As if worrying about the Democrats using cheat-by-mail to steal the 2020 election was not enough, the Strategic Culture Foundation has a new report out about how “contact tracing” will be used to suppress the vote in predominantly red districts this November.

Nancy Pelosi already successfully slipped cash for contact tracing efforts into the CARES Act in March, right under everyone’s noses. What no one realized at the time was that this is another taxpayer-funded effort to solely benefit the Democrat Party on election.

Blue states are already enthusiastically hiring “contract tracers” to get ready for this. In an earlier report, we mentioned that Washington state Governor Jay Inslee (D) is setting up concentration camps to house infected children and adults who will be kidnapped from their homes if they test positive for coronavirus – even if they are asymptomatic.

The idea behind contact tracing is that if you determine that one person is infected with a virus, you can then trace their movements and talk to (and test) everyone who came into contact with that person. Cell phone companies are already participating in this mass spying operation without the consent of Americans who are now having their movements tracked.

Where are all of these new government jobs for individual contract tracers going to come from? Well, you’re paying for it already. Some of the money was earmarked in the CARES Act for health care NGOs to participate in contact tracing, i.e., coming to your house, kidnapping you against your will and quarantining you in a WuFlu concentration camp. In other cases these NGOs are being funded by the usual suspects: George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and so on.

The very first health care NGO in California to receive a contact tracing grant was called Partners in Health. Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of PIH. She probably collects a Hunter Biden-like salary for her hard work there. PIH is almost entirely funded by the Clinton Foundation. If PIH sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it was the NGO that the Clinton Foundation has allegedly been using in its efforts to loot Haiti for years.

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Isn't it about time to start shooting back???

The depths to which the Demoncrats would go to are pure E V I L ...  in their scope, methodology, predictability, and DANGER to America. Also just last friday Chief Justice John Roberts last Friday gave the Freedom of Religion clause in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights a heave into the paper shredder. The court ruled late Friday (May 29, 2020) that a San Diego Pentecostal church must comply with an order from über-liberal California governor Gavin Newsom requiring it to limit attendance to 25 percent of its capacity (or a maximum of 100 attendees) in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This IS ... Government regulating Religion.

We should test contact tracing on these little antifas and black live matter low lifes.  See if it works.

Would a consideration of a Faraday cell phone bag make their efforts useless? The bags are reasonably priced creative folks could figure out how to make their own.





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