Congressman Matt Salmon Endorses Ralph Heap for State Senate & Jay Lawrence for LD23 House

(Mesa, AZ) Conservative Ralph Heap, candidate for the Republican nomination for State Senate in LD25, announced he has received the endorsement of Congressman Matt Salmon.

“Ralph Heap is a principled conservative and a leader,” said Congressman Salmon. “As our next State Senator, I have no doubt that Ralph will be on the front lines in the battle to repeal big government policies such as the expansion of Obamacare and the federal takeover of our local education system. He understands that policies like these are little more than liberal attempts to expand the size, cost, and reach of government in Arizona.

“Ralph’s commitment to limited government and freedom are exactly what the voters of Legislative District 25 want from their next State Senator,” continued Salmon. “I’m proud to give Ralph Heap my strongest endorsement for State Senator.”

Dr. Ralph Heap was born and raised in Arizona and is a longtime resident of Mesa. He is an orthopedic surgeon with his own practice based in Mesa. In his spare time, he volunteers his medical skills around the world for those less fortunate. He and his wife Denise are the proud parents of three children and proud grandparents of seven grandchildren.


Congressman Matt Salmon has also endorsed candidate for the House in LD23, Jay Lawrence.  Jay is a former conservative radio talk show host on KTAR for 25 years.  He is one of two conservatives running in that race along with two others.  One of the others is a McCain establishment candidate and the other was recently described as a socialist.  Both of them are in favor of medicaid expansion, Common Core, big government intrusion on the lives of citizens.  Both are supported by the Chamber of Commerce and the unions.  Rumor is that the unions are funding them.

Jay has also been endorsed by Rep. John Kavanagh, Sheriff Arpaio and several other notables.

The other conservative in that race is the tried and true incumbent, Michelle Ugenti.  She has consistently voted for the people.  We have found her to be very accessible, she listens to her constituents and often invites them to her office to try to work out solutions to issues.

Michelle has been endorsed by Congressman David Schweikert and Rep. John Kavanagh.

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