Superintendent Of Public Destruction Takes Victory Lap In Repealing Protections From Homosexual Pedophile Indoctrination

NOTE:4-12-19 For those of you who did not see the previous articles on this subject, please see additonal information on this topic added to the bottom of this  article

Doug Ducey couldn't sign this bill fast enough. It appears he was dying to.

So, the language that was removed from A.R.S. 15-716C by SB1346 is as follows:

C. No district shall include in its course of study instruction which:

1. Promotes a homosexual life-style.

2. Portrays homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style.

3. Suggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.

By removing that critical language, all Arizona Schools will be required to:

1. Promote the Homosexual lifestyle

2. Portray homosexuality as the prefered normal lifestyle choice

3. Insist that all kinds of sex are safe

Whoa! aren't we jumping to conclusions? Absolutely not. Whenever you give Marxo-Fascist radicals a millimeter, they will take 1,000 miles. Your children will now, without the troublesome complications of laws, be groomed for homosexual pedophile consumption. How can i make such a statement? Here is how:

We teach kids how to read because we expect them to read

We teach them math because we expect them to do math

We teach them about perverse lifestyle choices because we want them to embrace said lifestyle choices. Schools teach what they want children to embrace.

But what if you don't want your children to embrace radical self-destructive lifestyle choices?

Then you shouldn't teach them this crap. But, you can't stop it now. If your children go to any Arizona school, they will get this indoctrination. The indoctrination has already been going on behind the backs of parents as we have seen recently in the Cave Creek School District. But, now, they have the blessing of the state.

Here is the recent press release from The Arizona Superintendent of Child destruction:


Superintendent Hoffman to Host Press Conference for Passing of SB1346


WHO:          Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, Senator Martin Quezada, Representative Daniel Hernandez, Representative T.J. Shope, as well as representatives from GLSEN, Planned Parenthood of Arizona and Aunt Rita’s Foundation


WHAT:        Celebrate the passing of SB1386 (misprint - should be SB1346), which repeals anti-LGBTQ policies


WHERE:     Arizona Capitol Rose Garden, 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix AZ 85007


WHEN:        2-2:30 p.m. Thursday, April 11


WHY:           Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman will host a press conference to congratulate the Arizona Legislature for passing SB1346, which repeals anti-LGBTQ policies from the books. At the press conference, integral members the legislature, as well as stakeholders of the LGBTQ community, will speak about what a monumental step forward this bill is for treating and educating all children equally.  


DETAILS:   Governor Doug Ducey immediately signed this bill into law after passing the Senate this morning.

The Republican Party is nothing more than a Communist orgainzation that progresses towards totalitarianism at a slightly slower pace than than the official Communist (Democrat) Party

UPDATE 4-12-19 Since many of those who read this article did not read the previous ones, here are the particulars on SB1346

This is what was removed by the house vote on SB1346:

C. No district shall include in its course of study instruction which:

1. Promotes a homosexual life-style.

2. Portrays homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style.

3. Suggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.

This is how the vote went down:

This is what SB1346 adds:

Here is the link to the entire bill:

The organizations sueing Arizona for in Equality Arizona v. Hoffman are

Equity Arizona, NCLR and Lambda Legal

Here is the lawsuit From NCLR (AKA Equity Arizona):

NCLR Press Release on Lawsuit:

More about Lambda Legal

    More about Lambda Legal: The folks who are sueing the schools and want to convince you that Homosexuals have a healthy lifestyle die of AIDS:

  • Thomas B. Stoddard,one of the original founder of Lambda Legal  died of AIDS in 1997. He was 48:

  • E.C. Boggan, one of the original founders of Lambda Legal, died of AIDS in 1992. He was 48:

  • Court Cases brought by Lambda Legal:

Based on the cases Lambda Legal have brought against various people and entities, one might conclude:

  • They want radical sexual equality for all
  • They want transgender bathrooms
  • They want pre-adolescent children to be given gender bending drugs
  • They want your children to all be trained in how to be a homosexual. What they really seem to want is for all children to BE homosexual and polyamorous with no limits on age
  • They want to promote all sexual behavior, and preferences, no matter how abnormal, as safe, equal and healthy
  • They want to silence anyone with a different opinion
  • They want to destroy anyone who has a different opinion
  • They want to groom children to be fresh meat for pedophiles
  • They want to marginalize and criminalize Christianity
  • These are just for starters

Does anyone have any rights except for these people?

And BTW, whatever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? Apparently that is no longer important

Also see this article:

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I am very aware of what is going on in that area. But as Tom Hayden once said "The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the Socalisist revolution". There are a lot of homosexuals who are useful idiots. We need to reach out to the homosexual community and let them know they are fighting on the wrong side. Leftists are everyone's enemy. If more select "minorities" knew how they were being played for chumps the Democrat party as we know it today would cease to exist

Please remember this happened due to the Immoral GOP that voted / surrendered without even trying to fight this as they said they'd lose, well most believed we'd lose our revolution, however we had Leaders with Morals at the time and now the GOP is an immoral organization only concerned about their Careers and not worthy to serve but then most vote 4 them in spite of it, they all dance while our Beloved Nation Burns for the sake of saying we won a election while they've lost they're Moral Values, hope you all put the Blame where it lies at the feet of the Cowards who Voted 4 it. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

You outlay the problem, Clair.  You ran - how many times? And you couldn't raise the $$.  If you could, you would have. Helping a candidate campaign is a noble gesture but you are right, cash talks.  I put the blame on Brnovich for not pursuing the lawsuit and just caving in.  Of course, the reason we have trials is because we don't know who will win the case.  If we did, the judge would just rule. Right?  These are the kind of cases we pay that creep to defend.  To be fair, an uncommon idea in politics, I don't hold the Reps. altogether responsible.

To be perfectly fair, we should hold ourselves accountable. We haven't raised enough noise for anyone to pay attention to us. If we aren't willing to fight for what we want we will lose to those who do. Laws don't matter. Laws can be enforced or ignored depending upon political winds. Politicans vote the way they do for the same reason. People still send their kids to government schools and demand more money for them. When we stop being insane, perhaps our government will be more moderate

That's obvious of most, those in office aren't accountable and therefore they stay in office and things get worse, as to money raised yes have a hard time raising funds as don't take any from lobbyists or pacs etc., and those who could help won't for whatever reason and why don't you or someone else on this site run and if they have real names maybe it would be someone who could get the monies to win against the corrupt people in office who by the way do vote and usually not in our favor.



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