What do you do when your entire family comes out publicly to embarrass you or try to destroy you?  What if that family is made up of democrats who talk about family values when we know the kind of values democrats hold?  What if you are a candidate for office this coming November?  That is surely a heavy cross to bear.  Right or wrong, we all want to hang on to our family.

The degeneration of family is happening today to Dr. Paul Gosar!  His six brothers and sisters who live OUT OF STATE have made a video being used in the campaign of Dr. David Brill, democrat, in CD4.  We all have family that disagrees on politics.  Most of us, anyway.  It's a low time in a family when they destroy each other, or attempt to, over political or candidate preferences.  That is where we are in politics today. Low is never too low for democrats.  They miraculously find an even lower level to which to stoop.  Gone are the days when family matters in these disagreements.  Annihilation is the purpose.  We suppose our founding fathers are rolling over in their collective graves over what has happened to the Republic they so thoughtfully formed.

Take a look:

They look like normal people, don't they?  Today, it's hard to find normal people, for what that description is worth, in the democrat party.  These siblings stoop to calling their brother a racist, adopting the democrat mantra that everyone in the Republican party is racist, homophobic, islamaphobic and all the phobics they can come up with.  We think they have been listening to the pillar of values, Hillary Clinton.  We just shake our heads in wonder!

When Dr. Gosar first ran for Congress, we at AFA were not in his corner.  There were other candidates in that race that we thought more conservative.  Tea Parties in his voting district agreed, for the most part, with our position.  

We must admit, when we are wrong, we are behemothically wrong, at least on this.  Congressman Gosar has proven to be what we as conservatives want to see in government.  Sure, he has disappointed us from time to time.  As we often say, we are still searching for the perfect politician, an oxymoron if ever there has been one.  In the meantime, we strongly recommend a vote for a true conservative, the kind we search for, Dr. Gosar, to help keep the Republic.  

The good news is... he is widely liked in his conservative district.  He will win if voters get out and vote.  Lucky us!

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What a hit job!!  Family matters - and there appears to be a lot of personal issues with these people - that should be kept at the family kitchen table.  If you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all.  These people need some serious therapy!!  Their tone, their temperment, their words and their facial expressions reek of contempt.  Their dislike for their own brother borders on hate.  It appears as if they need some real spiritual intervention.  Amen.

I am no longer a Congressman Gosar fan. Believing in the need for limited government as prescribed by the Constitution I can only conclude Dr. Gosar has never read the document, can't understand what he read, or he lacks the integrity to honor his oath of office. THIS  is America's problem. Too many people refuse to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor the passage by doing what is right. Dr. Gosar is clearly one of the "too many." By being one of them he has lost my support. If I had the power to do it I would send him to Boy Scout camp to learn the oath: "on my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country......"  I doubt it would do any good however as I know of no politician having the integrity to honor their oath. 

I will honor James 4:17 by NOT voting for a democrat and for voting, period.  That is the idea behind when you see something that is wrong and you do nothing about it.... Voting for a democrat or staying home is the essence of seeing what is wrong and refusing to do anything about it.  That passage does not say you have to fix anything.  It says, do something!

The time to change who the candidate is is long over, Clair.  The whining period is expired too.  Yes, one of the candidates from the major parties will get elected.  My vote will be for all republicans and in 2020 I would hope we get better candidates who can actually win the nomination so we CAN vote for a good one.  Besides, except for Andy Biggs, Gosar is the closest to being worth the time to vote.

All of you who don't want to support Gosar are supporting the democrats.  I guess you all think they will be better at "keeping their oath."  We have work to do on our republicans but there is no hope if the dems get the house.  it's foolish beyond belief to me that anyone would consider voting for any democrat at any level of gov.  THAT is truly evil.  I don't vote in Gosar's district but I'm going to vote for the far less perfect congressman in my district.  The time to get better candidates is before the filing deadline or during the primary.  Now, Republicans no matter who they are.  I liked the line Trump said in MO: "a vote for the republican is a vote for me."  Damn straight.

Yes Gosar will win if we registered republicans vote. I expect him to win. I have heard from some time that Gosar's siblings are demon-rats but Gosar stands strong with his conservative values.  The ads were over the top and they reflect the state of what has occurred after 8 yrs. of Obama.

Go to his website and donate.





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