The One And Only Solution To The Teacher Strike' 
Give the money to the parents because:

"Nobody spends somebody else's money as wisely as he spends his own" ~ Milton Friedman

Once upon a time in America, people hired teachers to educate their children and paid the teachers directly; and children were far better educated than they are today. Today, there are so many middle men (politicians, foundations, vendors, lobbyists, government contractors, abortionists, school construction companies, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, counselors, psychologists, security officers, political activists, government employee unions, computer salesmen, book publishers, and so on and so on) that very little money that goes toward education is actually used to educate children; and the result is, our children on average, are dumber than door posts; and so are their parents

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#resist is #redfored

in another words it is left/Dems fighting for power. etc.

A pretty good solution offered in that it requires the factor of personal responsibility. The clink that I see lies in the reality that parents, many, do not act in the best interest of their kids. Its hard to do so and time consuming I know but necessary and many of the most need to be led to that reality.

Somehow I made it through the K-12 in a rural poor community. No counselors, walked to school, no school supplies given to us and so on. All in all those were happy days. 

Never good to turn over one's child to the state for guaranteed bad  outcomes. Education of a child does not end when the bell rings at the end of a school day.

I trust the parents over the state. Most parents want what is best for their children. Even though there will be exceptions, that will certainly get far better results than what we have now. What kind of car do you think you would get if it were appropriated by the state? You would get a Cold War Era style Lada that costs as much as a Lamborghini. That is what we get with Public "Education" today. Public school superintendents are in the top 5% income earners in the state; and corruption in our public schools is 100%

Why do we think it is OK to shop for everything we get except education? 

Harry I like your question "Why do we think it is OK to shop for everything we get except education?".

I see it from the left "central government" solutions, central planning is their goal. Scary notions.

You are 100% correct Patricia G. In addition the leftist have taken over the schools to promote their ideas and now 2 generations at least of their ideas being in charge of the schools and the educational system of the Government, State, Federal, local and all the higher learning, everyone involved has been trained to accept whatever they claim is education is in fact education. If the parents complain their only option, in most cases, is to find a private school and pay twice for schooling. Most of those raised in government schools don't recognize the failures of the public schools and don't question what ever is presented as education as long as little Joey and Janey get passing grades. 

These now "Educated" snowflakes have advanced degrees in "Black Culture", Block Stacking or the Sexual Preferences and Practice of Middle Age LBGTQ in the Jungles of South America. They have no salable skills, no work ethic and will be in the parents basement or on the Federal welfare roles their entire life having been sold a lie, by the Liberal Left Educators, that what they have learned is somehow important and that are special for knowing what they were taught. I believe the lefts goal has been to abort as many as they can and make the rest so useless that eventually they will starve if and when our society collapse occurs. These people are vicious and ruthless. If you don't believe me look at their own hero's who ran the Soviet Union and the millions they killed to create the most successful Communist Country of our time.

This has been going on much longer than most people realize. In 1984, a defector from the KGB revealed that as of that year, Leftists already controlled everything in the US; and that Leftists had already controlled the education system for several generations. He had left the Soviet Union to warn us. No one listened then and they are not listening now. Did you notice that the US Department of Education only got worse under Reagan? Have you noticed that even Trump is not weighing in on this issue? What is going on here? The unavoidable conclusion is that Reagon, Trump and all so called "Conservatives" who maintain their positions of power are merely closet Leftists. I know that is too harsh of a reality for anyone to accept.

First I would not label Trump as a conservative heck I don't think he has warm and fuzzies towards political parties. Much of what the President has been able to accomplish I think most fall into conservative policies.

I think similar to you in that the Republicans claiming they are conservative few are.

There is so much other work to be done to unwind the octopus new world order from our immigration and illegal alien invasion as well as repairing the damage done by many years, several administrations, of weakening our defense and military that, perhaps, President Trump figures since education is not Constitutionally within the purview of the Federal Government we voters in the States should fix at least one of these problems ourselves since it is our kids and grand kids being destroyed. Remember he sent his to private schools at his own expense. In an environment like that parents can have a lot more control than going hat in hand once or twice a years, as with the public schools, to receive the judgment of the more than likely Communist Trained teacher as to how Joey and Janey are accepting their indoctrination in the new math that is so advanced it doesn't work and you can't understand it because you are not enlightened. Do you even dare ask why they are, in some cases have a week or two in Muslim training or learning about safety during anal sex or practicing putting condoms on cucumbers in the eighth grade and earlier being trained that it is normal for some to have two moms or two dads and what goes on in these homes. Don't expect the Federal Government to solve even one of our problems with the schools  HEW is stocked to the gills with fellow travelers in Communist Doctrine until we can close it completely and take back the education of children without the federal funds they provide the problem will not be solved by anyone no matter how conservative they may be in the White House or federal government. It is our job and high time we do what it takes to get it done. Get involved with the school boards no matter how distasteful the experience may be they are your kids and grand kids and they are pawns in the Communist game plan.

And I bring you this aticale

The general federal statute of limitations (18 USC 3282) for felonies stand for the proposition that the government can no longer file criminal charges for an offense once five years has passed, and that includes lying to Congress. Too many who should have been prosecuted long ago are now escaping scot-free.

I've been wondering about this for some time now ... and your link explains it all !!!!!!

 WOW ... the swamp creatures are delaying with purposeful INTENT to walk free and clear. The upper crust of the FBI and DOJ Obama holdovers and Sessions must be fired !!

The fact is that the criminal intent of all that has played out has been committed against the citizen of the USA.

Expect authoritarian gov't with much tyranny.

Assault is playing out on our form of gov't inch by inch be it gun control and free speech. 

The political games which are truly war games by hiding, lying and lawyers hired are by design to pass the magic mark for any chance to hold them accountable.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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