Every election cycle, and often between election cycles, we hear about how public school teachers are practically dying in the streets and the schools are so poor they can't even afford paper. They must have a massive influx of cash immediately because we are in crisis mode already. Oh the humanity! Of course these teachers (read government apparatchiks) keep saying they don't do it for the money but for the children because they are the selfless servants of society. Such heroism! (Someone pass me a barf bag).

Yet every year, without fail the public schools are voted “First Place: Place To Work” because:

The district provides a lot more than a paycheck, too. Employees enjoy first-class health plans and wellness programs, plus many other benefits, such as flexible spending accounts”

~East Valley Tribune

And, some of those benefits include a lavish pension plan. Teachers can often be retired with a full pension more years than they actually worked! Nice work if you can get it.

Meanwhile the AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, (read AZ Superintendent of Fiscal Destruction), Kathy Hoffman, in an official news release on May 28, 2019 claims

Lawmakers Fail to Fully Fund Education Despite Massive Budget Surplus”

Mind you these supposedly stingy Republicans voted another ½ Billion $ more for the edu-cartel just this year!

One of the ways the edu-gangsters try to make their claims believable is to compare teacher pay to other states where the cost of living is drastically higher; more false advertising. And, let's not forget how incredibly wealthy the school vendors, government contractors and government employee union bosses are who have latched onto the system like a tapeworm.

I wonder if the schools will ever be “fully funded”. The answer to that is "no!" to hear the ed-parasites tell it. In reality, public school teachers are grossly pampered part time employees (working only 6 months out of a year!) who live better than a lot of us working a full time job until we die.

Get out of my face you whiny, entitled, self important vermin!

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I say not one "Red for Ed" cent more until we have a full accounting of every dime they get showing where it all went last year and the year before that. If there is anything they can't account for it is deducted from what that school gets until it is accounted for in full and can not be replaced by any new money until it is accounted for or every person in the department where it went missing is laid off, and their pay goes toward the shortage, till the money is recouped from their pay checks. This will put an end to the waste in the school system.

There will never be a full accounting. The Edu-Criminals will spend any amount of money on propaganda, and phony reports to hide their misdeads because the schools commit fraud on a daily basis; it is a normal part of what they do. They can get away with anything because no one holds them accountable. They can spend any amount they need to hide the truth with misinformation because they have infinite resources; our paychecks. This will not change until the taxpayers have control over money and parents have control over where they can send their kids to school.

In order to wrap your head around how bad things are, just imagine that the people who tried to bring down Trump with eleborate lies are the same people that run the schools. In reality, it is all the same bunch of reprobates.

And still they always have these budget override bills ........ which I ALWAYS vote No on.

Great! Getting everyone else to go along with your thinking should be our goal

My k-12 education varied from 1 school where 1st - 6th grade in 1 room, 7th - 12th in another. At another school the 3rd-4th graders shared 1 room. Worth noting for the shared rooms only 1 teacher, no teacher assistant. Books and school supplies were parents responsibility cost. As a student where 1 room served various grades, I loved it. Made the school day more interesting.  My family would be considered as working poor. Hard working with many struggles.

I don't get why today's public schools environment has intentionally made so complicated. Only way to square reasons for are unions and politicians who pander for their votes. Public schools responsibility is to teach the basics. Identify  high achievers to feed colleges and universities and those not in that category educate towards learning what will give them the basics to succeed on their own.

Teaching a kid does not end when the final school bell rings for the day. 

Way to many parents have turned over to the state parenting responsibilities.  The state will always accept that. Ask why indoctrination has been so successful. Parents allowed by abdicating their responsibility to the state. 


Throw in agenda riddled left goals perfect storm for "there is never enough".

We are lead to believe, and i believed it myself once, that our schools are great and that all they need is a little more money and they will be perfect. Now i understand that the system is byzentine for a reason. The more complex it is, the more money it will cost and the more money can be skimmed from the system by the criminals who run everything; and, the more the criminals can bring in their friends to the spoil. But, the theft of money isn't the worst part. Between Common Core, Comprehensive Sexualization Abuse, data mining, and often statutory rape, the money is going to people that should be in prison and not getting more raises all the time; much less being called "heros".

It was once said that the only things that are sure are death & taxes .... and now bureaucracy ! A parasite can only survive while the host is alive ... we must kill this idea that this host will live forever ... we won't under the burden of the lies of "it's for the children" as if we are stupefied idiots.  

Patricia, The other advantage, to my mind, is that the natural teachers among the upper grade kids would help the younger ones learn their lessons. There by multiplying the the number of teacher at no cost and giving the kids a chance to mentor the younger ones creating a continuity which likely added to the good order in the class. That type of schooling is probably the most efficient and naturally orderly of all. We should probably try to recreate these now as a way of making the schools more productive at teaching and keeping order. I can see where it might also get rid of many of the negatives of large classes with all the same age kids. It would also keep the lessons they learned in lower grades fresher in the minds as they heard the same material and helped the younger students. So much of what they, and we, learned was forgotten from one year to the next in the current class system.

That is actually, quite brilliant! In a large family, the children share in the upbringing of the smaller children. I think this way of thinking has been lost in our current 2 child state mandated family***. The current system keeps people thinking that we can do nothing of ourselves or for our fellow human being without government intervention. With children teaching children, we become more independent; but that is what BB (Big Brothers) wants to prevent.

***[Side note: How can i say "State Mandated"? What big Brother wants, Big Brother gets. Once the elites get an collective idea, all the institutions and media jump on board to convince us that is is what we should do. If you want to know what Big Brother wants, just look at what the masses are doing]

John, I was accepted to a private college, at age 40 with scholarship. The traditional age students were fresh out of high school were bright as tacks. I was majoring in computer science, lots of mathematics. The traditional age who were math majors and/or computer science majors took it on themselves to help me succeed with math classes. I was grateful to these young students tutoring.

What tells me a lot is how easily the Reds for Ed were able to roll in from other states and use the teachers unions to disseminate manipulative propaganda to an eagerly awaiting, regurgitating media (per Harry's points above). And, remember how so many professional thugs were readily available to brandish communist-themed signs with even more widely accepted distortions of truths and flat-out lies?  Where was the pushback from the dedicated-to-our-children teachers against these interloping Red agitators?

And why is it "Red" for Ed anyway? Red is the color of Communist regimes and "Red" is for blood. The cabal of thieves is alive and well in so-called "education or all".



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