Quote from another anti-Common Core activist regarding SB1131:

. . . MOWR—this bill . . . is a compromise that is a smidge better than it’s original last session. (Move On when Reading)

Well, I forced myself to read and critique this bill through several of the wee hours of Sunday morning. . . . I didn't find that "smidge better!"  . . . It may help to know that it isn't you, if you find the bill difficult to follow logically in some places. . . .

Besides pouring a new slab of concrete over the Common Core foundation of K-12 public instruction in Arizona making it an even larger monumental challenge to eradicate, it is contaminated with Gobbledygook! It is a terrible specimen of "legislation!"

The worst part of this story is, the SBE tried to fix the MOWR problem the right way last April, and concluded in a rare bout with honesty, that they didn't know how, so they punted. They couldn't do it because the SBE is not a law-making entity!

At least two others and I enlisted Sen. Sylvia Allen to get it done right! When I saw the end product, it was too late to stop the gigantic mistake that is only being magnified with SB1131! This one is Prime-Sponsored by Sen. Allen, with Co-Sponsor, Rep. Paul Boyer.

The bill slams the manhole cover onto the access hole leading to the putrid Common Core cesspool infesting our children's lives!

The only saving aspect is that it does NOT fix the opening in the surface of that manhole cover that parents could hook a shepherd's crook into and jerk the cover off to let in some fresh air.  That opening still provides the escape route for any pupil whose parents spy it:

The statutes do NOT say pupils shall execute the statewide assessments, or assessments from the menu. Schools must administer them—the two actions are apples & oranges!

Herein lies the reason "opt-out" is not the answer! If parents choose to let their children be tortured and social-engineered, their only lawful action is to get informed and "opt-in!"  Nor is there any specific law—to my knowledge—that says parents must allow their children to be subjected to false Common Core "academic criteria."  Therefore, if parents and their champions would just reject the bedazzling and mesmerizing false "standards," and demand real academic criteria and testing, Common Core would slink-away and be smothered by its own putrefaction.

Sadly, as long as parents don't know how to exercise their parental right to direct their children's "education," Common Core is in Arizona to stay. Many of our Legislators—on both sides of the aisle—under the aegis of the governor, the state superintendent and the state board, are working very hard at measures that protect and further its entrenchment!
. . .

We're playing catch-up on the Whack-a-Mole board, and if we don't figure-out how to educate the people, Common Core is here to stay for the foreseeable future!

As long as the people don't understand that IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT the STANDARDS! we can't reach the place in their hearts that KNOWS why it's bad! why it's evil! And that is a bad state-of-affairs!

We have to start thinking outside their box!

There is a way, we just have to pray, and find & pursue it, or we will watch "them" entrench the evil ever-more deeply into our culture as "they" destroy our children's lives, our state and our nation!

"They" (collectivists, technocrats and their minions) are playing us for fools, and it behooves us to understand that fact.  

Only then will we be able to truly change course and gain real momentum to defeat them!

For Liberty!!!
Itasca Small

To learn how to contact your lawmakers through the Request to Speak system and get your comments as part of the official record (because we don't think many of our lawmakers really understand or even read these bills), got to www.azpeopleslobbyist.com

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