm election. Important to note, I thin our Gov fell for it and AZ residents are om the hook, it is a major big old hook for years to come.

I think the Gov. is part of the cabal; call it a conspiracy theory, but nearly everything he does in education favors Leftists and The Education Industrial Complex

Bingo! Part of the cabal.

Trump will now impose tariffs on all goods coming from Mexico -- I have no problems with that -- now that the Az budget has been placed on the Gov's desk what now gov? And we have a dumb AZ dem rep who wants to see the AG industry destroyed in AZ.

The Gov is all in for open borders. Love child he is for Chamber of Commerce,

That's Chamber Of Communists

I am not sure how the legislature or anyone else can determine the amount of money necessary to fully fund K-12 education with the information presently available to us. I urge everyone to send an email to every legislator urging them to form a " independent committee" (not composed of legislators or school administrators)  with the sole duty of making a determination of the cost per year of educating a single K-12 student in Arizona. That study would also include teachers salaries. This would help us determine the actual needed funding for schools.

The JLBC does work in that area but i have never seen comprehensive information about teacher benefits and i don't think you will ever get that information. The Edu-Cabal protects that information rabidly



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