We know a prelude when we see one.  That is what the 2018 elections were all about across the country.  Ballot harvesting!  Speaker Paul Ryan confessed he could not begin to understand ballot harvesting.  That could mean many things but it's simple to understand.

In 2012, a patrito who is now an AZRA member approached Sen. Michele Reagan about this problem in Arizona.  Sen. Reagan saw immediately the problem and ran a bill in the Senate to stop this practice.  That bill was lumped in with other voter bills that session and all died.  When SoS Reagn took office, two AZRA members went back to her and asked her to influence the Legislature to run that bill again.  She did.  It passed.  Ducey signed it.  It is now a Class V felony to engage in ballot harvesting.

One would think that would solve the problem.  Not so fast.  Law enforcement with a democrat Sheriff is not interested in such mundane issues as vote stealing.  It is up to citizens to bust these people.  Not case can be brought unless someone documents this practice and turns it over to our feckless Attorney General.

In democrat strongholds, Ballot Parties are the norm in the 30 day early voting period.  The dems hold these parties and the ticket to ride is to hand over an unvoted early ballot.  Just sign the envelope!  Enter the voter for an evening of dinner, dancing and drinking, never to see those ballots again!

This is what will sink America in 2020.  No candidate can withstand this practice + the finding of boxes of ballots during the counting period.  Forget honest elections in America.  Or better yet, get off the sofa and get in the game to stop this practice!

AZRA has partnered up with the Election integrity Project to address this and other egregious democrat practices.  If you want to help stop election cheating, contact this organization.  Email to team-azfreedomalliance2@hushmail.com to be put in touch.  Or... you can just sit it out and watch America become Socialist Europe.

So we say: either enforce the law or let's repeal that law and Republicans should organize (a foreign concept to the AZGOP) and do the same.


California managed to take its most red county and make it blue and many have wondered how it happened.

Was it the blue wave that they had told us about?

Was it that President Donald Trump was so unpopular in California that it permeated a Republican stronghold?

Did Republicans not bother to vote?

Was every Republican voter kidnapped by aliens?

It appears the answer is a lot more mundane and predictable.

It was good, old fashioned election theft courtesy of the Party that perfected it. The Democrats.

The Daily Caller reported on what is called ballot harvesting and how the Democrats used it to snatch several elections.

As the polls closed on election day last month, six California Republican House candidates, including Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Knight, and Mimi Walters, were ahead in their respective races. However, as the absentee and provisional ballots rolled in over the intervening weeks, all six lost to their Democratic opponents.

The case of Korean-American GOP candidate Young Kim was one of the most prominent examples. On election night, Kim held an 8,000 vote lead over her Democratic opponent Gil Cisneros, and even attended freshman orientation in Washington, D.C. before watching her lead, and her victory, slowly evaporate over the subsequent weeks.

The results drew the attention of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

[NOTE:  We laugh at Speaker Ryan's ignorant response.  Imagine Speaker Newt Gingrich being this ignorant!]

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This is just the tip of the iceberg there are several factors at work in Cali that they are implementing here as well. Each of the Republican Candidates named above were influential enough to have stopped the progression of these problems years ago but the RINO leaders of the Republican party, in California, were such good friends with the Democrats that they did not want to make a fuss. In other words they quit trying to defeat the Democrats and just stifled the work of the truly conservative Republicans leading to an overall takeover of the entire state. Some of the same people are here and working hard along the same trajectory. Mr. Graham is one of these and J. Lines  is following him up as a local version of the working model created over there. Please note the recent losses of several of our most conservative legislators and the continued in party march toward "moderate" leadership, also known as RINOs, in charge of more districts and offices. Please note the passivity of the RINOs toward the Democrats and liberal independents while they conduct all out war with those of us that espouse conservative doctrine. Look closely at Gov. Ducy's win, as a result of his sell out on the "RED for ED" issue, and now appointing former opponent Duval a Democrat not a Republican. Has he sold us out like both Flake and McCain did?

The same has happened right here under our noses.  The AZGOP Statutory Meeting is coming up the 4th Saturday of January.  Too many LDs elected establishment PCs to be State Committeemen who will vote for the next AZGOP Chairman.  No one could be worse than Jonathan Lines but we would like to see a REAL Republican in that position.  But first, one has to run!

Time for good old fashioned Revolution, nothing would make me happier than to slay the little bitch snowflakes

Last week, Felecia Rotellini Chair of the Democrat Party in AZ, wrote an Op-Ed telling God and everyone how the Dems won in AZ.  This was their game plan in AZ which duplicates what they did in CO years ago and CA this year.  So now the Repubs have been warned. The question is who is going to do something about it on the right side of the aisle. My guess-- no one.  Repubs love to lose so they can bitch and be righteous....


Rotellini all but confessed to ballot harvesting when she said they registered voters for mail in ballots and then "hauled them in."  Where is AG Brnovich on this?  It's a Class V felony to harvest ballots and the law does not exempt political parties.  The fact is that Brnovich is not a player in voter issues and doesn't indicate he cares.  We had several eye witness reports of seeing people "haul in" ballots to the polling places and dumping boxes of ballots in mail boxes.  But did anyone document that?  Nope!  At public places, all it takes is a shot on your phone camera, another shot of the license plate of the car the person is driving, a video is even better.  As to poll observers, testimoney under penalty of perjury of what was witnessed is sufficient, but what official wants to hear such testimony?  And where was the  Maricopa County Board of Supervisors?  They were warned right after the primary but what changed?  Fontes got more bold!

This year, AZRA is intent to taking solutions to the legislature for the infractions we saw in this year's primary and general elections.  When the time comes, we hope AFA members will get on board with these solutions.  Posting complaints here is good for memorializing activities but in the end, the dems have it right.  They go into action.  R's simply sit on the sofa complaining how busy they are.  We often can plead guilty to that, too.  Now is the time to move into action.

Any infractions to the law on ballot harvesting should be referred to the County Sheriff first because they can react directly and the ballots are controlled by the County Reorder/Elections department. Still would be a problem in counties with Democrat Sheriff control.  Legislation definitely needs to have bigger teeth than just a threat of a felony.  Sounds like the entire unlawful process needs to be defined.


Your points are well made, Joanne.  Calling a Sheriff to take care of ballot harvesting is also not productive in our view because the person is gone before even the best Sheriff can arrive.  Anyone can propose amendments to existing legislation or propose new legislation.  Our current legislation needs teeth.  We encourage citizens to get involved with their lawmakers.  Enforcement must be addressed.  In the end, those charged with the responsibility to do something must be made to understand the gravity of the issue.  



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