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Activist Marcia Cox: The Arizona School Board meeting has been changed from 9:30 am to 10 am., Mon., June 24 at 1535 W. Jefferson St, Conf. 122, Phoenix, AZ 85007. The State School Board has REMOVED “promote honor and respect heterosexual monogamous marriage” from R7-2-303 without any input from the public. On June 24 they want to add language that will REQUIRE our kids from kindergarten to 12th grade to be taught about anal and oral sex based on “science” (presented by Alfred Kinsey) from convicted felons and pedophiles. Join PURPLE For PARENTS and WEAR PURPLE!  Stand up for you kids’ education & tell Supt of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman that their proposed SEX Ed program is not welcome. See There-Is-No-Such-Thing-As-Safe-Sex-For-Kids-2-0 for one of the best descriptions of what is happening and what MUST be done. It is one thing to do nothing because you don’t know. But after reading this you’ll have to ask yourself what will you do?

Editor's note: this is not just for those with kids or grandkids in schools.  The future of our country depends on well-educated and mentally and emotionally healthy adults. That will not be the outcome of kids taught info well over their understanding.

By Former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas:

Again, for the “record,” allow me to state my stance clearly and concisely. There is NO kind of sexual activity – heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, any SEXUAL  ̶  that is “safe” for emotionally immature school-aged children – male or female – even those who have reached that miraculous, chronological “age of majority” – 18 years old. Nor do I honestly care how consenting adults choose to privately express their sexual inclinations unless it crosses the line into abusing children or stealing their innocence with public sexual exhibitions or desensitizing and sexualizing children; deluding them that they too can and should be sexually activity.

One might think that because the legislative session has finished and SB1346 – repealing what some referred to as the “no promo homo” statute – was passed and signed, the game of “shenanigans” would be over. But not so fast, now, where the legislature left off, the State Board of Education (SBE) has picked it up and is running with the ball.

Although not disclosed in the “Highlights of Recent State Board Action on April 15, 2019” (and yes, voting to convene an executive session IS a board action) the SBE voted to conduct an executive session to discuss the Board’s position regarding the “Equality AZ” lawsuit over ARS15-716(C) Instruction on AIDS.  ARS 38.431.03(A)(5) & (D) allows for a board to give instruction to their attorney(s) in executive session. A board can, and there are numerous reasons why it should, vote in public to ratify the instruction as discussed in executive session. That did not happen. So we were all left hanging as to what, if anything was happening with regards to the lawsuit.

Continue reading this common sense perspective. Then ask yourself, what is in this for Hoffman and others pushing to destroy the innocence of children? CHILDREN, who are defenseless unless responsible adults protect them, or perverted adults ruin them.

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Kathy Hoffman is a lesbian and pushes the homosexual agenda.

It is a sad thing when a deranged woman who represents such a minuscule percentage of our population can force OUR kids into a situation well beyond their understanding.

My first question is who let this woman into this position of so much responsibility, and my second is what is it going to take to rid ourselves of her AND her poison?

When abnormal becomes "normal", and when it is WEAPONIZED against the clear majority of those who are "Christian" in thoughts and morals ..... then we have a tyrannical movement of the statist collective according to the Marxist theology of evil. 

The people who built this country, the most exceptional country in the WORLD, did not get sex ed/homo ed instruction in any school.  They seem to have done quite well for themselves and the country. They studied geography, history, math, science, languages, writing arts, government and even driving ed and typing.  But they never were asked to get down in the dirt with homosexual, heterosexual or transgender (now being called "fluid gender") sex.  In school, I got health ed and a few days were devoted to chromosomes X & Y and why it takes both to reproduce.  I have done fine without any more than that from schools.

I clicked LIKE because of the update on the crazies on the left, not because this is a good idea.  Just to be clear.

We seem to have succumbed to the idea that the school system is responsible for the education of our children.  I once had to tell a school board that if they wanted to continue to teach my children, they would have to do it in accordance with my program, not theirs.  Otherwise, I would educate them myself.  I meant it, and they caved.

We ALL should be responding to this insanity in a similar fashion.  These ARE OUR kids, NOT theirs!

What the government "gives" ... it can take away! They have bastardized our moral fiber by giving us, and OUR YOUNG, the "religion" of the left all when they always tell us that there is a "separation of Church and State". They are the Church and we are serfs to the State imposition of Inalienable rights given by the State .... and not from our "creator" as Unalienable rights. The difference is profound for America.



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