This was posted yesterday and we thought it so important that all of you could see it.  We always thought Rep Vince Leach had a good head on his shoulders.  We think that about a lot of people who get elected to public office only to find them slide slowly into the AZ swamp:

Posted by Christina Dumal:

TJ (LD8)was at the Pinal County Republican Committee today, and I asked him if he realized that he was going to run off his conservative base by holding this bill. Honestly his response was a non response. He stressed that he'd been a PC for 14 yrs, he was a conservative, etc, same response he gave to Archie. As many more joined in, he relinguished the mike to Rep Vince Leach (LD11) to defend his position. I was disappointed with Vince's response as well..take it to AZGOP, get more PCs as we have to win, TJ's dem opponent has already raised $70k, Soros' , Steyer's $ involved..blah, blah, blah. Further, Vince stated his voice mail was full to which Bob Moore stated 'Doesn't that tell you something?'. Our concerns fell on deaf ears with both of them. We had one real conservative there, Rep David Cook, who did have two suggestions, striker & discharge. He's done the striker to get it around committees. The discharge has some negative consequences tho. Bottom line, TJ's responses have been illogical about why he's holding the bill. Further, I saw our representative who could not defend his position, but needed another man to defend it for him. Finally, TJ's demeanor during this questioning as he laughed and smiled while we questioned him was appalling. TJ lost my vote today, and my respect for Vince plummeted. Maybe, it's time TJ sat out for awhile as he's forgotten his constituents.

This is what passes for "representative government" in Arizona, DC and most states.  We suggest the fine people in LD8 get busy and primary this guy for failure to represent.  You might consider taking a swipe at Leach, too.  They are worried about Soros and Steyer?  They should be worried about those who elected them to represent them in a conservative way.  If we are going to have elected republicans who act like democrats, let's just elect democrats.  At least, we would have no illusions about what we are getting!

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I would think in a county as large as Pinal with a growing population, someone could be found who would be much better than these two guys.  The sticking point is that most of the legislature are just like them.  Count on one hand the real representatives, you know, those who remember who pays they salary, paltry as it is.  Maybe if we paid our legislators a decent salary we would get better candidates. They don't just work for 3 months as most think bu are available pretty much year around and at the capitol

What are striker and discharge?

Is it too late to get someone to run against these two arrogant establishment sell-outs?  In a worse case scenario, maybe letting the Dems get these two slots for one term would both get rid of these two, plus send a message to other people dedicated to Lines.  Then we work strongly to fill the slots with Conservatives after the one sacrificial term. 

The phony GOPers are working for their big donors and for their own status in the power structure, not for the voters.  The party will likely have to feel some pain during the flushing-out process of our own AZ establishment swamp.

Thank you, Christina, for asking those questions and for speaking up.

There is a resolution going around the AZGOP that supports HB2012 to limit proxies.  It was already passed by Maricopa County's LD26.  Unless more AZGOP LD's and counties speak up by passing this (or similar) resolutions, I wouldn't expect any action from the GOPe.

In Maricopa County, the following Legislative Districts have meetings this month (according to the MCRC web site): 

  • LD22 (Monday the 19th),
  • LD1 (Monday the 26th),
  • LD17 (Tuesday the 27th),
  • LD4 (Wednesday the 28th).

If you are a PC in any of those LD's, and you want to help the cause of Liberty, introduce the resolution in your LD.  Don't know how? It's easy:

  1. Print it out and make copies of the resolution for all the PC's attending your meeting.
  2. During New Business, get recognized by your Chair and state "I move the adoption of the Proxy resolution that I handed out." 
  3. If it is seconded, the Chair is obligated to hold debate and a vote. 
Unfortunately, some Chairs will leave "New Business" off the agenda, or will rule your motion "Out of Order".  It these situations, it's a little more complicated and requires some knowledge of RONR.  If you get shut down, please post your experience here so we can all learn from it.

Other County Committees, as well as Republican Clubs, should also pass this resolution.  These organizations all have a voice.  Why not use it? 

Sitting around complaining to each other isn't going to accomplish anything.

Our Gila County chair, Gary Morris, is gathering up his PCs' approvals of a resolution from our county.  We have done this before and will continue to do so.  And, fortunately, our reps (Barton, Thorpe, and Allen) are solid, unlike the arrogant Shope.

Rep. Shope has clearly indicated to those in LD 8 that he does not hold your desires on legislation in very high regards.  The real question that is needed to be determined is who is pulling his chain to have him refuse to bring up the Bill in the Rules Committee? His contention that this Bill is micro-managing simply does to fly. In other words, he is lying to you. If that were the case, then the legislature would have to repeal all of the current legislation dealing with political parties. 

Rep. Shope has received his marching orders and he is carrying them out like a good soldier. The question is, do you want to be represented by a person that places no value in your opinions? If I lived in LD 8 I could not support such an individual and would urge all of my contacts to vote against him.

My suggestion at this point is for you in LD 8 and all other LD's to adopt the resolution drafted and passed by LD 26. That in addition to sending the resolution to members of  the legislature that it also be provided to Chairman Lines, Executive Director Kenney and all other members of the AZGOP Board of Directors.

 We also must not give up or give in, I intend to pursue this at the next state meeting in January 2019. Lets keep up the pressure.

Maybe Shope sacrificed the proxy bill so Ducey would sign his sugar tax bill which would be helpful to his family's grocery business?

What I find interesting is that with a GOP controlled senate & house, there are 3 transportation tax increase bills that got out of the rules committee. And to think that Shope considers himself a conservative is laughable when he let's bills like these get on the floor. One did get out via striker rule (HB2162); 2 were sponsored by GOP, one by rep Campbell (HB2166) & one by sen Worsely (SB1146). These tax increases circumvent Prop 108 that stated tax increases had to be voted on by the people. One gives power to counties to raise taxes & one gives power to unelected bureacrats to raise taxes.

HB2166 got out of the House by a 35 to 24 vote last week & is in Senate rules committee. SB1246 is close to being passed in senate. AZleg is looking like liberal rule. If you want more info, AFP just put out info on these bills and others.

You might also want to take a look at SB 1390. this Bill purports to impose an additional .06% tax with all to go to the schools. a careful reading discloses that it permits a tax increase of 1.2%. There is no sunset provision on this bill and therefore, it is a permanent tax and clearly provides that it cannot be used to off-set other sources of revenue to the schools. There is no provision to require the be enforced by any designated office holder or to provide a penalty for failure to enforce.  In my opinion, this is a bad Bill and you should urge your legislators to vote no.

Please drain the swamp/ MAGA

Yesterday, Mr. Joe Womack of LD-23 posted a comment on proxies and HB 2012. here is my response to him

Mr. Womack, I read the article you posted yesterday in the BRIEFS. In that post, you mentioned our legislators have a saying that all matters do not need a law.  I am sure that is probably true, but in my opinion it is not true in this case. You also wanted to point out certain salient facts about what occurred at the State Party meeting this past January and in particular castigating Joe Neglia. You say you are a member of LD-23. Could you tell us on average how many votes are cast at your meetings by proxy? Is there some special reason why those people who had their votes cast by proxy could not attend those meetings? Was it just too far for them to drive? Did they just not care? how many of those proxy votes were from people that never attended District meetings and never worked for the benefit of the party, for candidates or ballot measures? Why should someone who never attends District or County or State meetings have as much or more say in the outcome of elections as do the people who actually appear and are active workers? You mentioned that but for the interference of Joe Neglia the state would by now be limited to two (2) proxies. Have you actually read that Bylaw provision limiting the number of proxies to two (2) and compared it to state law? If you have done so, you are probably aware that the propose Bylaw amendment violates state law and is unenforceable in future votes. Of some interest to you should be the fact that the Chairperson for the State Bylaws Committee, Kathy Petsas, appeared that the Government Committee hearing to approve HB 2012 and spoke against the Bill. Now if she as chairman of the committee is in favor of limiting the carrying of proxies to two (2) why would she appear an oppose and Bill that would accomplish that fact?

Mr. Womack, we need warm bodies in those seats voting, we do not need people occupying spaces as PC’s and State Committee persons who do not put forth any effort to work on behalf of the party whether that party is democrat or republican. These are people who are recruited solely to allow someone else to  carry their vote to effect the outcome of elections. They serve no other purpose. Have you read the Republican Party platform? It specifically provides that the party believes in the sanctity of the vote and the ballot box and opposes ballot harvesting.  Yet the Arizona Republican Party violates that platform at every meeting it holds in which it allows the vote to be taken using proxies.
Chairman Shope states in a response to me that “in HIS opinion” the legislature should not be involved in micro-managing political parties. He knows that is not the reason he refused to allow HB2012 to come before his Rules Committee for a vote and so does everyone else. Consider this, the Legislature some time ago thought they should get involved in internal action of political parties to tell us how we can become elected as Precinct Committeemen. They imposed the rule that we, and that includes you Mr. Womack, have to get 10 of our neighbors to sign a petition to allow our name to appear on the ballot to be elected. However, if there are less people who submit their name than their individual precinct is allowed, then there is no need for an election, those people will just be deemed to have been elected. Is that micro-managing? By the way who determined how many precinct committeemen any given precinct was entitled to elect? Again, Mr. Womack, that is set forth in the Arizona Revised Statutes which were enacted by the Legislature. is that micro-managing?
Mr. Womack, Chairman Shope and the Arizona Republican Party is being less than honest with you and the people of Arizona. 



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